Desi Chicken Curry | देसी चिकन करी | Village Style Indian Curry Recipe | Ravi’s Special

Good Morning Friends Today I am going to make Country Chicken in Village Style The ingredients which I will take are here you can find the ingredients in description box and when I cook it I will tell you the exact ingredients quantity First I have boiled the water as you can see I have taken 4 Green Cardamom and 2 Cinnamon Sticks and I will beat them a bit Now add them to the water Now add the Country Chicken in boiled water Now add 1 tbsp Salt in the chicken and boil it for a while Now heat the bottom pan for a while Add mustard oil – 100 ml to it Oil is now heated Now add sugar – 1 tbsp Sugar will make the gravy brown and smooth Now add 6 medium sized onions in it We will cook them will they get brown Let us mix them for a while round onions In my description box of the video you can find the list of ingredients let them light brown Also we have taken 1 Kg Chicken This is Country Chicken Let us turn it around for a bit Meanwhile the onions are getting light brown Let us crush these things We have Cumin Seeds which is 1 tbsp We are using Village style to cook country chicken Now we will grind it on the silbatta or hand grinder Just see this Next we have 20-25 garlic buds Let us prepare paste of it You have seen that I have crushed garlic and cumin properly Now we have 1/2 inch pieces of ginger which are 3 pieces. Let us break them This paste of cumin, ginger and garlic is now ready Let us take it out in a separate bowl We have taken it out Next I have taken 25 Red Chilli these are small in size that is why I have taken more Let us prepare paste of this as well Let us make it wet so that it is easy in grinding This paste is now ready Let us take it out in a bowl Now we have green chilli around 6 We will grind them as well Now these green chilli 6-7 let us make a paste of them Now these green chilli are half grinded don’t make a whole paste Only half grind them and take them out in a separate bowl You can see the chicken is now being boiled for half an hour now I am switching off the gas now take out the chicken in a separate bowl Now look at the onions these are now well brown Now in this pan we will add ginger, garlic and cumin paste Next add red chilli paste the recipes made with paste are just too good The taste is just too good Now we will use chicken left over water called stock and cook the masala Lower the heat of the gas the fragrance is so good because I have grind them fresh Next we will add turmeric – 1 tbsp Salt is 1.5 tbsp You must add chilli and salt according to your taste To cook this masala we will use chicken stock Let us mix them properly As you can see the masala is now cooked for 10-12 minutes and it looks cooked The oil is released and gravy is now smooth Now we will be adding paste made of 2 tbsp of tamarind in this dish This is a very different dish which has sourness and sweetness now add chicken also Now mix the chicken in the masala The chicken must tender well we have boiled and it is tender 80% now since this is desi chicken Now let us cook it again for a while to cook it we will use chicken stock let us use 1/2 a cup increase the flame of the gas and let us cook it properly This chicken is now well cooked and the oil is now released now lower the flame of the gas In today’s recipe we have the main ingredient as Alkanet Root – 1 tsp This is a spice which gives color to any kind of dish This is Alkanet Root Now what we will do is take a round pan and add clarified butter – 3 tsp to it We have added 3 tsp of it Let us heat for a while This clarified butter is now hot Now add Alkanet Root to the pan and switch off the gas Stir it well this gives color to any kind of veg or non veg dish and since this is hot spice it is very healthy Let us filter this Alkanet Root and Clarified Butter We have added Alkanet Root you can see how color has been added When the curry will get ready it will look awesome now we will add fresh coriander which is 10 gm Now add water as per your requirement I have 1 Kg Chicken and have taken 1.5 glass of water use water as per your need according to the candidates how many people are eating it it depends on it only I will mix a little bit more of water a little bit I have mixed half a glass more add little bit of salt – 1 tbsp now cover the lid for 30-40 mins and our chicken will be ready then You have seen country chicken in village style is ready and I have taken it out in a separate bowl This looks so well tendered now taste is so good and the last ingredient which we put Alkanet Root which is a very old spice use it please and after eating you like it, please give feedback and subscribe. Thank You!

22 thoughts on “Desi Chicken Curry | देसी चिकन करी | Village Style Indian Curry Recipe | Ravi’s Special

  1. Sir मेरा एक सवाल हैं आपसे ओ ये की मैं जब भी फिश करी बनाता हूँ तो सबसे पहले फिश को फ्राई करना पड़ता हैं तो फ्राई करते समय फिश कैसी भी हो चाहे जितनी भी ताजी ओ pot को चिपक जाती हैं

  2. Certainly one of the best recipes. Boiling the chicken basically takes care of brining and makes it juicier and tender. How do I procure ratanjot?

  3. Sar kya is recipe ko normal chicken ke sath banaa sakte hain main aapki recipes ki ki bahut badi fan hun Shandar chicken mutton banate ho aap😋😋😋😋

  4. रतनजोत मार्केट मे सहज उपलब्ध होता हे क्या

  5. Yummyyyy….once again a unique and tasty recipe Hukum….and your tricks are unique too….tge use of ratanjot….well done Hukum.

  6. Excellent video mr Sisodia. I really love your down to earth style and attitude. Keep up the good work. Pl share all the recipies you have and make at home. It would be a treat. Btw, this looks amazing, i am definitely going to try it. Cheers.

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