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I’m actually dog sitting 2 shar pies this
week… this is Bella, and this is Fin. I wanted to get these pups into the Halloween
spirit, so I decided to make them a little costume. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make
your dog a spider costume for Halloween. This costume is easy to make, and the dogs
actually don’t mind wearing it. This video is part of a Halloween Tricks & Treats
playlist. So if you watch until the end, you will find even more Halloween tutorials and
if you if you check out the description, you will find the links and more. Here is what I used to make the costume. If
you have a smaller dog, you can use less pipe cleaners. If you have a larger dog, the giant
pipe cleaners might work better for you. I decided to choose the color pipe cleaners
that matches the dog’s hair. I also wanted to try out this giant size pipe cleaner that
I found at Michael’s craft store. First, I’m going to use the regular size pipe
cleaners to make Fin’s costume. I want the spider legs to be a little thicker,
so I’m taking four pipe cleaners, and twisting them together. Then take four more and do the same. Now I’m going to twist those two pieces together
to make one long leg. It ends up measuring about 15 inches, but it doesn’t have to be
exact. Now repeat this step seven more times to make
8 legs total. If you have a smaller dog, you can make shorter
legs and you may not need to do this part. And for a really small dog, you could use
just one pipe cleaner to make a spider leg. Now for the dog collar, if you are going to
walk your dog during Halloween, tie on the legs on either sides of the loop where the
leash hooks on. These dogs are staying indoors for Halloween, so I’m going to let that heavy
part of the collar hang to the bottom, and tie the spider legs on the opposite end. So just tie four legs on one side by wrapping
and twisting the ends. Make sure the pipe cleaners always end on
the outside of the collar, you don’t want any wire poking your dog’s neck. Continue with the other four legs. And then bend them all to look like spider
legs. If you want the collar to blend in, you can
cover it with more pipe cleaners. And I’m just wrapping it, and tucking the
end in on the outside. Again, makes sure the ends are on the outside
of the collar so they don’t poke your dog. And then it’s done! For the giant pipe cleaner, it comes in one
long piece so no need to do all the twisting like with the regular ones. I just repeated the same steps, making them
about the same length and tying them on the collar. It is funny to see the dogs wear them but
it does make them into cute spiders. I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Feel free
to like, share and leave your comments below. Be sure to subscribe to may channel for more
tutorials. And don’t forget to check out more fun Halloween tutorials in this playlist,
you can subscribe to their channels and find the links listed in the description below. I hope you all have a happy Halloween!

98 thoughts on “DIY Spider Dog Costume | Halloween Kin Collab | Sea Lemon

  1. Aw, the doggies are adorable! They look like big cuddly babies! I hate spiders actually, but I would gladly cuddle up with those two! Great idea!

  2. This is such a fun idea! I just may try this on my cat and see how he feels about being a spider 😛
    Happy Halloween!

  3. This is a good idea, but my dog hate to wear something like this and alway try to bite it but i will try this on my chihuahua

  4. This is random i know but can you please please tell me where i can get pva glue. My local Michaels doesn't carry it and i don't have a book binding store near me 🙁

  5. thankyou for this tutorial ^.^ im going to make a spider costume for one of my chihuahuas, and pipe cleaners would be perfect for her since she is so small xD the other will have a horse costume because she walks like a horse . w.

  6. I made these for my dogs so they could participate in our local dog parade. Thank you for spurring the idea! One was a black widow and the other one was a brown recluse.

  7. i have a Japanise fighting dog and I'm 10 years old so obviously i cant walk her on Halloween but how many pipe cleaners do you need

  8. Love the costumes. I adore your charges too – shar-pei are a fantastic breed of dog. I have a shar-pei handy, but sadly no pipe cleaners.

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