(Eng sub) How to do Kpop Idol Pomade Hair style

gatsby regroom pomade How to do stylish idol casual pomade for interview Hi this is Hunngee TV as mandom official creator now season for intervew is coming we need to focus not only on preparing the question expected but also styling our hair so today, we are gonna learn how to style our hair to stylish pomade for interview follow me~ the product I will use for styling is gatsby regroom pomade which is renewed recently they can help you to make causal pomade styling with adequately oily there are 2 types of gatsby regroom pomade this is made with aqua it sticks easier and harder to hair and also has less oil so it helps you to style your natural stylish pomade it is oily so it is good at keeping today I am gonna use prime hold to style my hair as natural stylish pomade let’s try~ make your wet hair as all back divide a part upside of your eyebrow after dividing parts give volume by drying first find the part that you want to give volume put your finger inside and come back and give a heat wait for 3 seconds then let it go we can see that my hair got volume compared to when it was wet repeat this step part/front/side if you want to use brush then do it like this brush and come back so we can lift hair we’ve got so much volume after using only dry if you don’t have enough time to use curling machine or not good at using it, you can use pomade just now key point of using curling machine is little, and adagio lift your front hair up and make other hair go backside now I am done with my left part so I will do to my right part do the front part first to go backside keep your volume while you go bakcside now curling machine step is over final step! let’s use regroom pomade prime hold can you see inside? since it is aqua, not oil, so it feels fresh we will use this much, as our one finger joint and melt it by your hand do not forget to melt by your fingers now you just need to think your hands as brush watch me doing down your side hair do it like brush hold the hair where you want to give and keep volume style your sideburns by pomade left behind on your finger and give also volume to your backside I have done stylish pomade with regroom pomade how do you think? I guess I made my hair as young style I think I can do it as my daily hair since it looks not that old I and you guys, there will be numerous time for interview in our life maybe at that time, with this pomade and also my tip, hope you achieve what you want like subscribe and if you leave a comment we will give you 50 dollars package set as present hope you get this present and do your interview well let’s earn a money!

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  1. i need to watch it again when it has subtitle but i never knew just by styling your hair will make you look different.. it is so amazing boo.. good job, you look cute without styling it but when you do style your hair, you look manly and ready to kill!!

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