Hi, this is Dasha. So today I’ll be doing a fall makeup. I’m starting with Estee Lauder The Mattifier Primer. I apply it on the center of my face where I have lots of sebum. Usually people do dewy makeup for the fall, but I want to do a slightly matte look. It’s important to hydrate your skin nicely before you do a matte makeup. I’m applying primer on my lids using my finger tip. It good to use a primer with a bit of coverage. My lids have a bit of discolouration and you can also see some veins and stuff. Even if you use a shadow with a good pigmentation and if you’re good at blending, it’s hard to make it even. So it’s just easier if you use a primer/base with a coverage. If you don’t have any, you can replace with a small amount of concealer. Too Faced Just Peachy.. This is a matte eyeshadow palette. Picking up Peach Meringue. And just setting my primer with it. Next, I’m using Nars Ishta. This will be the most darkest shade today Today I’m starting with a dark shadow. I’m filling in the edge of my eye with this shade. So I’m just building up. And with a clean brush just blending it away. Now I’ll use Peach Tea. On the inner corner and just connecting them. These are the main shades for the makeup today. Now I will use Nars Hamammet 1 with a blending brush. Back and forth. And just for the nice transition. Mixing Peach Tart and Just Ripe. Close to the lash line. I will fill my double eye lid. Now just wipe your brush and blend it one more time. I can’t see anything when I open my eyes, so I’ll just build it up until I can see it. With a blending brush I’m blending this all nicely again. Now I’m filling in the lash line with a pencil gel liner. Ah it’s tickles. I will not draw wings today. It’s good to smudge it nicely. Picking up the Ishta, and giving a smudge effect on the top of the eyeliner. Let’s give a nice volume to my lashes. I filled my double lids with a dark shadow so my eyes might look a bit small today, I have to bring my lashes to the maximum to make my eyes look open widely. And I’ll warm up my fingers and curl my lashes one more time. Let’s move on to base. Too Faced Peach Perfect in Golden Beige. This foundation has a matte finish, oil free, and long lasting. It’s a perfect foundation for a matte skin finish. I’ll do only on one side first using my fingertips. Then I’m blending my foundation with a damp beauty blender. Do you see the difference? It’s a good coverage for the small amount of the product. My forehead is always lighter than my other part of my face. I’ll apply foundation only on the centre of my forehead and then blend it out. Also on my neck to match the colour. I’m using Maybelline Fit Me concealer. Applying it only on the dark area and blending with a beauty blender. With my favourite powder I’m setting my makeup by pressing a brush onto my face. I can feel my makeup it getting thicker and thicker. I use extra amount of powder on the areas where I get more sebum, And also will be good to powder the hairline to prevent my hair sticking to my face. I can see under my eyes look a bit empty. I’m using this Shuuemura pencil in Pink to fill in my waterline. Freshly Picked. I’m using a bullet brush and defining my lower lash line. I’m starting from the edge of my eye to make my eyes in a nice almond shape. Now, I’m picking up Just Ripe and defining the edge of my eyes. Try to do it really close to the lash line. I’m into the red-ish eye makeup. Peaches and Cream. Lets blend the definition one more time. Peach Butter and highlight on the inner corner. You don’t need to use a shimmer shadow to highlight the inner corner. Let’s clean up the edge with a small amount of concealer. Just think that you’re erasing something. Now I’m finishing with a good amount of mascara. Nars Wanted 2. I never used it before The shades are similar to the eye palette. Let’s mix these 2 and see what it looks like. This has a crazy pigmentation, so I’m going easy on it. Applying it n the cheekbone with a circular motion. On the nose bridge as well with whatever left on the brush. Wow the pigmentation is crazy. Now this shade on the high points of my cheek bone. This is so pretty, why I didn’t use it till now. On top of nose as well. Wow… It feels like a bit too much but I’ll leave it for now until I finish my lips. Bh Cosmetics Ultimate Brow Palette. I started using it again cause I like this wax. The brush is from Bh Cosmetics as well. I think it’s a vegan brush. So I’m drawing small strokes. Eyebrow trend has changed a lot, now everyone likes feathery eyebrows. Honestly, it’s way harder to do than the defined brows, and takes longer time. I’m setting my brow hair with Mac Lash Maximiser. *Freckles* This is Dior lip liner, but I’ll use it for the freckles. Makeup is really red today so I think it will look better and more natural to mix a bit of red for freckles. Lips! Mac Brick-O-La for lips. I got it last year, but using it now. So I’m just applying straight on my lips. Using a bullet brush I’m smudge the lip line. This is a perfect autumn shade. I really like this lip colour but I think my makeup does not look well balanced together. I’ll go check my makeup from the bigger mirror. I love my lip colour today, so I’ll just leave it as it is, and desaturate my blush. Ok, this looks much better! Today’s concept is: a makeup for fall jacket, so I’ll go get dressed and come back. It’s really messy here right now, but I don’t think it will make a big difference if I start cleaning. I’ll just crop the sides. So I got changed for my Fall Jacket Makeup. I’ll show you what I’m wearing now. Top is from The Open Product. Not sure if they still sell it 🙁 It looks like dad’s tshirt, just goes well with everything. This skirt is from Zara. I purchased it like 2 years ago. I styled this skirt in one of my previous look book videos. I still haven’t removed a tag yet. Didn’t wear it cause I fell it’s too much, but… but the animal print is hot right now! It was a great purchase. It was $9 only! I purchased this jacket from a vintage market. I’m wearing Mr./Mrs. Kim Moon Bong’s jacket. Purchased it from Vintage market at Gwanjang market. It got wrinkly since I washed it once. I think it’s men’s jacket. But anyways it looks good on me, so I paid $25 for this one. Honestly I think it’s quite expensive for the vintage market. It’s actually custom tailored jacket. Boots! I got it from the Paju outlet. It’s my first Prada. Never knew that it will be shoes. The most expensive shoes I have in my shoe closet. If I saw it on internet I would never buy it, but I always buy stuff on impulse when I try them on. I got some issues. So my eyes are slightly smokey, and red eyes are kind of on trend right now. I find it really attractive. I just combined everything that is on trend: animal print and plaid. That’s it for today! Thanks for watching! If you’re watching this till the end you’re the best! See you again in my next video! I have so many videos to upload! I think I’ll do more fashion for fall/winter. I have so many things I want to make! I’ll see you more often on October. Bye, thanks for watching!

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