Farrell Parade Jacket – Autumn Winter 13

So this is our Parade Jacket. When Rob and I were talking through the kind of dressier sides of the collection, we wanted something more special and elegant. So we were working from these old guards’ jackets, the parade guards’ jackets. We wanted to keep the same elegant lines of the original but make it a little bit more modern. We’ve made it in this compact but soft navy melton, so it’s got this real kind of like elegant colour to it. It’s got the stand collar here. It’s got the livery buttons, which run all the way through the centre front and on the pockets as well. So it’s got this really nice, kind of ridged black texture to them. The jetted bellows pockets at the chest and then the waist seam that runs through and you’ve got the shaped flaps with a patch at the side. And then we’ve also kept this lovely feature on the side, which was the belt hooks. So when the guys used to wear their big heavy leather belts on parade, they’d sit them into those. We wanted to keep the original feature in there. It also has the fully functioning, four button cuff. Again but with the small livery buttons. And then that has this beautiful little ticking stripe through the sleeve lining, as well. The epaulettes remain, but we’ve stitched them down. So they’ve got more of a cleaner, easier line. And if I just show you the back, spin it around, you’ve got these shaped fit seams, which run along here. The waist seam. The beautiful little parade vent detailing in the back. It just gives you a really modern but elegant way to kind of dress up for an evening out or looks great with a pair of jeans. Just a really, really beautiful guard’s jacket.

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