Farrell Tweed Quilted Barn Jacket – Autumn Winter 13

So this is our Quilted Barn Jacket, this time in the tweed. Rob and I were talking about great British work wear classics and who might, who would want to wear it, what kind of character would be wearing it and we were kind of thinking anything from sort of a whippet trainer to kind of a horse race owner. And this really, really beautiful picture here, um there you go, the horse trainer in action. It’s just a true kind of British work wear classic. It’s always a good one. And in this version here, in the tweed, just gives you a bit more of kind of a texture; gives you a bit more of a different aspect to it. Same as the green nylon version we were talking about, it’s got the wool cashmere over collar. So it’s kind of luxurious, it’s soft to the touch, it’s lovely to wear. The football buttons fall all the way through the front. The three pocket set up with the patch pocket at the chest. So it again has a bit more of that sartorial vibe to it. And then you have our kind of signature (signature even) Jack Farrell sleeve lining in there. And then it’s got this really soft, soft kind of sumptuous quilting. I’ll just open that up. You can see to the inside there it’s got that really beautiful black soft fleece; the internal pockets, the stash pockets, etc. So it’s really, really lovely in the tweed and then we’ve also got our racing green version here in nylon.

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