Oh Oh for them then job oh it’s people you almost killed me no no hey guys I’m are and today I’m a cow like from long town I guess I shouldn’t say today I feel like that’s just me always but anyway guys Halloween is basically here and it’s so weird because you guys know we went to Walmart and I wasted spent how are you gonna say $1,000 at Walmart basically Halloween stuff and then I realized I don’t have a lot of decor I don’t even know what happened there but I tried to make this as Halloweeny as possible is in today’s video we are gonna be going to the dollar store to check out what costumes they have for Halloween having dollar store Halloween costume it all seems like the perfect match and makes me very very happy to think of all these things together so you guys I’m so excited to be doing this if you like this video don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and of course so straight to my channel by clicking down there don’t forget to also tap that little diffusion bells to join up mine I post new videos every Tuesday and Fridays at the very least so you definitely when we subscribe so you don’t miss out on and give you video awesomeness yeah that’s hard for me to say but anyway you guys let’s get started alright guys so we’re on our way to the dollar store oh my gosh we need to get this out of the car we didn’t have enough hands to bring it up to the apartment but yeah so we are gonna be buying Halloween and costumes I have a couple ideas in my head but I’m not sure we’re gonna buy a dollar store so I guess we’re just gonna we have to get creative and see what costumes we can make with what we find but yeah I feel like this is just the best of both worlds because it’s Halloween it’s a dollar store it’s Halloween time at the dollar store all right let’s see here what costume can we make all right guys I feel like I really need to get my creative juices flowing and thinking oh I could be a skeleton well there’s just one hand can you give me a hand a hand oh yes I think it’d be a hammer I think I’ll scratch your back perfect look keep loving for those you guys do you have a lot of stuff here I feel like I could for sure do something with these eyes like for sure it’s an ice cube tray it’s literal like things like Dracula this is so cute okay ain’t it focus focus focus there’s this witch hat but it’s like a decoration it’s not really free to wear I guess you can wear it it’ll be really cute if you put it on something we difficult what else they have here Christmas oh I have some ideas with this spider with this person Spider Queen oh that one’s better I’m wondering if they have like fake spiders they probably do yeah I don’t know I think this one yeah Oh what this you could do the Medusa costume and you just have a voice makes coming out of your head this the spider was looking for this looks really gooey looks yummy you guys we have hit the jackpot we found the candy first of all and also costumes we felt some wigs okay we got it all this is the good section right here oh my god there’s like a full-on ninja costume can be a parrot lady there’s no need to even beat up here you just buy the customs in their time yeah just not sure I think it was yeah that’s already cut less oh yeah for sure I look more like Mario more pudgie they are you my knight in shining armor it’s double your science oh yeah probably yeah yeah no it’s great it’s perfect oh how do I get it off Oh [Music] cute a vamp it’s yeah what about a princess fairy here you go wait wait you’re missing something wait that means it’s fair it looks okay let’s give you a costume this year you look so cute so magical give me some fairy glitter fairy dust wait is this gonna fit you though yes I think so it’s total here sighs all right you guys so chordal decided to take two because he says two will definitely fit him if he wears two we’ll be fine yeah yeah yeah agreed yeah tool is good I didn’t realize this was the broom this is pretty small broom I don’t know if I’ll be able to fly in this and they have it in purple too what Sookie I like the purple one more all right let’s go see what see how oh my god Berta’s cousin for me Oh chilly sir sure you go I think we found your missing him I do become him we have the worst joke no guys please don’t leave please don’t leave this a party section oh off with an end job this thing thing you could throw throw stuff blows argh yes I didn’t even think to get him awake it’s necessary the way what color is our pink yes there is pink I got the pink one for you alright we’re good with our shopping Senecal it’s custom yeah [Music] I’ve gotten a lot more goodies there was so many spat like so much decoration stuff I have to control myself you gotta say I have the costumes right here and I’m kind of like wrapping them so we can try it out let’s see which one is the best dollar Explorer costume really they have a lot I mean you can see that wife stuff but if you just buy stuff so I have the witch hat I feel loved these are for children though it’s like a tiny witch let me see if I can flatten this let’s see you can play honey no okay that was great need some gas maybe why Kohli looks like the wood chips broom but it’s not actually a functioning anything it’s a real one you think is a real yes it’s a magic I told you yeah yeah like it’s like this oh where do you go you’re a ninja I can see you I can’t hear you chain grinding Gear disappeared from the video where are you babe honey no on the other side I mean I don’t know yeah teenage mutant ninja turtle you have the turtle tank and then you can get them in job what what does we call them and job cover-up I think it’s the hood the hood it’s a mask wish Derril are you the green one the green one of the no green I’m are your Mar living tutor mark I feel good job but it’s different it’s also like a little best I think these the best are a really smart way to make a cheap costume oh do they have birds cuz you can buy a fake bird you can put your weight on your shoulder oh I’m here they sell like the I’ve had other stuff in here huevos so you can stop somebody on the I oh you’re so smart that’s poor here I can pay you today one doubloon it’s your bandana oh you want your hair here oh I don’t know if it a belt or a banana this is so good and I’ve just got a wax [Laughter] it’s you almost killed me where’s your other swords here’s my sword this is Paris all right I got less swim with the tags this example and it’s not a real pirate story there’s a little boy costumes though I mean I’m gonna be a girl Harry you can be a cop I write it up pirate Mar captain mark now give me your voice down okay missing wait technically this is your costume oh my little fairy define a fairy princess or a princess fairy it’s my week oh you’re accusing my edges no okay oh gosh the crown knows it’s not mine so it’s attacking me the current is heavy and the skirt okay there’s no way like well put the other one on the other leg there you go you look like Tobey if you look like I have like a fairy princess yeah where’s your scepter I think than just winning for me look who came to play do you want to be yes ma’am I am the gold boom ooh oh no don’t eat your costume no no no do you want to be a pirate yes mommy this is the thought I deal with now you see why we’re with you like oh my god do you want to be a witch there you go you’re a witch now eat it oh my god I think he’s just a monster he’s used a little like thing yeah I feel like he’s doing that unique you know what you have to do is be creative with your costume so he’s just doing his own thing look like chill he is done you got to eat it what we got not over it oh all right you guys and there you have it let me know which costume was your favorite i hands-down have to pick Linden jaw I think it’s a really good costume especially cuz it’s so easy to just kind of put together you just put some leggings and a black t-shirt I feel like most people have that in their closet so yeah honestly I’m really happy with what we found at the dollar store but hey guys thank you so much for watching I will leave a link right here to another cool video so you guys can go check it out and I’ll you finish watching this one but guys I love you so much I’ll see you next one bye


  1. Hola Mariale! Me encantó el video. La palabra secreta es: OOPS. Mi nombre de instagram es emely_rodriguez0110. Muchísimos muchísimos besos Mariale 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋

  2. Mariale I speak spanish and english and I follow you in both of your channels you are so funny and I L💖VE your videos 💖💖💖💖💜💜💜💓💓💓💙💙💙❤❤❤

  3. thank you mar for giving me a little heart I'm very happy i love you you are my favorite youtuber thank you 💕

  4. Holii 😙 Mariale, en Instagram estoy como tatiana_army_blink, y la palabra secreta es OOPS..!! #Clubmar…espero ganar por favor amorcito 💕😊❤…besoss 💋💋

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  7. This was so funny 😂! I feel like Burrito wore his costumes the best lol! The princess fairy really did look like Dobby hahaha ! I liked the ninja and the pirate those were the best!

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