Discover the secrets of the costume store on Poldark Series 3

Hello. I’m Howard. I’m the costume design on Poldark series 3. This is Ross Poldark. We have a few pieces that he has worn from the past series, but he has a couple of new things. This new coat which he has a name for. He calls it Mr. Howard. In fact they’ve named all his waistcoats so they know which ones are which. His favourite is Mr. Colin, and he’s got a waistcoat called Tyrone here which is the smartest one. And this is his famous Tricorn that’s been battered and worn. It’s very much the collaboration with set design and makeup. Looking at where we’re filming. The houses, the interiors. The colours of the walls so that I don’t put someone in a red dress and then she’s against a red flock wallpaper, so the wall disappears. For instance, with Caroline, this is one of her new ball gowns that she’s wearing. She’s the richest so she’s in the finest of the fabrics, and you can see that a detail that goes on with her. And we’ve kept her very much in this light palette so that when you’ve got more than one artist together they each have their own identity shown through their colours. So these are some of the gowns worn by Elizabeth. She’s got a slightly darker tone. All these sort of deep plums, the deep purples which work very well for her. We’ve kept the period about four years back from the current time that we film. 1794, 95 Because we are Cornwall. It’s not London or Paris, so the fashion influences haven’t filtered through quite yet. This is Demelza’s section. Obviously there’s a few pieces that she’s worn throughout the series. This is her work look. As you can see from the state of the skirt it’s seen quite a lot of life. But that’s good for a girl working on the farm. But she does have a few gowns now that make her slightly smarter. She’s moving in different circles so we’ve given her something that still has her personality and identity. It’s not overly fussy but would fit in with the society she’s mixing in. And she has one posh party frock, but again we’ve kept it within her palette which looks so good with her red hair. The key is they’ve all got to look like real clothes.

3 thoughts on “Discover the secrets of the costume store on Poldark Series 3

  1. LOVE the costumes. What a talent! Thanks for showing us what goes into your "process" of choosing fabrics, etc.

  2. Why does Heida Reed have streaks of gray in her hair? Her character will be around 33 to 35 in Season 4. And if this is supposed to be a sign of the stress being married to George . . . I say bullshit to that. Debbie Horsfield's portrayal of the Warleggan marriage during Season 2 was erroneous, ham fisted and full of shit.

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