DIY HARLEY QUINN How to make costume from SUICIDE SQUAD

This is how you put your own Harley Quinn costume together first by the costume set comes with the jacket and awake i used some gold ribbon and glued to the arm sleeves because it hasn’t in the movie i also used the weight cap to put my hair and I put the wig over here’s the back of the jacket it looks very similar to the one in the movie he’s a DIY felt first you need a black belt then you need a gold sharpie to go over the buckle then you need glitter paint and go over the gold sharpie on the buckle then you use a gold shoppy to draw a little square studs on your belt now I’m going to show you how you can make harley quinn shorts first you need two pairs of boyshort underwear once be blue and one needs to be read first you take both of them take one at a time and cut them both in half then you stitch them together and then you make Harley Quinn shorts this is how you can make the back first unit back wooden is preferred but if you have an aluminum bat you can use a sock to cover it and then you can use knee-high stockings to cover the sock and then you can print out a little sheet of paper that says goodnight and glue that on this is how you make the necklace first you need to get some big gold ribbon and then you can use some stickers and put in in right put in on your necklace because that’s what she calls the Joker and then you can tape that to your neck and then you have the necklace lastly you’ll need black gloves and cut the tips off right here and then use fishnet stockings and combat boots they make your own Harley Quinn DIY costume click here to see how I did my makeup like comment subscribe bye

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