1. Being it’s Halloween, you should have incorporated Pennywise (IT) into the drain scenario. Great parade. We need one here in Stockton.

  2. I loved the KFC dog. But they were all great. That looked like a wonderful time. Sorry about the key trouble, but you handled it well.

  3. Hahaha… Kelly, I so feel for you. That is something that would happen to me. I swear, that would be just my luck. I don't do well with keys… and wallets. One time I lost my keys somewhere in the mall, and I had been to a dozen stores before I realized it. Took me hours to locate them. Then, there's the time that my wallet fell out of my purse at the movie theatres and it got lodged between the seat and the back wall. That was fun.

    I do appreciate how you tried to send the child down the drain. That would've been my first thought too. 😈😈😂😂

  4. My favorite dog was Colonel Sanders. So cute & creative. I also appreciate all the work that went into that Ghostbuster costume & vehicle.

    I think you have your costume idea for next year, Rocky: Firefighter. Those guys were amazing, and true heroes of the day. ❤

  5. LOL, Kelly made it a memorable day! ha ha ha ha but all in all those pups were sooooo cute with all those outfits! Fun times, well till Kelly…hahahaha that was funny, better you than me that's for sure!!!

  6. I liked the dinosaur experts & obe one Janine ( sorry if I trashed the spelling). Why didn’t you bring your dogs? Probably would have been to hectic, huh?

  7. How to save a seat: put your camera on the table and turn it on. Most people don't like to be on camera.😜 #LIFEHACK

  8. Oh one thing that annoys me about this video so much is the person who lets the black dog at 7:00 go towards the pitbull? and lets him sniff. You can see the pit right away tense up and then after having some stress signals. That could have gone bad.. people should give other dogs space..

  9. We have attended Bow Wow Ween.In Downtown
    Ghent in Norfolk va. the dogs get to trick or treat paticipating bussiness for dog treats and have a costume contest. Lots of fun.

  10. 3-19-2019
    I Laughed so hard I Cried 😃 Whoops
    Stuf happens. …
    Bat Man could have got those keys.
    Hats off for the Firemen…..
    I'm a Skinny Carpenter
    So I would have opened the hole or slip under the car and through the grate.
    Q : Did you get a second key??

  11. Comment if u have a apple!!!
    Give a dislike if u have a Samsung…
    Like if u have a doggie dats cute!

  12. I love your videos because you are a amazing person and you do amazingly good stuff and if I could I would adopt all the dogs in shelters

  13. Shows this to my dad
    Dad: Charlie is going to be a Ghostbuster this year
    (Vharlie is meh dogo)

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