Farrell Pea Coat – Spring Summer 13

So this is our Naval Pea Coat. It’s originated from a British Naval piece as the name would suggest. It’s always addressed well in an autumn/winter season but never really in a kind of a spring or a summer season. So what we’ve done, we’ve taken the piece and we’ve made it in this great rugged cotton canvas. Really nice and structured. It’s got a really rich deep dark navy colour. It’s got a great ample collar here. It’s double fronted, the extra front buttons through to the inside and then your regular front goes up as well. The reason behind that is that it gives you extra weatherproofing, extra storm proofing. It also has this ample collar, which comes up, comes across and there’s when that buttons through, you’ve then got the extra throat latch there as well. Again it’s just really great for that weather concealment. It has the original naval buttons made out of melamine. It has the four pockets, so you’ve got these chest well pockets here and you also have the flat pockets at the hips as well. Always lined in the beautiful soft brushed cotton twill. So it’s comfortable which is really lovely to wear. Cuff straps here, again for snapping it close to your wrist, keeping it nice and tight to the wrist. Really lovely tailored silhouette. Really, really easy to wear. Every kind of guy can kind of go out and feel comfortable, feel great in it; and it’s going to kind of do the functional business for you as well. It’s just a really great easy piece.

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