100 thoughts on “Director Of National Intelligence Dan Coats To Leave Post | NBC Nightly News

  1. Obama's lies.
    “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan.” 2.  “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period.” 3.  “The average family will save $2,500 a year under my plan.” 4.  “All of those jobs that went overseas are never coming back.” 5.  “If I am elected, I will move the US embassy to Jerusalem.” 6.  “We have won the war in Iraq. Our troops can come home.” 7.  “Iran’s moderate leaders have agreed to stop nuclear research under our agreement.” 8.  “ISIS is a generational problem for this country.” 9.  “We soon will be welcoming home our hero, Bo Bergdahl.” 10.  “We call it violent extremism, not Muslim extremism.” 11. “Like you, I read about that in the newspaper.” 12. “Hillary Clinton is the least(2008),most(2016), qualified person to be president.” 13.   “ISIS is a JV team.” 14. “There is a new normal. The new normal is 1% growth. 15.  “I have drawn a red line in Syria

  2. Trump is exactly what America stands for and always have. Trump Rally's or nothing more than Klu Klux Klan rallies. He is just a representation of his supporters. If you can't see that than you are blind. Black people should just allow them to destroy themselves what do we as a people have to loose. Stop fighting for something you are not a part of.

  3. Good riddance to a Deep Stater who’s slow walked every piece of intelligence that’s been asked for by the Presidents administration and congressional committees!

  4. Trump likes is base stupid so he can tell them anything and their narrow minds will believe him. Radical racist Republicans.


  6. Now that Coats is going, classified information and emails will finally be released from the FBI so the American people can see the Democrat corruption first hand. The truth behind the WITCH HUNT will be laid bare and Democrats are going to be turning on each other like rats in a barrel of water.

  7. The senate has a history of asking tough questions, but history is past tense. I suspect a republican senate will happily pass him.

  8. Baltimore – Rise up!!! Everybody rise up!!! That's enough of this wicked man for president of OUR COUNTRY. RISE UP AMERICA!

  9. Dan Coats wants nothing to do with the administration.
    John Ratcliffe will be the puppet that Trump wants!

  10. He's too old. He can't drain the swamp he IS the swamp. been in DC too long. So long and thanks for all the fish!

  11. You'de have to be slow to think the witch hunt was fair and not started by the Democrats. I'm not even a Trump supporter. They wasted billions of our tax dollars and got paid doing it.

  12. A coup of the U.S. Government by Don the con and Mitch McConnell and Greg Abbott and Ken paxton and Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh and Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan and Brett Kavanaugh and the rest of their Judges and Attorneys and enforcement officers who REFUSE to treat other people EQUALLY while censoring other people's free SPEECH and denying other people freedom of religion and taking away other people's EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS based upon their own PREJUDICED and RACIST BELIEFS so they use HATE SPEECH to DEMONIZE their political opposition??? Who knew? Cindy Johnson knew, thats WHO!!!

  13. Is a disgusting nasty health risk of a district racist? If it is? Then youre blaming racism on the condition of the district. So whos racist here? Democrats are typically EVERYTHING they accuse others of.

  14. When the dust settles on this bizarre fiasco, the trump crime family should be aggressively wiped from the political sphere of our nation.

  15. His retirement was expected, but giving his position to someone who has absolutely no direct experience under military service…probably much safer being around a blindfolded child with a loaded gun.

  16. Thank you for interviewing me for this job position, however, I can not find it in myself to lower my intelligence at a Pre-K level when clearly it stated on my résumé MENSA .

  17. All the president's men reloaded. America has become a facist regime under the occupant in the WH. Ominous …

  18. Drain the Swamp , dump the 🍊🤡 and get rid of all his Swamp Creatures. Mitch the 🐢, Lindsey the 🐍, Gaetz the 🦎, Batty Bolton 🦇, Miller the 🐀, Barr the 🙈🙉🙊, etc.

  19. I’m just writing how much I hate that YouTube won’t stop spamming me with this “breaking news” garbage despite clicking not interested multiple different occasions

  20. Revolving door of greed. Russia’s best response to all those sanctions. Put in incompetent evil greedster at the wheel.

  21. Well it's about time ! Get someone in that's an American and cares about America and it's legal citizens !

  22. If Trump says it's time to go then go! Draining the swamp one traitor at a time – just like he said he would.

  23. Elect a psychopathic clown, expect a circus. Dan Coats is a very good man. Our nation and our world is circling the drain. Who will restrain our madman in Chief?

  24. An TrumpEnstein appoints another AssKissing Fool. Yes please sir! your just a Genius, your the Greatest I mean Better than sliced bread…White of course !

  25. Bijan kian was put in charge of hiring in the CIA by trump, the FBI, Pentagon now DNI are in a real need of employee changes along with the CIA since bijan kian was found guilty on every count of being an agent of a foreign country being paid by a foreign country the entire time he was under trump since trump takes a real delight in firing Patriots and hiring his foreign friends in the whitehouse..

  26. Weird how trumpers seem perfectly fine with the hiring choices that trumpinsky brings into the whitehouse.. McConnell loves it but why would any other American … wow

  27. People start talking about raiding Area 51 then the director of National Intelligence steps down 🤔 oh its not related because NBC says its about trump? 🤣😂😕😳

  28. Food for thought: Hitler surrounded himself with "yes men" at every level. If you didn't agree with him you were sacked and replaced with a "yes man". And Hitler would never admit a mistake……..even when he lost a whole army due to his pride. He just wouldn't listen to sound advice.

  29. This may have something to do with the investigation on how high the chain went and how the fake Trump investigation started. Russian interference in the election with Ads on the internet or hacking(supposedly) by the Russians is different from them going after Trump to overthrow him and entrap people. Hillary or her people destroyed evidence(fact) and she wasn't charged with obstruction. That very fact tells everyone that the intelligence agencies are crooked. Dan was probably in the way of the investigation or part of the crime against Trump. Time will tell. New blood will open the door to the truth.

  30. Real men take responsibility for the accountability of greed of other men in the area this is right. We must trust each other with ourselves as representatives. No leaders.

  31. A lot of trolls are attacking posters not liking this by trying to rationalize all the turn over or saying fake news or libturd. The troll farm really likes this idea. Since Russia is still meddling, I think it is safe to say Russia wants this.

  32. See ya coates. Get with the program or get out. Pretty sad that instead of being part of the trump team he decided to be his own team. Hillary donor.

  33. Dan Coats about the last non slithering cesspool dweller in the Trump administration strong and honorable enough to say NO, never to the treacherous appeasement by Republican Fhurer Donny and Comrade Mitch to their friend and supporter Vladimir Putin and his Russia's hostile intrusion into our sacred election system. We and America are ALL in trouble if we do not stand up and say NO, never too.

  34. Trump picks them off one by one. Another yes man coming his way. He is surrounding himself with people that will do his bidding This is getting more dangerous every day.

  35. Republicans will align themselves with Russia for the main goal of entrenching decades long white supremacy through judge picks and other policies.

  36. Wasn't Coats at the helm during the 2016 election when all the hacking was going on? Why wasn't he fired earlier?

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