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  1. I don’t like how Nia said that JoJo was taking opportunities from people who were there longer, opportunities come to those who rise to the occasion, who is better and TAKES them… it’s not about who has been there longer.

  2. "Sometimes you take opportunities from people who have been here longer.."
    FFS its not about whether you have been here longer. Its about whether you can dance best or not so you actually win..

  3. They literally hate her personality I-
    My point is they can't say she shouldn't be on the team because of her personality, like that has nothing to do with dance. 🙄

  4. everybody is getting on Holly about saying “Just like Nia,” but is she lying? You can’t deny the truth🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. Okay but Nia it doesn’t matter who has been there longer. It matters on who is the better dancer and who has done more things. Obviously, it’s Abby’s fault for not giving Nia oppurtunites, but shouldn’t that make more sense? That’s the only thing I dislike about Nia.

  6. “JoJo will be sleeping with a jacket on” wow they do dance practice until 11 at night, JoJo must get home late.!

  7. Jojo is literally an amazing kid and get so much hate and I feel bad for the girl she seems sweet even if she is a little outspoken. ❤️

  8. They are way too cruel to these girls, I think Jojo is a cutie, she’s shamed because she thinks differently

  9. Why did they pro and con her… that is horrible… plus they were picking on her personality, that is not cool.

  10. I love Nia and Holly, but the way Nia said she takes opportunities from people that have been there longer and the way Holly just had to add in, "just like Nia" kinda bothered me and I feel like it hurt Jojo. Also, the fact that Kendall said, "you're obviously loud in public," was kinda rude. No hate at all towards the moms or girls it's just my opinion!

  11. The girls: let’s all wear teal tops and not tell the moms.
    The moms: let’s all wear our hair down and not tell the girls

  12. I feel kind of bad for jojo, I'm proud of her for acting mature in this situation but she looked like she was going to cry

  13. Holly: I am,surprised at how well JoJo is taking this. She is still standing strong.
    Me: how sweet
    Holly: just like nia
    Me: is she going to Jill

  14. this was so mean aw!!! I am not blaming the girls, but half of the criticism was about her personality rather than her dance skills or her contribution to the team. For example, "your obviously loud in public," "sometimes too crazy," "you take opportunities from people who have been here longer." Like that is just plain mean. Jojo is loud and crazy but there is nothing wrong with that and it was completely unncersay for the girls to say that when that is Jojos personality and would accomplish nothing other than make jojo feel insecure, inaccpeted for who she is and like she has to change

  15. Why does jojo have a piece of paper? Is she going to roast things about herself?
    Also she’s the only one with pink shorts

  16. “You take opportunities from people who have been here longer” uhh what opportunities? Nia rarely had any opportunities before Jojo and if Jojo got something over Nia it’s cz she earned it and Nia didn’t.

  17. Yea they are bullshiters they don’t know how it feels Jojo is a champ at least better and had more energy than the rest

  18. Okay so first if you been here longer just let another person take a opportunity cuz you already have alots of opportunities

  19. Its not Jojo’s fault that Abby’s giving her opportunities. If Abby wanted to give Nia opportunities, she would hav given them to her.

  20. okay first of all everyone is mean to JoJo and second you should not complain about her do hard and then you will get better

  21. Nia always does the right thing as says the right things but saying you take things away from people have been here longer was acc really rude

  22. Nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia THATS ALL WE EVER HESR FRON HER UGLY BIG MOUTH

  23. The little Nia comment of her taking opportunities should've been towards Abby because she doesn't give Nia opportunities but that was really fair to say to JoJo

  24. Shes the most deslike trainee of ABBY but now shes the most successful among them.. i like her
    Shes so brave and intilligent..

  25. This message is to everybody saying Nia's comment about taking opportunity's is wrong:
    Disclaimer: This is NOT a hate comment, do not be offended.
    Personally I think Nia said that because she didn't want to say something mean like "You're crazy in public." Her comment wasn't really rude, I'm probably wrong but that's my view.

  26. I love Nia and Holly, but they were just wrong. It has been so hard for them to grasp the fact that opportunities don’t come based on how long you’ve been with Abby. Abby is not sentimental. She wants TALENT. JoJo has opportunities because she has earned them. It doesn’t matter if you’re an “OG”.

  27. Im not a big fan of jojo nor do I hate her but seriously you guys are so tough on jojo what did she do to get that treatment. I just think that’s unfair

  28. I think Nia is an awesome but that was wrong Nia legit broke her heart ❤️ I just think that people that are are there longer doesn’t mean that there better like Sophia or Kalani

  29. I used to like holly, but now I’m noticing is that she brags about his sooo much. Also, when nia said jojo takes opportunity’s away, it’s not the kids fault it’s Abby for choosing! MY GOSH

  30. I was kinda mad when Kendall told JoJo “obviously you’re crazy in public.” It was really rude and out of line. The other girls made JoJo borderline tears, but Kendall really hurt JoJo and made her cry

  31. Jojo being “loud and crazy” is her greatest asset. It gives her character and she’s such an eccentric little powerhouse to the team. I don’t see why that’s so bad. Honestly, that’s what I love about her. She seems like she’s walking sunshine.

  32. I hate how its always put on jojo like everybody puts hate on jojo like its always on jojo never on the other girls like why there so much pressure on her just her thats not fair to her

  33. It wasnt fair for abby to have the girls all point out the bad things about jojo. It was so negative and unnecessary.

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