DIY| Convert Old Saree Into Long Gown/Reuse old Saree/Evening Gown/Gown/How To Make Gown

hello friends welcome to my channel today in this video we will know you how to convert old saare/reuse old saare/recycle old saare /multi printed old saare into long gown/long dress/party wear dress etc. before starting the video please subscribe our channel and press the bell icon We have taken two types of lining. white and dark red color i have taken white lining 4 mtr. dark red lining have taken 1mtr. this is our three printed old saare which we have to convert into long gown its our measurement i have to washed and iron our lining already first of all we will cut our bodice that’s why is laid this lining firstly state from here before marking and cutting. i have done it. i have draw this 1/2 inch line outside because our bodice front portion will open and we will use potali button we will mark 1.1/2 inches from the top and draw the line now we will marking from this line will mark armhole 7 inches down from the line now will mark our bodice length + 1/2 inch will mark our shoulder. As many as our shoulders, we will mark half of one inch plus now we will mark our chest and waist marking we will + 3 inch in chest and waist because we will use lining in our bodice after it we will mark 1/4 marking of total chest and waist measurement will mark 1 inch here for tax will mark here from the line 4 inch inside and upside for the tax will meet this marking to this marking create here round shape in our armmole now we will cut in this shape from this marking we will take 2 in extra margin now we will cut our back portion according it we have to cut back portion will marking 2.75 inches from here will down the shoulder round shape will mark and cut it we have to cut our bodice back portion and now we will cut neck in front portion will marking .75 inches from the line will marking 2.75 inches from here we will down our shoulder from this point will marking our neck deepness according to collar suit will cut deep cutting our front portion armmole we have to cut our bodice lining it’s our lining of flair circular portion and is laid as you are seeing in it we have arrange it into 4 layer and is laid in cone shape this side will open for side stitching will marking 2 inches according bodice margin we will mark waist marking here will add 3 inch in total waist after it we will mark 1/4 part of it left total bodice length upside from this line will marking total length of our dress and Subtraction 3 inch in downside because lining keep 2 or 3 inches less from main peace now will cut it we have done it it’s our flair portion calculation it’s our three type multi printed old saare we have to cut it and do separate portion cut this border and do it separate we have done it this is our white color portion and is laid in two layer will marking our slit in it we will add 4 inches border downside in this dress so we will less 16+4 inches=20 inches we will less 20 inches in total length of dress we will cut our slit of remaining length left 19.1/2 inches upside and mark downside total length + 1 inch we will mark center of this flower our waist one slit upside measurement is 6.75 inches we have done it and cut it now we have cut this 3 slit of 10 inches. We are keeping these slits hidden we will cut sleeves cut this fabrics into center portion because it’s print one side comes arrange as it fold it in 4 layer cut this border and remove it we will mark from the top total length + 1/2 inch and 1 inch folding will mark here 3 inches inside mark here 7.1/2 inches mark here half of total round of sleeves match the marking as it create shape here thus this type our cutting is over we will fold our flair lining now will stitch our slits will make one set of 4 slits now will make second set of 4 slits and 3 hidden slits stitch here 5 inches down from the top now set these slits according it we have iron on it and set it it’s our bodice front right side portion inwhich we have used potali buttons if you don’t know how to make potali button you can see in my description box cut this strip and stitch it fold it and stitch it again now prepare left side portion left 7.1/2 inches from the top prepared this portion as it stitch our all tax marking stitch our shoulder also prepare our sleeves also attach it bodice portion we have done it now we will attach lining with main slit set done it attach our bodice and flair part from the waist portion will stitch side fitting stitching on the same marking done it now stitch this border in flair portion we have completed it will make collar on it measure as it it comes 7.75 inches we will cut collar of 15.1/2 inches we have taken this bukaram and fold it will mark here 7.75 inches create round shape in it this shape will start 3 inches inside cut it in this shape now will prepare this collar as it we will stitch it on this febric this fabric is big of this collar stitch 5 no. stitching on here cut as it fold it and stitching it after it we will remove 5 no. stitch stitch it again as it don’t stitch on bukarm only passing the bukaram extra margin will cut and remove it keep this part facing down and stitch collar on it we have done it thus this type we have create this long dress if you like this video please like , share and comments

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  1. Very nice design hai aur bohot simple tarike se bataya. Agar dress pehen kar dikhate toh aur bhi achha dikhta😀😀 thnk u

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