okay come on in how are you doing would you like any water tea or anything ah okay thank you how's the family doing I don't have a family that's good so the senior management wanted me to touch base with everybody about the new dress code policy within the company HR had some key points they wanted me to hit with everybody you know standard stuff nothing new okay okay let me just pull up your file here and we'll get started Gibbons moon the Gumbel to Gumbel it's Simmons with an S Simmons Gibbons Simmons with an S s Chris Simmons will be in that pile being this one okay we're gonna need you to start wearing pants to work it's uh it's disgusting okay great thank you for coming in thank you

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  1. Hey, Gemberling when are you coming back with more fat guy stuck in internet? That has hot to be one of the funniest tv shows I have seen in my life.

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