Double Sneaker Unboxing END Clothing #6

this video is brought to you by campus comm design your own custom snapbacks and hats cap beast comm we or beast what is good you – welcome back to another video yes this is another unboxing video and yes I am still wearing the same clothes that I was wearing in my previous unboxing video but I wanted to make two separate videos since they are two different types of sneakers so yeah one huge unboxing from end not too big two different sneakers there are two sneakers in here I got this about probably a month ago and my brother was here in America and this dumbass opened it for me already but this is going to be my first time opening this so very exciting it's already opened so let's go ahead and check out the whole experience so this is from end site from the UK I kind of messed up because I think anything over 200 bucks you have to pay customs since it is from the UK here to the US so yeah but nevertheless very happy with the purchases I was able to get I am the resale isn't too bad on these what they were sold out already everywhere except for and clothing so huge shout out to end their shipping was unreal it was like three days from the UK the u.s. three days shipping amazing and free shipping as well the only that that took me off-guard was the customs that I did have to pay for it was about forty three dollars for customs but nevertheless here are the sneakers let's check it out which one do I want to open first I know I do have a favorite but just buy the box alone I'm pretty sure you guys already know which which sneakers these are that's pretty cool so you have your hand oh cool so thank you card from end very cool big shout-out to end for doing that here is the official receipt so that's pretty cool right there let's go ahead and open this one let's see if this is the one that I will okay alright so I ended up getting the adidas pro boost palace collaboration this is the one in blue this is probably honestly I like this one better than the other one that they release so you guys already probably know which one that is I'll go ahead and open that up for you guys here is the other box yeah so retail is 129 euros I think that's about 160 I think I'm not too sure I have to check on that but here's the black ones very very cool does this come with that you're lazy okay okay I found it oh wow the black ones come with two extra palace laces and then the blue ones come with just one that is oh it comes to two Wow super cool very impressive alright that's really cool so I have the blue ones and the black ones from their latest collaboration this is a pro Bruce model I think this is the first of its kind I'm not too sure do not call me on that but this is the first produce that I've seen very oh my god the suede on this is already amazing I'll do a separate review for you guys this is just an unboxing just to show you guys what I did pick up from an clothing super great customer service super fast shipping from end so big shout out to them but here they are these are super cool I really needed shoes to wear that I could wear every single day and from the Yeezys to the ultra boost re fell in love with the whole boost technology so it was only right that I hopped onto the pro boost model super cool but I definitely liked the blue ones a lot more I'm more of a guy who likes you know loud colors but it's not really for everybody but very happy with the blue one this is super nice it smells really good too but yeah that's my unboxing for the end thing I have another unboxing coming through just waiting for the package you guys will like that a lot I'll do fit videos as well since I am here in the u.s. so why not huge shout out to everybody who's been supporting me shoutout to Cathy's compro we sponsor my videos huge shout out to you guys and that pretty much does it for this video again Instagram Twitter snapchat if you guys wanna see unboxings quick and early hit up my snapchat all under a thermic flag I and that pretty much does it for this video let me know how you guys feel about this if you guys did Spooky's up not too many reviews on this particular sneaker on youtube so I can't wait to do a review on these so with all that being said I'll catch you guys on the next video peace are you listening around the black started talking with the accent my shirt got bigger my pants are

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  1. The black pair looks great thats a given but I really like the blue pair since its not often used by them in that shade.

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