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It’s been along time since I’ve cried. What would you think it sounds like? uhhh mmmmmmm That’s all I got. Can you try to cry? You can use your hands if you need to. Can you come stand right here? Right right beside the camera. people trying to cry I don’t know how to do it. I’m stuck between laughing and crying I don’t understand what’s going on. people trying to cry ehh people trying to cry sad whimper the first tier being shed sniffling aheh people trying to cry sad grunt sad wine breathing out sadly sad breath holding sounds gasping ehhh a kinda breathing scuddle gasp boowoop heeeerrrrp more crying attempts eheh aaaaaaaa humph shh pumph saw weasing shhhaaa ahhh hung ahh huaaaa ahhh wooo waaaa ehehehehe ewit hah hah hah ahhh ha ha ha ha ha ha emff emmff ehhh ehh cry laugh e’hehe’he emfff head shaken eyes blinking kiss cut

100 thoughts on “Crying | 100 People Show Us What It Looks Like When They Cry | Keep it 100 | Cut

  1. When you and your opponent both have one life left in smash but then you accidentally fall off the stage when you try to hit them 1:43


  3. This is so sad these people can cry so easily and no one knows what it could be about it could be a dead relative, secret depression or anything else

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