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Hey. This is Anthony with RevZilla TV, where
you can watch, decide, and ride. Welcome to our detailed breakdown of the new Dianese
Laguna Seca EVO textile jacket, available at RevZilla.com. So part of the new Laguna Seca EVO family.
We’ve seen race suits. We’ve seen leather jackets. There’s a Laguna Seca D-dry waterproof
jacket. This is the Laguna Seca EVO, just over $200, textile jacket, removable thermal
liner. Great jacket for spring, summer, and fall riding. I really do think that it’s going
to be best suited for spring and fall. Stretched into the summer, there’s plenty of venting.
Again, having that removable full-sleeve thermal liner is going to allow you to stretch it
cooler, either early spring mornings or a little bit later in the crispy fall, depending
on what you’re going to beef up underneath. Now, before I dive into it, remember there’s
like 19 colors of this bad boy. This is the black/white with red accents. Let’s talk about
Brett’s sizing and the fit factor. Six foot, 180, 175, about a 40-ish inch chest with a
light athletic build. Brett’s wearing a size 50. He has a little bit of room to operate,
but Brett’s also a tall guy. So he’s getting good coverage. See how that fits on his frame?
That would absolutely be his size. Remember we ship for free. There’s a good
size chart on this page. You can always call us for help. Now, as we walk through the rest
of the Laguna Seca EVO, click here. Subscribe to us on RevZilla TV. Love to hear your comments,
questions, your gut reaction to the new Italian sexified, coming out of Dianese, for 2013-14
season. If we look at the outside, there’s a basic
Dianese textile. They’re also using this Duratex material, which has a light stretch to it
in some of the areas that have a little bit of a curve to it. It’s nice. It’s not quite
comfort cordura, but it has a nice feel to it. It has a really nice line when it’s on
the body. If you look at some of the other key features
here . . . Dianese composite CE-rated removable armor, shoulders, elbows, all the way down
the forearm, and you’d upgrade this back-protector to a wave G-1 or G-2 or shield any one of
the G-1 or G-2 inserts from that family. Now, as we get into some of the climate control
factors here, before I get into some of the other nuances, one of the things we’re seeing
Dianese do for the first time is there’s a vent on the side of the arm. This is denoting
that this is really more of a sport-oriented jacket, and they’re expecting you to be in
the tuck or the three-quarter position. It’s going to flow a tremendous amount of air through
the back of the arm and the shoulder blade, but it’s a neat idea to put that there. I’m
sure Dianese’s done some testing. I’ll tell you the truth. I have not personally
tested it out. Really anxious to hear your feedback on it. Now, Brett, turn and face
away from me. We see the clean line on the side here. You can see this other vent. That’s
going to be a big air scoop to get air back to the vent, to the back panel here, along
the side. What I like about it is we’re seeing this textile bring in micro elastication,
which is a way to add stretch panels to a garment without adding a lot of perforated
or those big, clunky, elasticated panels you sometimes see on race suits. I don’t want to talk so bad about them because
they’re . . . I would say that they’re a little bit overkill for a street-oriented piece.
They’re not clunky on a race suit. They make a lot of sense. They’re designed specifically,
but that’s why we see micro elastication really becoming all the rage from Dianese this year. As we move Brett’s arm up, you’re going to
see basic adjustment down here along the hip. You see a stretch panel here on the shoulder
blade that comes into play. Turn backwards for me. Classic Dianese branding on the drop
tail, as well as the demon eyes in the middle, with a nice little area of reflectivity at
the top of the collar before that leather roll. You also see that reflectivity down
along the forearm as well, down here by the wrist, again, kind of completing the set. Come back around to the front for me, Brett.
Big demon head in the middle. You can’t miss it. Two snaps at the top. Nice finishing touches
throughout. Open that guy up. There you go. I did it. I wasn’t sure if it was going to
stick on me. Remember, Brett’s wearing a size 50, and here’s your thermal liner. It’s a
thermal liner that zips out from both sides very basically, exposing a nice mesh liner.
360 degree zip. So you can pop this bad boy together with any of the other Dianese pants
in the lineup. Again, you have a lot of flexibility. Remember,
if you want to go D-dry, there’s a Laguna Seca EVO D-dry. From there, you can go into
something like the Speed-A D-dry as well. But really, if you think about it, you’re
into mesh jackets, which are around the same price or slightly less expensive, depending
on what they are, are your other options for either lighter weight or making less of an
investment. The next step in your journey, as you discover
why the Laguna Seca EVO might be the right textile sport-oriented Dianese jacket for
you, is click here. Read other rider reviews at RevZilla.com. Don’t take my word for it.
See what other people that have bought it are saying. We do ship for free, and as always,
see us at RevZill.com or 877-792-9455. If you want to get in touch with us, we’re happy
to walk you through it. Thanks for watching our detailed breakdown. I’m Anthony. We’ll
see you next time.

19 thoughts on “Dainese Laguna Seca Textile Jacket Review at RevZilla.com

  1. There isn't much difference, other than the change in certification standard. The jacket now passes CE ratings as a jacket instead of just the armor and protectors themselves passing this standard. -CK

  2. ah sweet, also I don't think it has that cool SP-R text in the back based on the photos.

    Now begins the waiting game for one to be in stock for my size and hopefully colour preference 😛

  3. Hey whats up guys!

    Any ideas when your going to have these back in stock? I would love to get my hands on one of these (particularly this color) I really like Dainese style but most of the jackets I like that are in my price range are sold out.

    Also I'm 5'6/145lbs and about a 37/38in chest…any ideas on what size would fit me?

    Thanks guys!

    Btw I love your site! the only place I buy my gear!

  4. Is this jacket going to keep you cool in the summer compared to the dainese air jackets? I want a summer jacket but do not want to compromise protection, which is why I'm looking at this jacket over the air models.

  5. If i fit into the Dainese Laguna Seca Textile jacket in a 50, should I get a size 50 in the Alpinestars T GP Plus Air jacket?

  6. I'm thinking in buy this jacket, but not sure what size, I'm 5'10 215lbs Not athletic body. I'm average body, should i get 54 or 56 euro? I'm 54 in my alpinestars gp plus but is kind of tide, thanks!!

  7. I tried on the Dainese Laguna Sec D-Dry size 50 which fit me like a glove, the guy at the store who was helping me even said that is the right size. I'm 6ft1 175lbs, even with back protector would this jacket size still be aright or will it be a bit tight?

  8. Hey there, I really like the jacket.
    Which size would you recommend?
    I would like to wear it with a G2 Back Protector..

    186 cm
    Chest: 92 cm

  9. To anyone that is concerned about this jacket not flowing enough air in the summer do not worry this thing flows a ton of air! Im very surprised and it's more comfortable than my previous mesh jacket. I also rode my bike around town without exceeding 40mph when its was 34f out and I was very comfortable and warm.

  10. hello I'm thinking to get this jacket, my chest is around 97cm. If I'm planning to buy the back protector too, will 48 fit just fine or will it be too snug?

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