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At the beginning of the 19th century the Fabra i Coats factory was set up in the neighbourhood of Sant Andreu, at the height of Barcelona’s burgeoning textile industry. Within a few years it had earned itself the reputation of one of Europe’s most important textile companies and provided jobs for more than 4000 people. The factory closed in 2005. But a strong civic movement launched a determined campaign under the slogan: “Can Fabra for the neighbourhood”. It is thanks to that public pressure as well as a municipal initiative that the Fabra i Coats building now houses a series of benchmark municipal facilities in Barcelona that are committed to history, education, creativity and culture. The Can Fabra building houses the Ignasi Iglesias municipal library, an exhibition hall, an auditorium, the Citizen’s Help and Information Office and the Musicians Workshop, the Higher School for Music Studies. The Casal de Barri is home to more than thirty associations that offer social and cultural activities. The building is also the headquarters of the Germandat de Trabucaires, Geganters i Grallers de Sant Andreu. The Associations building houses the Catalan chess federation. The Catalan association for people with neuromuscular diseases (ASEM Catalunya). The Friends of Fabra i Coats, an association made up of the old factory’s former workers. The ÁMBIT Foundation, an institute for personal growth and Voluntaris 2000 association. The Old Offices building is where you will find the district’s educational services and soon it will also house the Consortium for Catalan-language normalisation and students from the Pont del Dragó school. The Espai Josep Bota is a venue for exhibitions, conferences, workshops, concerts and many other cultural activities. The former Fabra i Coats printing press has been given new life as a welcoming nursery school. The old water, dyeing and bleaching areas are now the Can Fabra infant and primary school. The Fabra i Coats building also houses the Barcelona Contemporary Art Centre, which produces, exhibits and publicises the work of local and international artists. The Creation Factory supports public creativity, talent and citizen innovation in Barcelona. The Can Fontanet building houses the Tres Tombs interpretation centre, offering visitors a tour through Sant Andreu del Palomar’s agricultural history. The Barcelona railway group, and the Barcelona Colla castellera jove also have their facilities there. In recent years, Fabra i Coats has become a cluster of latest-generation facilities, offering the city a huge variety of activities and services. The preservation of Sant Andreu’s industrial heritage has provided the district with a focus and made it a leader in contemporary urban design. That means we will continue opening up the possibilities of our facilities. Future projects include the construction of social housing, an Industrial heritage History museum and the Martí Pous Institute. Because we believe that Fabra i Coats is a constantly changing, living space that is open to everyone.

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