David Mitchell’s dressing gown – Would I Lie to You? [CC-EN,DA,NL]

– Ah, possession.
– Take out a small box underneath the desk there. Have a look inside and show us what’s there. LOUD THUMP This is my special travel dressing gown. LAUGHTER It’s true! Definitely true! We need to hear no more, David. – It is true without any shadow of a doubt.
– I’m contractually obliged to finish the card. It’s the one item I always pack when I go on holiday. First, could we have the full modelling of the dressing gown? – Give us a nice twirl.
– Can we smell it? I think you should come out here. Enjoy the space. Oh, he’s having trouble putting it on. Well, he’s not abroad. He’s confused. – Have you forgotten the cord?
– The cord is missing. Just hold it as though it were done up, so we get a proper idea. – Yeah.
– Could you mime smoking a pipe and solve a crime? Oh, I’d love that. LAUGHTER – Can I ask, where did you get it from?
– Eh… – 1924!
– I think it’s from Marks & Spencer’s. – In 1924!
– Did you say, “It’s my special TRAVEL dressing gown”? Yes. I don’t know if “travel dressing gown” is a technical term. But I have two dressing gowns. This is one. The other is a thicker, towelling dressing gown which takes up more space in a suitcase. Do you take pyjamas? Do you wear anything under it? – Yes, I…
– I feel sick. What I don’t do is I don’t tend to wear it over normal clothes like this. That is the worst sexy chat line I’ve ever heard in my life! – You…
– “I’m naked under here.” To be honest, Lee, I don’t know why you come into so many encounters with me expecting arousal. LAUGHTER APPLAUSE Does that go with you on any trip or certain trips? – No, only if I’m going to stay the night somewhere.
– Obviously, yeah… I didn’t think you were walking round Dixons in it! Is he telling the truth or is he constructing a lie? – Patsy?
– True.
– It’s true?
– Yeah. – Chris?
– Based on the design of the dressing gown and his demeanour, I think they fit. So, Lee, what’s it going to be? – I’ll say that’s true.
– David, is it true or is it a lie? – It is true.
– APPLAUSE Yes, it’s true. That is David’s special dressing gown. It’s just a dressing gown. It’s not my special dressing gown like I think it’s got a personality! It’s David’s SPECIAL dressing gown. You are never going to get away from that now. Everyone who sees this show will look at you and see that. My entire image has been destroyed by this show. I was a cool guy who was into music and modern art before this show, before all the stuff about dressing as an 18th century nobleman and having a little bell came out. The travel dressing gown is just the tip of the iceberg of naffness! Just so we’re in no doubt, that is David’s SPECIAL dressing gown.

45 thoughts on “David Mitchell’s dressing gown – Would I Lie to You? [CC-EN,DA,NL]

  1. I can't remember the episode but David did a possession where hit items where a top hat and a wand remote. Don't suppose you know the clip?

  2. I suddenly started laughing when David
    strongly defended himself against Rob
    poor David 🙁 🙁 old habits die hard

  3. David sounded so disappointed about the mystery of the missing dressing gown cord. I hope he got reunited with it soon.

  4. David Mitchell is a charming guy…everything he says just has so much character and uniquely witty perspective weaved into it

  5. I actualky have a travel dressing gown snd its cord is lost. It is so upsetting. A gown is useless without the cord. I hope David finds his.

  6. Thank you for directing me this way! The next time I see David tearing a man to shreds, I will see him in this dressing gown.

  7. Holy shit!

    I totally thought this was a lie. I didn't buy it for a second. I just about lost my marbles when he said it was True.

  8. Does David ever tell a lie really? All his cards are true, no matter how depressing and special they are 😂

  9. I can't understand the incredulity. I've had a light, silky type, dressing gown for travelling for ages, and for just the same reason of saving space and weight. Seems eminently sensible, to me.

  10. I'd be saying: '' Come on Rob, the only time you could call this my ''Special Dressing Gown''. Would be if it was my, 'put on and wear and have a wank sessions dressing gown'!

  11. Being a fellow pedant, I must say I was very disappointed when David Mitchell said he bought it from "Marks and Spencers". It is Marks and Spencer. His name was Mr Spencer, not Mr Spencers.

  12. I recently read "Murder on the Orient Express" and there were so many dressing gowns mentioned, yes? Then I saw this and so, with a friend of mine, I decided to buy my very first dressing gown. I got a kimono silk one and he is getting a Scottish tartan one!!! Everyday when I wear "my SPECIAL dressing gown" I think of WILTY!!!!!!!!!!! Ihihihihi!!

  13. I'll tell you what's even better. A smoking jacket. Really warm around the house in winter. I wear a fez with mine. It's brilliant when I answer the door. Especially if I've been doing some viola practice and it's tucked under my arm. Beat that Mitchell, Mr travel dressing gown smarty pants.

  14. I just realised that David said the travel dressing gown was just ‘the tip of the iceberg of naffness’! WILTY? Nope! that would be excellent title for a video of David that features the things he listed, like the nobleman costume and the bell!

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