Hi Guys my name is Aletheia this is
gotcha Covered today I’m gonna talk about why fashion totally matters except
that it doesn’t so you can click away now
bye see you next time wait don’t click away this is a fashion
channel so I can’t say that fashion doesn’t matter if you are still here and
you haven’t clicked away thank you so much I will do my best to convince you
that fashion matters but I’m gonna be real with you I know that there are
parts of it that are absolutely ridiculous and it kind of seems like
it’s always changing like why is there new trends every single year every
single two weeks nobody can keep up with that to the point where you’re like
honestly yous wearing that it was coming up with this what’s the point so I would
completely understand if someone’s like forget about all that I’m just gonna
wear whatever I want jeans and a t-shirt socks with sandals every single day
can’t touch me wear what you want I’m not trying to make everybody a
fashionista but if you do want to know some ways that fashion and clothing are
influencing your life and I think bigger ways then people give it credit for
then please stick around I will do my best to explain it to you so I’ve come
up with three ways that I think fashion is impacting your life I came up with
these three things because I did a lot of research and buy a lot of research I
mean I like looked at the first page of Google results so I don’t know I feel
like I’m an expert huh reason number one what you’re wearing actually impacts
your own mindset about yourself and even your behavior I have a couple scientific
reasons for this I’m gonna read them off of my laptop because I don’t want to
mess this up a paper published in August of 2015 in social psychological and
personality science asked subjects to change into formal or casual clothing
before cognitive tests wearing formal business attire increased abstract
thinking an important aspect of creativity and long-term strategizing
the experiment suggests the effect is related to a feeling of power and
another paper published in July 2012 and the Journal of experimental social
psychology subjects made half as many mistakes on an attention demanding task
when wearing a white lab coat on another attention task those who were told there
coat was a doctor’s coat performed better than either those who were told
it was a painter’s smock or those who merely saw a doctor’s coat on display
I thought these papers were really interesting but a lot of times it can
seem like okay that was a weird random test like I’m not gonna wear a lab coat
to go take my biology exam I mean maybe you should but I do have a
personal example that I think goes along with this whenever I need to work out
and I am seriously not in the mood which is every single time sometimes all I
have the willpower to do is put on my workout clothes but once I put on my
workout clothes I’m like way more energized and I’m ready to workout I
don’t know why exactly I think part of it is like okay someone who works out
wears these clothes I’m wearing these clothes
therefore I’m someone who works out obviously my brain doesn’t do that but I
do think that there’s some merit to the fact that what you’re wearing makes you
feel a certain way about yourself and that feeling can change your behavior
reason number two the fashion matters I’m gonna call this all the world’s a
stage unfortunately I think everybody has had an experience where either
somebody has judged them based on how they look and you have definitely judged
somebody else based on how they looked and it’s completely normal
everybody does it still sucks but everybody does it and Malcolm Gladwell’s
book blink the power of thinking without thinking he talked about how it only
takes two seconds to get that gut feeling about a situation or person and
he calls this thin slicing basically with all the information coming at us
our brain can’t handle all of that at the forefront of our mind we can’t make
logical step-by-step conclusions so instead our subconscious will do a lot
of that work for us sometimes that’s not good because it’s not so much a personal
experience that’s judging it it’s based on a movie a book somebody else’s
experience I would say like 90% of the time I am for following your gut
reaction but it’s always good to check it and try to come up with some logical
reason for why that makes sense I have an example with a story that I heard so
there’s a guy on a bus who’s trying to get someplace in an area that he’s not
familiar with somebody next to him helpfully tells him that he needs to get
off in three stops somebody else leans over and says hey actually you’re gonna
get off in two he decides to listen to the second person and get off on that
second stop instead of the third stop and ends up walking the rest of the way
because the first guy was right on his way he had plenty of time to reflect and
figure out why he went with the first guy not the second guy he realized that
the person sitting next to him was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt was
like a mustard stain on it a guy next to him was wearing nice
professional clothes and a tie even though both of these guys were strangers
he went with the second person because his subconscious brain decided that the
first guy being dressed a little bit more casual or almost sloppy with the
stain meant that they were unreliable versus somebody who looked put together
must be reliable obviously that’s not always the case but your clothing really
does influence the way that other people think about you and I know that’s not
really like a comforting thing to hear I’m definitely prone to insecurity as
much as everybody else so hearing that people are gonna judge you based on how
you look sucks especially because oh man it seems
like the standard for looking a certain way that people find acceptable just
gets higher and higher every single day and it’s changing it’s impossible to
keep up with but just knowing that it is gonna happen is weirdly comforting for
me and gives me a sense of control because clothing really is a way that
you get to control the narrative that brings me to reason number three fashion
is a way for you to communicate your character and your values I know that
sounds kind of wishy-washy and you would expect that from somebody like me
fashion is literally my major and I have a whole channel about it so obviously I
care but I really think that fashion is a way for people to do some amazing
self-reflection and a great way for people to be able to communicate
non-verbally with the people around them it’s especially helpful if you’re in a
room full of people that don’t know you if you’re just gonna go hang out with a
friend obviously you can wear anything because they already know you and they
like you but with people that you don’t know there are sometimes like an anxiety
that gets to you when you’re trying to figure out what to wear
if I’m going to a party where I’m gonna know maybe one person or no people there
I will stare at my wardrobe and literally feel like I have nothing to
wear that’s not true I have lots of things to wear but for whatever reason I
don’t have anything that communicates what I want to communicate to a group of
strangers or at least I don’t feel like that I think that’s why a lot of times
people will tend to go out and buy something for a specific occasion
because whether or not they realize it there’s something that they want to get
across and they want to find a piece of clothing that embodies that something I
think there’s a lot of science backing up the fact that clothing communicates
certain character traits and values the whole world of like costume design is
centered the idea you know the costume director
is gonna pick out a costume that the character is gonna wear that makes them
them there are cues that I’ll show if someone is whimsical or happy if they’re
stiff if they don’t want to change if they are the secret bad guy you know
there’s lots of little cues but I have two real-life examples that I think
communicate what I’m trying to say the first example would be if a natural
disaster hits the United States usually the president will go visit that
afflicted area and they don’t want to communicate the wrong thing with what
they’re wearing because most of the time people will just see photos of the event
usually you’ll see them wearing a button-up shirt with no tie and the
sleeves rolled up that’s supposed to symbolize the fact that they are there
to work hard and they’re there to be there with people they’re not hiding
behind a wall of formality they just want to be a leader for people example
number two is everybody’s favorite billionaire Bill Gates I don’t know of
anybody who doesn’t like him doesn’t he just kind of seem like a nice guy and
even though he is oh my gosh beyond wealthy and a lot of people might feel
uncomfortable with that the way that he dresses doesn’t communicate that he’s
trying to flex on anybody he’s communicating a level of comfort and
humility and simplicity in what he’s wearing and I think that’s part of the
reason that people just kind of like him another reason that I think that
everybody can relate with a little bit more than the Bill Gates example is that
at a certain age you did not want your parents to dress you they didn’t
understand you they didn’t know what you wanted to wear I’m sure nobody looked
amazing when they first started doing that but you wanted to because you knew
how you felt that day and you wanted to pick out clothing that reflected that I
think we can apply this today with an exercise of self-reflection
either you can figure out how you feel that day and pick out something that you
think reflects that or if you just put on your clothes without thinking
sometimes you can go why was i drawn to this piece today and it’s a great way
for you to be able to figure out what kind of mindset you’re already in for
the day and maybe make some changes depending on how that is it will be the
first person to acknowledge well not the first person I will be one of the people
to acknowledge that the fashion industry has some really weird sides to it I’m
not even gonna show you pictures because it’s that weird but I don’t want you to
discount the whole process of putting together a meaningful wardrobe just
because of those weird sides of the industry I deeply
believe that it is important it allows you to self-reflect it allows you to
figure out which sides of yourself that you’re proud of and gives you an outlet
to show that to other people around you fashion is very personal as opposed to
say a school uniform or a work dress code you can put an effort into those
things and there’s little things that you can do to make that your own but in
your everyday wear where you get to hang out with friends or meet new people it
is a wonderful opportunity to you know let yourself shine give people a little
tour through your personality with what you’re wearing
thank you so much for watching this video I really appreciate it if I
convince you that fashion really does matter please leave me a comment or a
like definitely subscribe and I will see you next week


  1. This is a great message. I’m not “religious”, but I don’t identify with today’s fashion. Showing off every nook and cranny all the time, as most articles of clothing do now, doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t want things so tight I can’t move or be comfortable, or so short I can’t sit down. But I also don’t want what I'm wearing to be in the way. Some videos about dressing modestly show clothes that I would trip on. That doesn’t work either. But you look put together, comfortable and feminine. Practical clothes don’t have to look frumpy or masculine. I want practical clothes that still have character. But for that I have to buy things in larger sizes and alter them. Or settle for jeans and a t-shirt, which isn’t always practical either. I see your channel is new. I hope things go well for you. This video is really well presented. 👍🏼

  2. I've just realized that the two years of my teenhood that I spent wearing the most black were also the two years I was the most depressed. Even now, if I'm having a rough day, I am much more likely to wear something very neutral, but sometimes forcing myself to wear bright colors and put on lipstick is all I need to feel more positive about the day in front of me. Thanks for sharing all the information you found!

  3. Jeans. Dark tee. Vans. Sports bra. No socks. It caught me off guard that you were able to deduce that, and I'm not the only one!!! Here is my issue. I'll be frank, I wasn't expecting to resonate with your content. However, it's hitting painful close to home. Literally. Having four daughters watching my every choice, I'm noticing that they are beginning to follow my "example" without that ever being my desire (clothing wise, not disciple wise). So, this video made me cringe for good reason. But, let's get real… My wardrobe is dripping with monotony and a few pieces that I've bought and will end up donating… Haha. In fact, my girls ask where I'm going in my "fancy clothes" when I wear a real bra, miss me jeans, and have actually done my hair… 😩 Where do I even begin????

  4. Number one and three really resonate with me! I always feel better when my clothes are stylish or fitting or even new! And as for three, I love being able to show the world who I am, even if that's just wearing a t-shirt with hello kitty on it. Keep doing what you're doing!

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