Hey everyone, it’s me Wendy today’s video is going to show you how to make your own teddy coat or faux fur jacket; It really depends on what fur you choose. Teddy coats — it seems they tend to be a bit shorter haired… More Sherpa like than faux fur is. Just like whatever craziness your fabric store has! In the one I made I definitely feel like a life-sized fluff ball, so I’m gonna call that a success! I will be back at the end of the video to show you how it looks and give you some details on some items that I used. I have a discount code for some very very sewing friendly items, so don’t forget to subscribe and wait till the end. And thank you to everyone who subscribed and got us past… Okay, I’ll see you later! The easiest way to make a jacket that fits you well and also has a liner has a guaranteed built-in warmth, is to go thrift a little jacket or find a jacket that you don’t need anymore. I found this black wool number and it fit me okay at the sleeves. There’s a couple of buttons. It’s good to turn it to the side too and take a look at how it fits front to back whether you like the way It all drapes. This inferred just takes a little imagination to picture it in its fuzziest puffiest form and it was missing pockets so I kind of made a mental note on whether or not I was gonna include pockets… so there we go. Let’s get started I almost like the jacket enough to be said that I was going to be changing it… But after seeing how much the wool picked up the fur, It’s time to go. Most jackets have a few key pieces that were going to be cutting out of the faux fur there’s these two front pieces that are symmetrical to one another, two sleeves that are symmetrical to one another, and then on the back one full back piece that should be symmetrical to itself on the inside opening of the jacket. I also cut these two pieces that match the width of the extra wall that’s on the inside of the black jacket all these pieces together will give us a Complete shell that covers up the existing jacket and turns the existing jacket into a liner I do have a separate video on how to lay down a piece of clothing But essentially I just placed my wall jacket on the back of the faux fur drew all the way around with a marker leaving one Two one and a half centimeters all the way around That gives us a little seam allowance so that when it’s all sewn up it should fit Around this existing jacket like a glove the other thing to keep in mind is if you’re gonna deal with faux fur Try to have a vacuum on hand the shedding is crazy first up taking the big back piece We’re going to be connecting it right sides together along the shoulders with the two front pieces So I’m smoothing all the little faux fur out of the way clipping it along the top and then we’re going to sew two Straight lines next up is the sleeves on the inside I marked in F for front and Abby for back and it’s because the curve of the sleeve is not always the same front to back it’s important to follow that when you’re tracing the original jacket and then stick to that as you pin it to your new shell I started from the two corners and put down pins Periodically all the way along the curve With a straight stitch this shows the entire sleeve to the shoulder of your jacket now with the sleeves attached We can go ahead and pin it right sides together Just at the armpit or gonna be sewing this with a straight stitch along the armpit to the end of the sleeve and then also the armpit to the Bottom of the jacket the next step is kind of optional but too many times I have regretted not Including pockets so we’re gonna do pockets I cut these two squares out of the faux fur and I’m gonna flip them over so you can see the dimensions They are 16 centimeters by 16 centimeters out of some lining I also cut 16 by 16 Squares and we’re going to sew the lining to the faux fur right sides together almost All the way around so that we can flip it inside out and finish it off with the gap that we left here We are flipping it inside out And this just makes it so that now on the front side we can attach it as The pocket and on the inside it can feel all nice with the lining after it’s flipped You will have to take a needle and thread To sew shut the opening I do this by grabbing a little bit of the lining Then grabbing a little bit of the faux fur and going back and forth This is actually pretty beginner friendly because faux fur is very good at hiding all Sorts of stitches so don’t panic too much if you don’t have this perfectly But just make sure it’s all sealed I attach the pockets to the jacket with safety pins just so I could get a feel for it and make sure I was happy with the location now if we sew it with the Opening facing up you can put items into the pocket from above But I’m gonna sew it with the opening facing the side So that it’s easy for my hands to go inside while you’re sewing keep the safety pins in because it’s going to help to make Sure your location is locked in and the tricky part about sewing on these pockets is that you want to make sure the faux fur Underneath on the jacket is nice and smooth and then on the pocket You kind of want to use your fingers and nails to Part the hairs a little as you sew if you’re doing your best to part the hairs as you sew Once your done all the hairs will smooth down and completely cover the stitch you won’t even see it there Here’s how the pocket looked with the opening on the side so that my hands can go in and out easily we’re going to bring over those two collar pieces line them up right sides together to the front opening and Sew them down with a straight stitch voila now We can flip this inside out And that’s going to help it tuck away to the inside of the jacket this gives us a complete Shell that we’re going to attach to the wool coat and in the front the wool coat is going to tuck Inside of this little collar piece this will be your last chance with the wool coat to easily remove the shoulder pads so go ahead And do that if you want a little less shoulder drama here is the faux fur jacket with the wool coat completely slid inside Once I had it inside I went all the way around with these clips to tuck in the additional fabric so that it completely Wraps the black coat all along the entire inside I’m going to do a zig-zag stitch on the raw edge of the faux fur to prevent it from shedding like crazy and then Using a needle and thread to sew it to the jacket all the way around it’s a little bit tedious But because I really only wanted to attach it to the inside layer of the wool coat it’s something That’s practically impossible to do on a sewing machine I did this to the caller the two sleeve holes the entire bottom and front opening and After that you’re done your very own Teddy coat Yeah Give a one-time one-time Was attempted to a big trigger for my I Know what you’re thinking uh? When you see how moving just like that it’s feeling that I try to keep Something helps me back into what not the dark space and wish just once Thank you for staying until the end there will be more photos on my Instagram It is at with windy, and if you haven’t yet don’t forget to subscribe in this video I used a sketchbook to show the breakdown of the pieces that you need let me know if that was a helpful Visual the sketchbook I was using is this from fashion, Airy it’s an a4 size and the reason so easy is because I don’t know if you can see as clearly very faint markings of People and you can just use those to trace out the design So you worry less about getting the shape right and more just like Slap two clothes on I have a bunch of items from fashion Airy already if you watch my channel you are familiar with this Because they’re so nice their fashion pedia literally just jam-packed with so much information about fashion fashion design their fashion, Airy Essentials box that the tape-measure that I use is from here because it’s really sleek and nice I’ll show you what else is inside. They give a nice set of pencils There’s this paper panel that has again more dotted line outfits for top and bottom so all you need to add to it is Drawing straight items they’ve got that beautiful Fashion tape that I mentioned and then a smaller notebook much more travel friendly I featured them last year for a holiday gift guide because I love it so much and this year I have another coupon code, so if you use like windy tack You’ll get 10% off as always links for all that stuff is in the description. I will also go ahead and link Every tutorial that I’ve ever done with faux fur Yeah, I guess that’s it I’ll see you guys next time bye this video is made possible by my amazing amazing patreon supporters if You would like to support me on patreon you can go to

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  10. Hello Ms.Wendy
    I just recently started watching your channel but I really love and Appreciate your tips because I am currently working on my own clothing line and everything I do it from scratch so you have helped a lot with quite a bit of my work so thanks a billion 🤩

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