Express Spring/Summer Try-On Haul 2018

hi guys welcome back to my channel um I'm excited because we're partnering with Express on this video now that might not be that exciting to some people but to kid it is because I am pretty sure that Express is the first straight sized brand to partner with me and you know what I appreciate that a lot and then clearly appreciated you because we have a discount code so if you guys want to get any of the stuff that I show you in this video and let me tell you something you're gonna want to get it I was like you know what you just gonna have to watch the video to figure out what I was but you can click the links that I'll have down in the description box and you can use the code 3 7 9 2 on Express comm and you can get 15% off of your whole purchase so like I said I'm gonna make sure everything is linked down below and um we could just jump right into it but it's not just it's just not me if I don't have a long intro ok so just really quick little back story when Express reached out I was like hmm I don't know because I had done a video where I featured Express and will it fit and it fit but it didn't fit great and I was like hmm I don't know if I should do it again you know so then I went on and I looked because um all this stuff this is like spring and summery stuff it's not the wintry stuff that I featured before and while I did like it it didn't fit that great but this time we get to wear trusses we get to try out swimsuits and guess what they're shorts fit better they've been better than some other things that I've been wearing lately and I'm pretty excited to show you guys so now let's jump into it this dress actually obviously is from Express let me change the angle I'm not about to do this I'm had to be dosed ok one more thing before we really jump into it did you know that they are now carrying up to an 18 in store and Express it's a double 0 2018 I got that email and I was like what that's not even necessarily not suppose like focusing I'm here but I feel like I need to tell you guys cuz my audience needs to know this information I had a bunch of you guys I'm jamming me and tweeting me and stuff did you know that they're carrying bigger size I'm like finally man like I love when a brand realizes that people bigger than a size twelve or fourteen also wanna shop and store it and I appreciate the change so round of applause for you guys I truly appreciate it it'd be great if you know I get a couple more lives than they're doing but beggars can't be choosers hey so this dress now that we're finally here talking about it so cute it's like a little denim dress but it's really thin so it kind of gets to move around with your body and even though it looks like a wrap dress which it is kind of um it actually comes all the way to this side which I really like because the seam actually comes to the other end which a lot of times it'll stop somewhere here and start going up which is okay yes for some people but I like having that little added coverage right there so I know that my leg isn't just gonna pop through my drawers I came out I don't want that and you probably don't either and the top actually also has a little thing on here so that you can connect the one side to the other in case you want it to be kind of you know a little bit more high weight highway said hi I'm neckline but I kind of like it open I don't have a bra on right now and you guys know I run a little bit on the smaller side up top but with the ruffles and everything I feel like it kind of balances everything out without me having to have like a padded bra I'm trying to go this whole summer without a bra but anyway these straps are adjustable super cute and then the back actually is really full-coverage and then I have like a big ruffle on the bottom as well it's like mid thigh for me so it's not bad oh and the waist is stretchy so it just it fits really nicely I had one like this last year except it was like a button-up version and I had to worry about my arms fitting which is constantly a concern for me but this one you know I don't have to worry about that this is freaking cute good job express back again and feeling very vineeth that was fun off single and there's a matter of thickness that I like it so this is a mechanic's feels almost a cup not a burnout sure yeah it kind of does actually have a burnout shirt feel you can tell that you can see through a little bit I do have a bra on this time and you can kind of see through it so this tank is it's one of the express 111 taps I have another one here that might show you two they have a ton mid or super super cute and they have a lot that are oversized too in case you're kind of in-between and stuff but this is an XL that I have on on top it's so cute Moneta is very pretty very very very pretty I love it I feel like I'm camera you can't read the words as well but in person they're pretty bold and then you guys did you guys recently watched my venom video if you didn't you should watch that because I show you a lot of stuff but um I was talking all about denim shorts and how it can be very hard to find them in shorts so these ones I was reading all the reviews shout out to the reviews I'm expressed because guess what they're actually very helpful so I was reading Ellen reviews and people said this one's ran a little bit big because they are like a relaxed fit so these have the stretch plus and their performance and these are kind of 518 they're listed here at 59 50 I think I got a discount on that but again you can use my code that three seven nine to number and you can put that in for your promo code you can you know buy anything then I'm showing you the video or anything else so um these are so cute those guys okay I have really big lives and so it's important to me when I'm looking for shorts they're gonna fit my legs and typically they're pretty big on my waist when they do fit my legs comfortably in a way where I know they're not gonna be rolling up the entire time that I'm like wearing them so these you probably can't tell but they're actually kind of loose on my leg and I have the fold in them but they're like done up at the scene so you can't unfold them and they fit really really nicely I was just super shocked when I got them I was like fingers crossed that these are gonna work for me because they're 18 like I said and in shorts I'm typically like an 18 19 20 but these actually have room they have room in the back they have room in the front I'm not gonna go so far to say I could have size down but if I did I bet as I'm warm and they stretched out a little bit they probably don't fit okay and they're not super short but they do show you know I have an upper side hanging out and I was talking about but I feel like overall they're actually really cute and then with the tick-tock how summery am I right now ready to like a little festival eat some corn or some ribs I'm just kidding I don't eat ribs I can't eat messy food in my mind you only person out there I cannot bring myself to eat messy food it's actually a problem because I have to skip rib fest every year and I heard this year pit bulls coming so that's exciting all of these clothes have me feeling very like summertime fine over here ok one more thing first of all this outfit adorable just wait for it give me 20 seconds but when I was on the website and I was shopping for everything because I did order this stuff online um I couldn't help but notice that on a bunch of items now like the stuff that I was looking at you could click on four different images of four different models in four different sizes wearing these clothes it was amazing scrolling through this website and seeing a bunch of different sizes and different models wearing these clothes and then you get to go and look like and I looked at the girl wearing like a large and I was like okay I'm a little bit bigger than her so you know what I think the XL is actually gonna fit me great like it's so nice I understand that maybe you can't do that for every single article clothing maybe you can I don't know how all that works but it was actually really refreshing to see not only different models but to see the same items on a bunch of different models like so you can compare it side-by-side and then they tell you what size it is and it was just like mind-blowing to me expressed whenever you need to get that extra large and roll up in there just you have my number what's the call anyway this outfit is super cute again this is one of those express 111 tops and this is again an extra large and it has a little tie here on the bottom which I thought was really cute this reminds me of like like ocean side kind of stuff like I'm gonna be at the beach and hanging out and very like leisure but still super cute kind of stuff again this is that thinner like material like that burnout kind of material which I like especially in the warmer months cuz this term to keep me a little bit cooler and I sweat less so maybe wanted to know but um and then these shorts are kind of like denim shorts alright they kind of look like denim shorts surprise they're way cuter so I probably wouldn't wear it like this because I don't want to create that extra lump right there but look at them and they fit they fit amazingly well the shorts are also an XL probably gotta tie this a little tighter okay well anyway they also have pockets hi thank you to whoever because now have things that pockets like at this point in the game I think we all get it pockets are great just start putting them on things there's no pocket on the back which is okay since they actually have them on the front and it having the ruffle all the way around it's like so coat dainty and cute I would wear it with a t-shirt or with a tank top or with a bodysuit or even with like um just this even with what is it called with a swimsuit top that would be really cute too or um well you know it would look good what this is like something crocheted kind of like very beachy like and then if I was tan I don't get tan but like I was actually really tan that would be great too like I feel like this look would really come together along with some sandals oh hi guys what do we think how do we feel about the little ruffle shorts do you love I kind of love them I'm not going I know you guys like seeing me yellow and I'm pretty excited about it about to check out this tan line like anything that can cover the stand line hello thank you it has it's obviously a dress what made me not actually that was around when I found the website but it's a dress and it is very cute it has this little ruffle up on top and then it has this like nice thick it's like that thick of elastic going around the center here and it's a pretty good length I would say it's just like a teeny tiny bit longer than that first one that I showed you this was a little bit see-through with these underwear that I have mom especially but normally when I wear stuff like this I wear like something high-waisted and nude underneath or some kind of like even like a little short or something just that I know it's kind of Sluttery and loose and stuff and I don't want everybody able to see all my goodies all the time so it also comes with if you're the type of person that doesn't like it strapless it also comes with straps where are they where my stress go they must be inside oh they're inside of the back but it does come with like two little straps that you can connect here and it is the same material and then it just has like these little little pieces built in here so that you can connect it and make it into a cute dainty little dress I am traveling a lot this summer traveling obviously I just went to Mexico last weekend last week when I was out with and I'm taking the kids to the Dominican and we're going to Central America and we're just gonna be be-bopping around and I need things like this cuz this is the kind of stuff I like to wear especially when I'm out like in a different country and I'm just trying to show that I do have a little bit of spice and flavor in me even though I look like a little wet eat all the time that's because I am but I love this high high graduation I'm gonna be cute at my graduation party you guys should have seen the dress I wore to my first graduation party but you thought I was gonna say it was ugly no it was cute it was very very cute and you know what the other graduation too when I graduated from university okay that one was really cute – I'm not bad to pick my graduation dresses I should do a whole video on graduation dresses does anybody agree did all of you graduate already what day is it it's May you guys haven't graduated yet right okay this is for the party anyway this is for the graduation party this is for the Fiesta right okay so you want favorite your own graduation dresses let me know I feel like I'm this one we got to start kind of close how pretty is this top it's so cute it's all sequined up and it's like black silver and then it does have some white in here so I decide to get the white shorts with it even though from afar I don't know guys would you do this with white shorts even if it wasn't these ones like or would you do it with like black like maybe black trouser it kind of shorts I don't know this is a little my little like pale skin poking out the sides here's my this is a bodysuit with the thong bodysuit which is the best cuz you don't have to worry about creating that extra panty line of the back it's at an extra large and oh I guess I kind of gotta adjust it a little bit to cover my bra but it's a really pretty like little peachy color and then these shorts okay wait you know what I can't watch on the body yet they actually had a few different styles um they don't all like come up like this on top there was another one I want to see maybe it was a black I don't know if I find it I will link it down below for you guys um but they are all so pretty like I love really easy simple body suits that actually have something that kind of go on with them cuz I'm not much of a jewelry gal so this makes you feel like I wouldn't have to wear jewelry with it but okay let's move on to the shorts okay so first of all we call these um Bermuda's and I just okay lol at that they're not exactly my like what I would deem a Bermuda but they're definitely longer like this has got to be like I don't know five inch inseam at least and they are definitely high-waisted which is beautiful the other ones are had a higher waist on them as well they were obviously shorter than these and these that have a mark because they were folded when I got them they from the back you got like a bloody carnage and all of that and like I said they're they're pretty decently they go down pretty far and they go up pretty far too which is just as important just how far down they go then they have the distressing like on the front and then they have a little bit back here like by the but nothing crazy not like one of those metal but she's hanging out anything but you know if you guys decided she'd use that at some point I will be buying those shorts and my whole butt cheek will be hanging out but anyway I do think that these family pretty well I would say maybe maybe I can go down the size eventually I'm saying but for the most part I think that these shorts actually run pretty true to size and you don't necessarily have to size up in them they do have some stretch to them they're not crazy stretchy otherwise they'll probably be a lot more fitted but they're super comfortable like for a jean that doesn't have a ton of stretch although it is stretchy there we can comfortable like I don't feel too pulled in anywhere so these are actually really nice and the next couple things I have are like swimsuits but I have this cover-up you guys you can wear it as a swim cover-up or you know just a kimono with your outfit this was thirty nine ninety and it's just one size fits all and it's so pretty I love it with the shorts I don't love it with the top obviously but how cute is this like it is super duper pretty it looks really good with the jeans – I tried it on yesterday with the jeans and I was not mad at that combination it's got pretty decent length at at – so back in the day like when I was a little bit less comfortable showing my legs I would make sure to have something like this where it covers like an extra one or two inches of my thighs so what I'm wearing shorts still wearing shorts and I'm not super hot and stuff but at least I kind of have something lightweight to just kind of disguise out a little bit if anything just to make me feel better in my head you know but this is like ridiculously cute oh and I did get one swimsuit we'll talk about that next okay once again ignore these tan lines I forgot I had to film this video I even have them like right I hate this anyway think about tan lines and you're buying a swimsuit so this one suit really doesn't fit me very well but I know you guys love to see them anyway so this is an XL and I thought I would just give it a shot you know I mean but the torso is a little bit too short for me just because I'm stretching it out with the wa-hi is a little bit too much it is a really cute suit it has the cutouts on the side this is just a little scandalous I don't I don't hate how it makes my butt look I mean I'm not mad at that part and then the back is pretty open you just kind of pull these things this is actually what controls this right here and then it connects at the side and then you tie it in the back but I thought I would show it to you just cut mine guys want to see but I did buy this really cute cover-up they have a bunch of cover-up so if maybe some of this stuff wouldn't fit you um they do have a bunch of really pretty cover-ups like swim cover-ups and they're all like you know one side everybody and this one I thought was just so cute I got it cuz you know this was gonna be blue and then they have blue and I thought I'd be cute that's okay but I was like pink around the neck here and it is it's really cute this is a really really pretty like cover-up whiny like hat and really got sombreros I'm also super long if you're someone who likes really long cover-ups like there are certain days where I just need my whole body covered because my body can no longer handle the Sun without the Sun causing me to get headaches and just all kinds of other stuff I love having stuff like this cuz it's still super lightweight so you're not gonna like be burnin up but it covers most of your body which I like so I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and I've gotten pretty hyped up about it it just so happened that at the same time that expressed asked to partner with me is that you know that we agreed to make a video together that they happen to roll out these new like extender sizes inside of the store which is amazing to me like you guys it makes me so happy to see these things happening like to see these movements happening like it's really amazing I love it um if you have any questions about my size is there anything I'm pretty sure I said everything in the video but if not you can always leave that stuff down below don't forget let me know if you want to see like a graduation party like video about dresses and just keep dresses to wearing cuz I yellow and is super cute like oh I think somebody did invite me to a party I'm probably go out there but like I said if you guys want any of this stuff you can hit those links that are down in my description box they will be down there click on that and then you can use my code j79 to to get 15% off which is awesome um but yeah I think that's all I got give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and you want to support me and you love me and I love you and we're best friends like France is that how it goes dang I haven't watched Barney in a minute what's the new age Barney like who's the new Barney is there one remember big comfy couch you guys do you remember the big comfy couch yes or no that's all I want to know okay now we have that out hopefully you guys are having an amazing day and I hope to see you in another video but that's all I got bye-bye

27 thoughts on “Express Spring/Summer Try-On Haul 2018

  1. I don't normally post too often on YouTube videos but I just had to say that the pink, silver and black body suit is GORGEOUS! I only wish I could fit into it but I would need a 2x-3x size sadly. 💔

  2. Lmmfao girl just use a.fork and take the meat off the.bone thats what i do lol wings and ribs i just dont like putting the bone in my mouth and biting the meat off so ill.pick it off with my fingers or fork lmdao..I'm weird i know lol

  3. Dang…that 1st denim dress is soooo cute & that yellow dress is BAE!! I've never shopped Express…but….maybe I should start LOL

  4. They probably partnered with you at that time on purpose. BTW i NEVER thought to look at Express, so now that I've JUST finished watching your video, I will be going straight to their website, and AE. And btw YES I remember watching the big comfy couch AND Barney.

  5. I honestly think that bathing suit looks good on you I think it makes you look smaller and shows the nice curves!!

  6. Oh course there are girls bigger than an 18, but 00-18 I’m store for a non plus size store is pretty good. I also like different size references cause we all know not all styles are made for everyone

  7. LOVED BIG COMFY COUCH WHEN I WAS LITTLE BUT I ALSO LOOOOOVVVEEE WHAT EXPRESS IS DOING!!!! The fact that you can click and see different models wearing the same outfits in different sizes is AMAZING!!!!

  8. Black definitely with the sequins bodysuit. Love the yellow dress on you. The jean shorts with that Bonita shirt was so cuuute. The swim suit looks like a good fit!!

  9. Does anyone know what size the first dress is? It's the denim ruffle one. Online it only goes up to a large.

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