Daisie-Jo Grobler: Fashion Designer and Illustrator #VodacomNXTLVL

I am Daisie Jo. I probably take too many photos. I got into more of the craft of fashion
at a really young age where my Gran told me how to embroider
and just the environment I grew up in. I’m more inspired by different people
in places than one muse in one set person. The different creative ways
of expression for myself… I kind of see mashing up
probably through collage. That’s how I filter through everything.
I add embroidery. I always take photos of what my work is. In the end,
it’s just about creating beautiful things. Apps I use are Visco, just to get the feeling I see onto
the actual image and then I draw on it, like to scribble on it, usually illustrator. The best creative advice I’ve gotten I think
is probably just working hard and sticking to my guns [laughs]
and just remembering why I started. I think the advantages
that this generation has that the past didn’t have is definitely with technology
where we can be anywhere and do anything from creating and seeing. It’s pretty anything. My mentors are Marianne Fassler
and Lezanne Viviers. I really look up to them. They’re both really strong, talented,
passionate women in their industry. They are what I strive to be
as amazing women in this industry.

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