DukeCard Office Hotel Style Locks

This is Duke University. Hey, Blue Devils good news. Residence halls at Duke are being equipped with Hotel style locks. Not all residence halls have them yet, But all will in the future. Before you move into your room, you will need to set a four digit DukeCard pin, you will need your net ID and password. Go to the DukeCard website, select manage your DukeCard, and click on the my DukeCard login button. After you login, you will set your DukeCard pin. Your pin should be something you will easily remember and should not start with a zero. If your residence hall is equipped with hotel style locks, you can use your contactless DukeCard to unlock your door. To use your lock you’ll need to tap your DukeCard against the lock and enter your four digit pin. The first time you use your lock, you will see a red light and the door won’t open. This is normal. Your credentials need to download onto the lock before the lock will open. That’s all there is to it! If you have any issues with the door lock Please call the DukeCard office at 919-684-5800 Remember, we’re all in IT together.

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