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  1. for the people that say im giving to homeless people for views and subs, its more than just that. I genuinely love giving away and I have even before I started youtube! It just so happens doing something I love can also help me grow so I can give even more away so I think its a win win for everyone! and I thought why not have the loser do some nice things too? I just wanna do more positive things! Love you guys and thanks for supporting me❤️


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  2. Can I have some of the shoes I have always want balenciaga's like the ones you painted with idc but yeah u should like lmk

  3. can i have 1,000 dollars because i want to buy new clothes because i get bullied, and my parents cant afford it. And i havent had a birthday party sinds two years so i want to have one and be able to pay for it, it would mean a lot to me! and i subscribed ofc 😉

  4. I totaled my car and this is my first year living on my own. I’ve lost 2 jobs since the wreck in June and am struggling to pay the last 4 months of rent because I used to be a delivery driver and was making 2,000$ a month and now I’m down to less than 600$ a month…

  5. 0:05 AJ1 Chicago’s enter the chat Red October’s enter the chat off white UNCs enter the chat Eminem Jordan 4 shoe collab that i can’t remember right now enter the chat Travis 6’s enter the chat Cactus Jacks enter the chat* I’ll keep going if this gets more likes

  6. I am pretty poor because my family have a small little house and we don't get money,so i really hoping you see this to atleast donate some money and thanks?

  7. can you send me 2.000€ so my family and i cam go on vacation next year?

    (just joke, i don't want anyone to send me money)

  8. I don’t understand why you bought so many pairs of shoes tho…… still love the vids lol, also still waiting to win a custom iPhone…..??????

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