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[MUSIC] What’s good? It’s your boy, Nate, and
this is Cheap Thrills. You already know what it is. Today we’re gonna be looking at
another crucial, very legendary piece, the classic Vetements oversized hoodie. Say it with me fam, vet monts. If you’re going around saying vet a mints,
I don’t care who you are, nobody’s going to believe
your [BLEEP] real. This hoodie first dropped
in fall of 2016 and was an instant hit when it was sported
by Rihanna, Kylie, and my dude, Kanye. This is the kinda hoodie that says,
no problem my guy, of course I’ve got a G
to drop on a sweatshirt. This piece is unmistakable
with its super-long sleeves. Gotta cover the hands, gotta keep it rare. You can spot this piece from across the
room with the unmistakable white-stroke, metal-inspired logo
across the lower chest. The final detail is the white embroidered
trademark across the top of the hood. It says Vetements Automne-Hiver 2016,
that means fall-winter in French, my dude. When these hoodies first dropped,
they retailed at $1,200. And even for resale,
they’re still expensive. Now with the money that I
save on buying this hoodie, I’d probably buy myself a new vape,
probably some sample packs for my MPC. I’d probably upgrade from FruityLoops
to Logic or something like that. So here’s what you’re gonna need. First, you’re gonna need
a hoodie that’s in your size. Personally, I’m an XL, you’re probably
a medium, but I’m not judging. Then you’re gonna need
the same exact hoodie in XXXL. You’ll need the logo printed out
on some heat transfer paper. One of my homies works at Kinko’s,
so I got the hookup. Then you’re gonna need a needle and
some dark-colored thread. Heat transfer paper with
the hood crest logo on it. You’re gonna need an old T-shirt. Maybe grab one of your No Fear
ones from elementary school. You also need an iron and
some brightly-colored masking tape. You’re gonna start by taking
the sleeves off of the small hoodie. Be careful and
make sure to cut along the existing seam. [MUSIC] Why are you doing this,
Nate, you might be asking. Well, I’m taking the sleeves
off of this one, throwing them in the trash
where they belong. I’m gonna get the super-long ones, I’m gonna end up putting
them on the smaller hoodie. You feel me? [MUSIC] It’s about to go down, but first, we’re
gonna wanna turn everything inside-out so that your seams aren’t showing. [MUSIC] Hit your dab rig before you do this, makes
you relaxed and makes your hands steady. Reaching through, I’m gonna poke
out right by the sleeve seam. Make sure to stay focused, my dude,
detail is the key to everything. There you go, very clean,
that’s precision, my dudes. Now that we’re all stitched up and
cleaned up, it’s time to turn this
thing right-side out. [MUSIC] As you can see, our oversized sleeves
are good to go, looking fresh. Now you’re gonna take your
high-visibility tape and box off the area where
you’re gonna put your logo. Classic rookie mistake is putting the logo
too high up on the sweater or too low. The sweet spot is just an inch or
two above the pocket. Now carefully center your
logo in your work area. Sometimes these spiky parts like
to curl up, don’t let them. Now we’re gonna cover up our logo with an
old T-shirt to protect the heat transfer. Then we’re gonna iron away, my guy,
make sure you’re super-cautious. Real ones don’t burn
anything except Backwoods. [MUSIC] Very clean,
now I’m just gonna remove my tape. And then we can move on to the hood. For the best result,
you wanna fold the hood over so you have a nice flat surface to work on. [MUSIC] Now I’m gonna lay the shirt down
on top of the heat transfer. And we’re gonna lock-in that crest logo. [MUSIC] And there you have it,
Vetements 2016 with oversized sleeves. [MUSIC] All right, now who wore it better,
Yeezy or your boy?>>Versus!>>Just like my boy, Kanye,
when you sport this out in the world, you gotta be nonchalant about it. You always gotta look like
the camera’s catching you by surprise. Notice that his hands are curled
up inside the sleeves with his fingers barely popping out. Honestly, I think we’re gonna have
to give yea and nay on this one. Shout out to all my day-ones,
the #CheapThrillsFam. Thanks for
posting all your pics in your Fuchies. [MUSIC] Y’all are looking fresh. Remember, if you [BLEEP] up
the vision you’re trying to build, keep hitting me up in the comments. And ladies, HMU, baby. [MUSIC]>>Wasn’t that nice? Subscribe to Super Deluxe for more.

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  1. upgrade from fruityloops to logic LMAO so fucking true for the past 20 years!! artists have one or the other besides ableton of course.

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