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falling on our snow so what can I say it’s just awful yeah Ottawa Ontario way
to go today I wanted to to come right back and do another live I did a live
yesterday was sort of my first official live YouTube broadcast one to another
one again today as I am figuring out how this whole thing works and improve on
its logistics and I you know I I’m throwing the floor open to whatever
questions people want to ask about traveling and whatever comments they
want to make about going on a cruise and that kind of thing
looks like Oh looks like -2 in in Ottawa or hey Ricki I got your name there
cheers – 2 in Ottawa right now about plus 1 plus 2 here in Creston so you
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time a couple of updates for you folks who are new to my channel I noticed last
night after I did my life telecast for the the video goes on my YouTube
channel like a regular video so those of you who find my channel looking up any
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then you realize all he did alive today and so I had people watching my live
broadcast last night all yesterday afternoon all last evening they even
this morning and some folks are watching 10 minutes of it 20 I have some people
watching 35 40 minutes of my live broadcast from yesterday which is
fantastic I tried to cover as many topics as I could yesterday I sort of
left it wide open and I really leave it to the viewers to you know throw me
questions that they want answers to although I have a set list of ideas to
talk about I got another one today here with my notes and ask me whatever you
want about cruising ask me anything you want about going on a trip you know
taking a going to Europe for a holiday or getting a resort somewhere you know
charter deals it’s travel finally I’m more than happy to try to answer your
questions for you I guess you can look at me as sort of a I’m a trip attract
travel aficionado I think and I I sort of consider myself to have to be like a
travel agent but that’s never been one I’ve always prided myself on booking my
own holidays I’ve rarely ever had to use a travel agent I certainly used them up
until about the 1980s and early 90s but ever since the nineties I’ve you I’ve
done my own my own booking for my own trips whether you know the old days
where I was able to figure out the best deal for airfare from you know one city
to another and and I would call say let’s go to Las Vegas
would call Las Vegas talk the resort’s there and I would book my own room over
the phone I would call the airline book my own flight you know for my wife and I
through the airlines nowadays of course it’s done all on it’s all done online
since basically the mid-90s obviously but I’ve always considered myself to be
my own travel agent because I think I can find myself just a good just as good
a deal if not better than travel ages nothing against travel agents by the way
when I was working in the financial business I had my own travel agent who
helped me with business trips and that type of thing I would have my secretary
contact the corporate travel agent tell them what I needed and usually my
business trips like most business trips out there at least I would say in the
80s and 70s 80s they were sort of last-minute things you know you had like
a weeks notice to get your butt down at office so they could give you crap and
so you booked a flight the hotel and off you go
well I’d leave that to the travel agent because at the office I didn’t have the
time to spend to you know drop everything and spend three hours to save
an extra hundred 200 bucks plus who am I kidding it was the boss’s money okay it
wasn’t my money so what do I care so in those days you know let the travel they
just take care of it but when it came time to my money my dollars of which
they’re limited that’s where it changes and that’s where I take care of it
myself and I prided myself on finding the best deal the best flights and the
best combination of flights you know sometimes you can find a flight that’s
so cheap you’re going oh what a great deal then you realize yeah 36 hours from
you no point A to point B and it should be eight hours at most five hours if
it’s a direct flight and it’s a 36-hour deal you’re gonna save 80 bucks
I don’t think so what’s your time worth right so some of these deals are too
good to be true or they’re not that good let me just take a quick peek at my my
note here Ricky I’ve been on a cruise critics that same topic is always up the
poor dress code I personally address relaxed and casual no ironing required
sandals t-shirts keg Capri husband polo shirts and khakis oh yeah you know the
first cruise I ever went on for any of those you folks were just watching and
haven’t signed in yet first cruise I ever went on
was a cruise I have look I look back upon fondly because I enjoyed so much I
went with another couple who had been veterans of cruising they done about 15
cruises and have been on me for years to go on a cruise and finally they
convinced my wife and I to take him up on an offer where we go as two couples
in two separate units and we really had a good time but in those days and you
know things are changing so fast now but this first cruise would have been in Oh
seven or oh eight 2008 and you know eight they still had formal nights
officially formal nights for the dining room and you didn’t get in without a
suit in time nowadays it’s much more relaxed but but you know prior to the mm
back in the 90s and the 80s oh man when my parents took a cruise I know they
took a cruise to – through the Caribbean they get another cruise to Hawaii and
back out of San Francisco my dad packed with him his tuxedo which
I think he had for 20 years and you know he used it once or twice a year I mean
New Year’s Eve I guess he would use the tux you know but when when the idea came
up that my parents were gonna go on a cruise together all wow dad brought out
the tux and brought out his you know the frilly white shirt with the frilly front
you know and he found his his black bowtie he was wise enough a smart guy he
was wise enough to try it on two weeks before the cruise just to make sure it
fit you know if it was a little tight he’d go to the tailor or he’d buy
another pair of pants or whatever he had to do and the shirt you know he’d have
mom would inspect the shirt my mom would be all over his tuxedo you know sure and
he’d had to have a couple of them and you know they were had to be spotless
otherwise he’s getting the new one jeez she’s not gonna be caught dead seeing us
having her being all dolled up with this schmuck with a stained honest tuxedo
shirt not not gonna happen so I mean my dad
took a tuxedo with him on a Caribbean cruise and he also took I think a suit
and then he took his you know his regular a schlep clothing my mother you
know on a seven eight nine day cruise eight dresses five different pairs of
high-heeled shoes her best jewelry I mean there is no fooling around here
this is serious stuff and so yeah my parents now the old we call that now the
old days you know cruising isn’t the same anymore just
mentioning to anyone viewing I think I see three viewers now on the channel if
you’re watching and the signal is coming through okay or or not send me a little
message it hit hit the text and just just tell me what town you’re from what
country are you what what state are you in let me know where you are just to
make sure you’re there if you get the single okay hit the thumbs up button
there let me know that would be just terrific but back to dressing up for a
cruise a formal night with stuff you know like I said in Ossetia know eight
when I went on my first care of me or of this was a Mexican Riviera cruise on the
hall America ooh stirred am with my wife and another couple it was our first ever
cruise and there were two formal nights and and the couple I went with the
husband brought a tuxedo I couldn’t believe and this guy I love
this guy he’s a real good friend of mine and I’d never seen him wear a tie in the
years in the decades I’ve known a super guy and he and his wife we decided we
would you know we’d go out for dinner there dinner time was maybe 7:30
whatever it was and that they would they would come by our room about quarter
after 7:00 and and they got there early dancer about 10 after 7:00 and my wife
and I were still scrambling to get dressed and all I had was a jacket i
right brought I brought a jacket and my polo shirts and my khakis and trying to
remember if I’d brought a a white shirt and a tie I may have but I’m not sure if
I really did but there was acceptable enough if you had a jacket on you it
passed as formal night but I think I had a shirt
he had he was in his black tux and he was he looked fine he looked pretty darn
good he was a 10 a 10 and his wife was gorgeous she had a beautiful gown on and
they were desc dressed to the nines and this was their time to be dressed up and
you know really enjoy the whole deal it was fantastic so the this going out on
cruising and stuff at formal nights nowadays I’m not sure how it goes you
know with all these specialty restaurants out there
some of them like if you’re in some of the higher-end specialty restaurants
where it costs you more to get in I don’t know if they require you’d even be
dressed formally you may be able to walk in there with a polo shirt and khakis
not sure about shorts but you know what I do notice on a cruise is folks a lot
of folks who go on these cruises still use the the cruise as an excuse to pull
out their best clothing and why not you’re on a holiday and you know it’s a
dream come true for a lot of people to do a cruise for the very first time or
first time in ten years or whatever it might be and you know this is your
chance to pull out your your best shoes your your best dresses your best outfits
for the guys and get all dolled up for that evening out and and then you know
after the after the dinner go see a show and you know nowadays you you can watch
Broadway shows in the in the theaters it’s fantastic and then after that you
know go to the casino like like James Bond there wearing a tuxedo you know and
pull the slot machine for a little bit and the other gamblers will kind of go
what are these look at these two folks wow they stand out well you’ll be looked
at there’s no fuck that then of course on board the ship you have the
photographer’s you have the official ship photography department you know a
lot of people get portraits taken on board these cruise ships and this is the
only time that they really formally are dressed up to the nines to have some
formal photos taken by a pro with the perfect lighting and talk about a
perfect background I mean some of these shots are taken right in those you know
five-story tall atriums in the middle of ship or eight-story to legions the
background is fantastic and you know you’re looking like a million bucks and
the photographer’s crews gonna make sure that the photos are perfect because now
the cameras are all digital and so you know they’re taking these these
portraits of you and they can immediately show you what the photo
looks like so you can see the finished version before they even print it off
and I’ll tell you it’s it’s fantastic and it yeah it might cost a little more
for a an official photo to be taken on board a cruise ship but who cares it’s a
holiday and you’re gonna treat yourself with spoil yourself and it’s a great
memento to take with you you know from the ship now of course the rest of us
out there guy like me I’ll take a selfie my wife and I will do something or you
know someone will will see me taking a photo of my wife and as a Oh would you
like to have me take a photo shoot you handing me your phone and they’d take a
picture of you and good enough for me of course but you know if it’s a special
occasion like an anniversary and obviously a honeymoon but if it’s an
anniversary you know 25 years or something like that or whatever it is
you know or it’s a graduation gift for you know for the child that’s graduating
you know this is fantastic a family cruise with family photos
we call it once-in-a-lifetime a special occasion type thing well I knock
yourself out and and use the pros on board the ship for that kind of stuff
and these photos will come out perfectly there won’t be any red in the eyes you
know no one will be blinking and screen squinting you’ll get the right shot and
and you’re good to go but formal night on a cruise it’s sort
of past as far as the old days go saying yesterday I’m the live yesterday my
parents run on an ocean liner 62 what I didn’t say yesterday though for the for
any of you that happened to catch the the video is that my father came from
Europe to Canada originally in 1952 and he came aboard a ship an ocean liner in
1952 but the difference at that time was that the you know you came from
Germany which was dead flat broke in 1952 and I believe the first year that
German nationals could actually go come to into Canada legally was 1951 so it
took six years after the war before anyone from Germany could move to Canada
as an immigrant and my father applied I think almost as soon as possible and by
52 he had the money and got the passage to come over but when he came over on
the ocean liner and my mother came about six months later he had no money he was
broke and you know he had you know maybe two pair of pants a couple of underwear
some socks a few shoes he had nothing everything in a you know carry-on
suitcase I mean we’re talking flat broke so there was no such thing as a fancy
formal night in the dance hall you wouldn’t be allowed in there I think he
was traveling in third-class no I won’t call it steerage but the third-class
level of the ship there was obviously first class second class and then there
would have been third class and that would have been all he could have
afforded and yeah the food even the food in third class would have been better
than the food he was eating back home where he had left from so uh me he he
probably gained weight on the on the crossing and he could have used it
because he was one thin guy when he came into Canada for the first time and when
my mother came over same thing she was in third class and she had no money she
didn’t have any fancy dresses to go to the fancy restaurants to or the dance
the dance all nothing like that fact if she would have walked on the deck
perhaps and then read a book on on deck and then in the evening she would have
been back in her cabin and and you know read a book there or magazine or what
have you so in 1962 in particular when my parents myself and my sister came
from Germany back to Canada from my dad’s deployment with the Canadian Army
was up the the six seven day crossing on the homeric that was a whole different
deal for my parents than now that’s the money and my dad did have a suit and my
mother had ten dresses or more and she was a seamstress she made a bunch
mineral stuff and she had nightgowns like
couldn’t believe and of course she had the shoes and the stockings and she
could afford the makeup and she could get her hair done just right she always
reminded me of a young Queen Elizabeth she always looked like that it was
fantastic and so my parents every night after tucking my sister and I into the
into our beds at night getting us to sleep they went out to the dance hall on
board that ocean liner every night and they just blended right into that crowd
and yeah just to think that you know my dad’s case from 1952 to 1960 to ten
years later to go from you know steerage to virtually a first-class type
existence want to change and that was a real accomplishment and I know that
we’re very proud of it I see right now I think we got four viewers
fantastic welcome to my channel traveling with Bruce welcome to my live
of rod cast today if you wouldn’t mind that it’s just tell me what where are
you typing on on the screen where are you of watching me from are
you in the u.s. three in Canada a year in Europe what what town are you from or
state or province and just say hi any questions just type them on in and
I’ll be happy to address any questions you have about cruising going on a
cruise finding a good cruise deal that type of thing your dad might have
something on the love vote yeah you know what they were on The Love Boat they
enjoyed themselves very much they made no secret to the children if you think
your folks think out there then I and my sister didn’t know that they were still
fooling around forget about it we knew they were still fooling around and there
were rules in the house if this if this bedroom was a rocket don’t even bother
knocking I’m telling you they took trips and they were lovebirds right along for
years and years they’ve just had such a good time and they said such a great
example for for me as a young man I saw how my dad treated my mom first class
all the way complete respect
and he worshiped the ground she walked on and that’s the way it was and she was
great he was great tell you they went on those
cruises and they went on holidays together and then they would delight in
telling us you know where they went and what they did and I got the bug from
those two kids oh man I did I want to travel when I grew up of course we went
on trips family trips together but you know some of the trips they took as
adults good stuff just primo a couple of messages here hey Susan
I see you’re from Las Vegas how are you Susan welcome aboard okay I want you to
break our hearts okay the crash 3x Ricky’s from Ottawa and right now it’s
minus two Celsius that would put it at about twenty-eight twenty-nine
Fahrenheit I’m in Creston BC and we’re about two degrees Celsius in Canada here
so we’re about thirty four thirty five degrees
why don’t you tell us what the temperature is in Vegas right now just
kind of let us know and break our hives that way we’ll be envious of you right
off the get okay let us know welcome to the channel anyone else who’s watching
just let us know where you’re from and you have any comments or questions about
taking a trip or going on a cruise or finding a deal by all means let’s see
craft exu cruise as a child what did they do when parents went out for the
evening I assume no kids programs back then yeah you know my parents would go
out in the evening of course the cruise that that I had
with my parents was the ocean crossing from Germany to Canada Canada Germany
first and in Germany to Canada way back from 59 to 62 when my dad was with NATO
he was in the Canadian Army and they were part of NATO as stationed it in
West Germany at the time 20 miles away from the East German border and the the
crew the the the the transatlantic crossing of course had no stops as soon
as we left I think was Bremen Germany a near Hamburg as soon as we left land we
didn’t see land again until we got to I believe was Montreal and so it was
fibers 6 or 7 days if I recall in those days the cross and so during the day
they had all kinds of activities for the kids
the activities for the children were with the adults there was no such thing
of being able to drop your child off with like a daycare type deal
my sister was four I was six and a my my mom or my mom and my dad or just my dad
what would take us we would we would you know go around different areas of the
ship and of course first thing in the morning would be breakfast and then you
know would be time to maybe play shuffleboard on board the ship it was
warm enough outside but during the daytime from about oh I’d say 1:00 in
the afternoon until about 4:00 there were kids activities planned by the
ship’s staff and I remember steeplechase games and just all kinds of games it was
really terrible outside you know rainy and and and cold you know high waves
then we would all be indoor in the main ballroom and they would set that
ballroom as a giant playroom and all around the perimeter of the room would
be chairs for the adults to sit in and with the kids and then the children
would be invited into the main ballroom and we’d have all kinds of games you
name it I mean it was just it was just endless this ship the the ship activity
coordinators even in the 50s and the 60s they knew their stuff and keep the
passengers busy entertained well fed and happy and you would forgive all kinds of
sins like a rocking boat or a bad weather outside and it’s true today and
it was true then baked on and so it was really it was really a cool cool thing
to experience as a young guy let’s see here
Susan is saying 49 degrees and raining come on is it really is it it’s 12 it’s
12 25 is it really only 49 I’m sorry if it it I am sorry because I know Vegas
can be warmer I also know Vegas can be cool but 49 and it’s still better than
what we have but what are you gonna do if you’re getting some rain it keeps the
dust down I suppose you know Susan says came in late have you talked about the
Norwegian cruise that was caught in the storm that’s been on the new
lately not yet but I’m going to that is definitely on my to-do list
I talked about it a bit yesterday I’ll mention at the end today you know these
these cruises the thing about the cruise lines that we have to remember is the
cruise lines have a set schedule they sell cruises obviously you know a year
in advance two years in advance and in the case of Norwegian out of New York
you know the getaway ship is booked at certain you know departure days and
certain arrival days at certain islands and not only do they have to maintain
that schedule for the passengers they have to maintain that schedules
scheduled with the port authorities the New York Harbor people do not just let
anybody come into the harbor unannounced because you’re late a day you can’t just
show up you have to have permission to come into the harbor they’re gonna have
customs Border Patrol patrols out there they’re going to have perhaps.perhaps
inspections like customs inspections or safety inspections but at the pier which
pier do you go to you know the the Norwegian cruise ship has got to go to
the assigned pier that it has because that’s where all its onshore staff is
and also they’ve pre-ordered the next cruise they’ve pre-ordered all the booze
all the meat and vegetables all the you know the ingredients all the supplies
you know it’s all there they can’t just decide oh we’re gonna park on the other
side of the harbor over here can’t be doing that
so these cruises are scheduled down to the minute and these cruise ships have
got to be back you know when they’re supposed to be back just checking any
more messages here we’re in the middle of winter here so that’s great again if
anyone else is watching that hasn’t let me know it give us a thumbs up if you’re
getting the signal all right a send us little text telling you where
are you where what what country are in what state what city just let us know
where you are so I can say idea and you can you can say either was anyway ask
anything you want back to this Norwegian cruise it’s all over the media when a
cruise ship goes through a storm the local TV stations delight in sending out
their their video trucks right to the pier and they can’t wait to talk to
passengers getting off the gangplank how is your cruise these floor people are
they’re all shook up and they’re just you know they’re frazzled at the edge of
some of them are you know veterans of cruising and others are complete newbies
and some can take it and some you know really find it distressing it I get it I
mean when you’re on a cruise ship you can’t get off a cruise you’re 200 miles
off the shore or 80 miles off the shore you can’t swim out you’re surrounded by
waves that are you know five stories high from top to bottom you know and if
you’re in one of those rooms where you have you see you know like an ocean view
with a porthole you’re low enough on the ship it’s possible that the wave hits
the side of the ship and you’re underwater by ten feet and all you see
is it’s and in the in middle of the evening you know you’ll see stars and
then you see blackness because it’s nothing but water in front of you for a
second or two until the wave just recedes and you see the next the next
one coming there’s all kinds of video showing up on YouTube I’m sure of people
who’ve been on the cruise who are posting these videos and they make great
eye candy you know they last a minute or two and they’re fun to watch and more
fun to watch than for to be and believe me I’ve been on one of these kinds of
cruises where you get caught in the winter storm it is no fun I totally
totally empathize and sympathize with anyone caught in that but back to the
cruise company Norwegian Breakaway had to be back in New York at a set time
they had the pier for so many hours they could get there but not too soon they
can leave what not too late because the pier will be used by somebody else for
whatever purpose you know later that day or before they get there and so on and
so these cruise ships are on a schedule and so I’ve seen reports where you know
the quote the headline quote is captain purposely drives ship through storm
despite warning well yeah kinda now if the captain can
skirt the the the storm a little bit or a lot they will and still make it on
time but if they can’t they’ll take the best route and the shortest route the
most direct route to quote get it over with
as soon as soon as humanly possible the problem with the ship coming back to New
York is that the storm is going with you so if the storm is moving at 30 miles an
hour and you’re going at 30 miles an hour and you’re kind of in the middle of
it you’re gonna stay in the middle of it for the whole darn trip and that’s the
worst of it and I think that’s what a lot of folks are complaining about about
this crew is that it just didn’t end just wouldn’t stop in our case we were
leaving New York heading down to the Caribbean we were supposed to go to
Labadee Haiti so we’re supposed to be at sea for two days and then get to Haiti
for the day labadie it’s a private beach area that Norwegian has and then or this
next case Royal Caribbean excuse me in my case and then we were supposed to go
the next day to send one and we were going through the storm we’re adding
south the storm was coming north and we were supposed to you know the strategy
was we’re gonna plow right through this thing and the hope was for passengers we
were praying that if we hit the storm at midnight that by you know nine ten the
next morning we’d be through it because we’ve gone 12 hours almost through the
storm and it was going the other direction for that ten twelve hours and
you sort of do the math you know we’re going 20 miles an hour and it’s going
4050 miles an hour so that’s 70 miles an hour and it’s 12 hours that’s 800 miles
of distance for the disturbance and the ship storm was 1,500 miles in diameter a
monster monster storm that we went through so it took us 30 hours even
going through it to get through it and we had up to 40
waves and at time so we had one hundred and ten hundred twenty mile gusts of
wind unbelievable it was just it was just crazy I was gonna look at my notes
one more time anyway that was just that was just insane I’ve seen videos of
other ships going through you know hurricanes and and and other you know
other systems as disturbances where you know the plant the pots are falling over
and breaking where you know the bar staff in the bars are purposely knocking
all the barstools over keeping him on the side and in some cases like on the
on the deck the ship’s crew they’ll get sent up there you know two or three at a
time with tethers like they’re tethered to the deck and they are literally
chaining the the deck chairs to each other and then two parts of the deck on
on board the ship they’ll they’ll bring you know they’ll drag 20 of them into a
secluded area where the wind will hopefully you know go over the you know
a sheltered area in the ship but even then they’ll still tether the loungers
you know with bungee cords and everything else to pieces parts of the
ship because the ship is it’s not just the wind that’s gonna get and make
things move it’s the movement of the ocean liner itself and if you have too
much tilting going on now you’re gonna have stuff going this way stuff going
this way I have seen videos on YouTube where people are you know getting tossed
around I saw one terrible video where there’s a pole and a person was running
was getting you know moved and they were on their feet and they couldn’t stop and
they hit the ball face-first and fell down and oh you just feel for these
folks and of course you know they’re down on the ground and now the
furnitures coming behind them and you know and then coming the other way
behind and then the staff is trying to get to this person they get them out of
there and get them into a hallway at least where there’s nothing going on
nothing spilling along it can be quite violent
but captain the captains of cruise ships are pretty pretty smart guys and the
entire staff on bridge they have all the weather systems they have all the radar
systems plus the other thing that you should keep in mind is that you know the
folks that Carnival and celebrity you know Royal Caribbean I should say which
all liberté Norwegian and the other cruise
lines they have their their offices staffed as well and they’ve got
emergency response teams there and they’re watching the weather as well so
a captain before he even pulls out of a port whether it’s the beginning of the
cruise or in the middle of the cruise it doesn’t matter when the captain knows
what type of seas to expect for the next segment of the of the cruise he knows or
she knows where the next storm system is they’ve got the satellite imagery like
it like all the other weather stations they have all the marine reports there
are buoys at sea that are moored to the the bottom that send out radio
transmissions all the time telling the ship’s where they are what the swells
are like what winds are like the barometer the temperature of the sea all
this stuff so the the amount of documentation there data coming into the
bridge today is bar none world-class and so even if the radar system on the
cruise ship is damaged for whatever you know whatever it happens to get hit by
lightning or something like that and the ship’s radar systems are shot there
they’re down to they you know they’re ham radio I mean we’re talking you know
basic primitive stuff can’t use a cell phone
can’t do the Internet you’re down to a ham radio they can still communicate on
shore through relay stations to to the Coast Guard or to their home office to
them to the to get emergency updates as to what they’re facing and so when the
captain and the charts they have the manual charts they can figure out where
they are manually they don’t need the satellite systems to figure it out
they’re trained to do this in other words don’t school and the passengers
are oblivious you know as long as we got power and the bars going we’re you know
do what we can unless it’s really bad and we’re in our rooms like I was lying
in bed just waiting for it to be over the captains and the assistants up there
the navigators they are handling it they know what’s going on and they can
basically fly that you know drive that ship they can power that vessel
almost manually and and yeah they’ll probably slow it down
of course the stabilizers you know might be knocked out now we’re really into a
rock and rolling but we’re not going under okay so that that’s how
sophisticated and and also how basic everything is it can go
you know both ways let me just see any anymore any more comments I’ll catch up
catch you later crash X take care thanks for watching
anyway so this this cruise you know coming back to New York with Norwegian
yeah it was a rough ride and but I’ll tell you something they were loading the
next group of passengers you know if they came home came in that
evening the next day or whatever they were loading up the next batch and by
the time that shift left on the next cruise storm was over I store my past
kept going to you know Boston and up to to Maine and into Canada for us and
where we went and so now back you know back south we go but I talk about these
cruises out of New York I I’m skeptical about taking a cruise out of New York
since I’ve done it once and we got caught in a storm
I thought oh geez maybe maybe summertime departure cementec New York rather than
chancing that you know gee that great cruise we bought six months ago gee it’s
not such a good deal now because it’s you know it’s 600 bucks for eight days
but boy or nine or ten days but two days are cold going down two days are cold
coming up we only got six warm days it’s not such a good deal I may be better off
flying on JetBlue or Southwest or another airline getting a seat sale and
flying from you know wherever I’m coming from whether it’s a New York area or
Chicago or cabin and making my way down to Florida and then get on the cruise
ship from Fort Lauderdale or Miami or Tampa and book just a seven-day cruise
out of Fort Lauderdale and you know that you’re gonna get seven warm days out of
Tampa or out of Fort Lauderdale whichever it is and you know if it was
if it’s 550 bucks or 650 bucks and a hundred for the airfare to in forever
might be worth it because you’re the chance of you getting a winter storm or
no you could get a tropical storm yes but
in December January for every March not so likely hurricane season is coming on
and so you can enjoy the best of the Caribbean at a pretty good price so you
know there’s there’s always that now today I got another topic I’m going to
talk about it’s an update another update on a ship that we’ve nicknamed the poop
cruise does anyone out there remember the poop cruise by the way I see three
viewers out there if you’ve joined this live send me a little text tell me where
you are tell me what city you’re at what state you’re from let me know you’re
getting the signal okay hit the thumbs up button let me know you’re okay and
tell me where you’re at and ask me anything you want in the meantime I want
to talk to you about the update on the poop crews back in 2013
carnival pride carnival triumph was the name of the ship was cruising towards
Mexico and it was off the coast of Mexico when they had a fire onboard the
ship in the engine compartment and the fire became quite intense quite quickly
and the staff on the cruise ship which is highly trained to deal with this sort
of thing they had the fire crew people down there ASAP and they battled that
the fire for a while but they got it out but the heat was so tremendous so high
that it not only caused there was damage from the flames damage from the smoke
but damage from the heat and it melted a lot of the electrical components in the
engineering and and the the generation the generator rooms where electricity is
generated and unfortunately you know if you’ve got engine problems with a cruise
ship you can still run the generator for electricity for the rest of the ship’s
functions but if your generator station gets damaged badly and and and it knocks
out all kinds of other substations on board and what have you get the power
overload and everything’s fried out you now have no electrical power and without
electrical power you are dead in the water you don’t have air conditioning
working you have the refrigeration working
downstairs where they keep all the fresh food you don’t have the plumbing working
so you have no running water no toilets not even the public washrooms you have
no dough lighting on the in your room no television to help pass the time I mean
it’s a complete shutdown and so the only power left on board the ship is the
emergency battery backup power which is designed to power the bridge allow the
captain and his crew to contact the outside world to get emergency help in
and there is emergency lighting in certain areas of the ship engine room
areas and that type of thing you know whatever rooms haven’t been damaged by
the fire well the triumph was dead in the water
off the coast of Mexico immediately and at first you know people on board didn’t
know how bad it was but then they noticed black smoke coming out of the
smokestacks because the they were able to vent the smoke out however they did
it they were the meant vent a lot of the smoke out through the exhaust systems
and they came out those two those two funnels are like this on the Carnival
ship so what they’re famous for and passengers began to realize oh geez
everything you know everything is in trouble and of course everything was off
elevators were stuck where they were and had send emergency crews to to get the
elevators going which they could do it backup power they could you know get it
to the next floor get people off the elevator that kind of thing and and now
the assessment began and unfortunately it lasted six days the the ship was in a
location that was hundreds of miles away from help and the carnival people
dispatched a serious sized tugboat the kind of tug boat that can tow a you know
a cargo ship I mean I baked you know oil tanker weighted type ship because that’s
what we’re talking about with the cruise ship we’re talking eighty thousand tons
hundred thousand tons or more so a tug was sent out and it took four days or so
for the tug or three days to get to the ship and then to three three and a half
days to get the ship tugged back to port no power because the
tugboat cannot supply power to the ship either so these passengers had no way to
get off and there was nowhere to go – even if you put him in a lifeboat were
you gonna send the passengers – you’re you’re a hundred miles offshore that the
the lifeboat cannot take you on shore 100 miles not that kind of range 200
people per not a white not a chance and so the thinking was the best thing to do
is keep the passengers on the ship and just tow the ship back to port and get
them off while the meantime mother nature is calling what are you gonna do
and these poor folks had to go to the bathroom you know once twice a day you
got to do what you got to do and so the the staff on board
you know trained as they are they were trained for this kind of scenario they
provided bags to the passengers to put into their bathrooms I think I’m sick
Matt that you’re back well way to go Matt thanks for joining me
viewer number for anyone out there who’s watching and hasn’t let me know just
type in your name or type in where you’re from and let me know where you’re
from if you’re there I give me a thumbs up that your signals coming out okay and
I’m a happy guy welcome bat ask anything you want I’m just talking about the poop
crews from 2013 the Carnival Triumph that the staff on board were they handed
out plastic bags and the passengers had to take these bags and take them to
their Suites and mainly to the balcony suites because they had daylight coming
in from the outside world passengers on the inside suites there in the dark you
know even if you opened your door to the hallway the hallway is dark you have no
you can’t see any and they were using their phones for a while as flashlights
but after six hours guess what your phone does runs out of battery and
battery nerd cell phone and so these poor folks and the in the inside units
they would go to the public bathrooms and the staff they had people there to
help out and they would put these plastic bags inside the toilet bowl
because the bowl had no water in it remember and then they would put the lid
down to keep the bag you know sort of connected to the
to the to the rim you would do your business and then you would you would
close the bag with the strength too tight to keep the smell from you know
permeating and the staff would take the bag and take it away
they had airtight containers down below that they put all this in for disposal
later when they got the port and then they put a new bag in the toilet so all
these folks in their balcony Suites had to pee and poo in these bags and the
smell you couldn’t stop the smell from permeating through the ship you couldn’t
it was impossible and there were some some toilets that no bags were provided
and they were full of you know what oh and the smell after the second day third
day they would just close these bathrooms put towels along the floor to
not let any of the order out it was the best they could and they would bring the
the Korean cleaning staff with detergent and trying to kind of nullify as much as
possible but with 2500 passengers on a cruise ship for six days 1,500 crew on
top of that no running water you can imagine or you can’t imagine the order
that was emanating out of this cruise and so they nicknamed it duh poop cruise
well it’s not fair but what are you gonna do right anyway the story goes
that the ship got back to port in Alabama they serviced the ship they made
the repairs cost millions how much was paid by insurance I will never know
never did follow up on that story and after a while the ship was repaired I
think passengers good they all they got a full refund of course I think some of
them got even uh a full refund and a free cruise and then the cruise line
made every effort they could to house them in hotels as soon as they got off
that ship they got them looked after they got laundry looked after I’m sure
for them they got them all arranged on their flights I mean they carnival went
to the wall to look after their passengers I’m 99.9 sure that that if
you talk to the passengers they had a terrible time and a terrible experience
on board the ship but I doubt very many of them were really complaining
afterward how carnival did everything they could to help them out
but then again you know some people may never forgive and I get it I totally
understand you will never forgive them for what happened but what are you gonna
do anyway now update on the triumph here it is this best this 2013 today it’s
2018 well about three or four weeks ago I’m not sure how long – not too long ago
the ship now is is based out of New Orleans and it it now does five four and
five day cruises to the Caribbean and it mainly goes to Cozumel and another port
in Mexico and then comes back to New Orleans so it’s a great four or five
days shift kind of a getaway ship and they’ve been doing that now for awhile
out of New Orleans and New Orleans is excited because they’ve got their own
you know home-based cruise ship and they had an inspection from the CDC the
Disease Control people they do inspections on all vessels if any vessel
has a paying passenger on it whether it’s a ferry or a cruise ship an ocean
liner you have to have these inspections and these are sanitary inspectors for
firfer all assistance the kitchens the air-conditioning systems the electrical
systems the refrigeration systems you name it
plumbing everything and you have to get a set kind of a score you have a certain
score to pass a CDC inspection for cruise ships the number is 86 you got to
have a score of 86 or higher to get a passing grade cruise ships
take the CDC tests very seriously well when you know what they they did a
inspection on the triumph failed got a 73
oh no they had a 73 and I’m sure they have passed they had passed inspections
you know since the poop cruise they’ve passed inspections but this particular
inspection they failed well they released the report as to why and what
caused the failure of the Carnival Triumph and it came back that the
dishwashing unit some of the dishwashing units which there are numbers an AI
number of dishwashing units three thousand seven eight hundred
people on board this thing with crew and and with passengers upwards of that many
people out of time how many dishwashing units do you have for breakfast lunch
and dinner right well some of the unit’s failed and
and were were found to be defective the spray nozzles were defective and not
working properly there were some temperature issues I think there was
there were some refrigeration issues temperatures weren’t quite correct there
one area of the kitchen that they inspected and remember the kitchen
outside a cruise ship is huge I mean it’s just massive length but there was
an area in the kitchen where they found flies ate flies were discovered in the
kitchen that is for boat no flies or insects are supposed to be found ever in
the kitchen area of a cruise ship a chefs go crazy when this happens well
they found flies and so it got a flunking grade of 73
so immediately Carnival immediately went to work and I wouldn’t be surprised if
they crew cancelled a cruise right away that gave them like four or five days to
work on the ship and they immediately threw out all the food on board the ship
all of it out not even giving away to homeless shelters they would have gone
right to the dump they would have replaced either the nozzles or the
heating systems or complete dish washing systems would be completely replaced I
mean there was no no money was spared to fix the problem and fix it now and this
ship was brought up the speed I bet you within 48 hours it was it was ready for
the next inspection and Carnival immediately made a request to the CDC
come on back with your guys and do a full blown inspection top to bottom we
are we are confident that we’ll pass the inspection and sure enough they did it I
just heard this morning they passed the inspection the score this time around 98 ninety-eight now I’ve seen scores of 93
96 97 98 that tells you there the CDC people couldn’t find they could find
nothing wrong they they they were they had the White Cliffs on I’m sure they
had the white gloves on and they were you know checking for dust
they found nada that ship spic and span everything worked to perfection and I
was saying in one of my videos what a week ago when I mentioned it the first
time when I heard about the food cruise and the ship failing this test I thought
boy I bet you that’s the cleanest ship in the fleet of any cruise ship out
there all ocean liners all cruise ships I bet you the Carnival Triumph right now
is the cleanest ocean liner afloat and so if you want to go on a cruise where
you’re you know kind of confident you’re not gonna get sick I bet you the
Carnival Triumph is one oh that’s so yeah I saw that this morning
unbelievable uh looks like I’ve got another follower here Chevy first Chevy
and first AI Bruce I’m going on my first cruise Carnival conquest in September we
have an interior room with an obstructed view at the front of the ship okay it
states that it’s the handrail as an obstruction oh right on so you got like
an ocean view an ocean view room way to go welcome to my live my live stream
broadcast fantastic where are you from let us know where you’re from I had a
view earlier today from Ottawa Ontario and another viewer from Las Vegas
I’m from Creston BC tell me where you’re from what’s your weather like we’re
about we’re about 2900 we’re about 34 35 degrees out here in Creston today so
it’s a slush fest we even have rain falling on snow it’s terrible boy would
I like to be on a cruise right now way to go your first cruise this is great I
tell you I remember my first cruise on the haul in America ooh stir damn I
never forgotten the feeling that the build-up to get you know count the
countdown word count the days counting the weeks then we’re counting the days
to get there my wife and I would look at each other and say six days five days
three days we’re gonna be on the cruise and I
look at her I said you know that four days from now you’re gonna be on a pool
deck on a Christian can you believe that’s what you’re gonna be doing I mean
we were just so pumped up Georgia way to go thank you you’re from Georgia
way to go worm today we’re in the forties in Vegas it was 49 and raining
so well I’ll tell you the countdown is on and it just gets more exciting the
closer you get and then when you get to the cruise you get to the city that the
ship is departing from oh man I’ll tell you it’s an exciting day it’s a it’s a
bit about it depends on how you’re getting there too if you’re getting
there the day of the cruise and it involves a flight it’s kind of a nervous
time because in the morning you know you’re getting to the airport on time
and then you’re on the flight hopefully it’s not delayed and if there’s a
connection you’re praying that there’s no delay on the connection you make make
the city on time for the connection but if it’s a direct flight you know chances
are you should be okay but if you get there the day before which is what I
like to recommend at least the day before you get that one day cushion to –
in case everything is screwed up yesterday we still got here at midnight
and we don’t have to worry about getting on the cruise till the next morning
so you know I always make recommend people try and do that but anyway the
day of the cruise oh man if you’re you know you’re going to the terminal and
you’re you’re headed in the cab or or in they you’re on a shuttle bus from the
airport oh you see the ship for the first time you know way down there –
three miles away you get a glimpse of the funnels and oh that’s exciting and
the closer you get the bigger the ship gets guys they’re big oh it’s it’s just
just nothing like it it’s absolutely fantastic c68 cruise to East Caribbean
it’s 257 days it’s coming don’t worry it’s coming we’re gonna fly in a day
early and I already bought the fast – fun pass way to go okay way to go flying
into the early oh you are gonna you’re gonna be able to relax stress-free you
also got time the day before or the evening before head on over to Walmart
or a Kmart or a Costco or Sam’s Club if you’re a wine drinker buy a
couple bottles of wine put one bottle in your suitcase put one bottle in your
husband’s or a friend’s suitcase if you are a you know you like drinking soda or
Red Bulls or or any kind of other drinks energy drinks what-have-you buy some of
those put them in your luggage and when you get on board you’ll be able to put
those cooler the soft drinks and these other drinks into your refrigerator
right in your suite tell the Stewart the room Stewart that’s looking after your
room Ilyn he or she will introduce themselves to you when you get there
tell them that anything in the fridge just take it out get clean out the
fridge and put your own stuff in and you don’t
have to pay you know have to pay those onboard prices for you know whatever
your whatever you’re bringing with you same thing with snacks you love
chocolate bars I mean who doesn’t love chocolate my love my wife loves
chocolate she’ll bring her chocolate with her or her you know her favorite
candies her favorite chips or Hickory sticks and spreads whatever you want
she’ll bring down on board too and won’t have to pay those cruise ship prices for
that stuff and you know you might save 100 bucks hundred fifty bucks on some of
this stuff hey was a waste you know everything everything face or
self let’s see we’re going to let’s see what are you seeing uh gonna flambe
early we’re going to shop for things we needed that we can’t fit in the carry-on
yep like liquids you can’t take liquids on the carry I’ve already bought a
camera but that I can do with underwater shots yes way to go and for a map says
first cruise sounds exciting you bet on it’s gonna be fantastic yeah that first
day I’ll tell you it is it is something else you get to the terminal and outside
the terminal you think you think it’s mayhem because yes remember there are
people leaving on the last cruise to getting off and you’re coming in so you
got these vehicles coming that are doing one of two things or either dropping
people off or they’re picking people up and so you’re in the middle of all of
that you got to get to the area where you can drop off your baggage you’ll
find signage anywhere everywhere by the way not to worry and you’ll give them a
get to this baggage guys the sky cab guys
and they’ll help you with the you know tagging of your bags and all that sort
of stuff but likely Carnival will have already given you or sent you or will
send you soon your bag tag materials which you can print off and then you’ll
just take your scissors and cut off bag tags and you’ll be able to staple them
on to the handle of your luggage once you get to the terminal because you’re
Airport guys are gonna rip them off anyway so wait until you get to the
terminal for that and then once you’ve handed off your bags you’re you’re going
to go into the terminal itself and don’t worry there are ambassadors all over the
place whose job it is is to steer you in the right direction for where you need
to go and into the check-in counters and these a check-in counter some of them
are you know they’re like 200 feet long and there’s 35 of these check-in agents
standing there and you might be in a long line of 200 people don’t worry
about it you’re gonna notice that once you’re in that line it’s moving it’s
just moving because these check-in people they’ve got to get you and maybe
2,000 passengers on a ship or more in like two hours two and a half hours and
so it it’s efficient as all get up once you get through that you’ll go through a
security like the airport like a security machine with your purse or
whatever you’re carrying with you and then you’ll come into the waiting area
and they’ll give you the live already giving you on some kind of a tag some
kind of a piece of paper it might say blue on it or green and there’s a sign
at the front of the room saying now serving you know purple the color purple
or number 44 or whatever it is you’ve got 48 whatever and then number 45 gets
called and you know as soon as they call your number or your name your your color
of the tag you have all you folks get up and it might be 150 of you at a time and
then you make your way to the front of the room and you hand the first person
at the front the color tag show them your room key that you’ve already been
given your your your plastic room my fast and you’re heading onto the ship
it’s fantastic let me just take any more messages for screws there manses a very
Chevy’s are very excited thanks for all your tips we’re gonna try to keep it all
to carry on since we have the fast pen so they can wake it up easier if the
last thing great that’ll work well Matt bring a swimsuit
in your carry-on pool is always less crowded on the first day that’s right
the first day so many people they put everything they have into these large
suitcases including their swimsuits that they’re on the ship and about let’s say
11 o’clock they’re on the ship and maybe they’ve gone to the buffet maybe they
haven’t you know maybe they eat something for breakfast they’re not
hungry yet but they would have oh there’s nobody in the pool I can pee in
the pool right now I could be in the jacuzzi right now there’s nobody in the
spa at all um if you had your bathing suit with you you could have gone right
away so if you’re bring it on a carry-on you go to your room when you check in
you got your card you’ll see the lobby first by the way would you know with the
atrium and everything it’s just beautiful make your way to your room
find out where it is test your key to make sure you can get in you got your
swimsuit with ya put it on inside your room should be a rope to put on and
they’ll be towels there although you won’t have to grab a towel because they
have towels at the pool area that you don’t have to use your own towels from
your room and then you can head to the pool and you know bring some flops with
you you know and enjoy while everyone else is scrambling around see what’s
going on you’re already in the hot tub relaxing and getting all this end up
getting ready for the day so that’s a good idea let’s see what we’re saying
yeah we’re going to the pool soon as we can a great carry essentials in a small
bag way to go Matt and you have immediate access to your room yeah
you’ll be able to get right into your room right away even if even if you
don’t have your luggage in your room you know you can get on the cruise like I do
with my wife we mail immediately look for our room find him going to our room
and just check it out especially if it’s a balcony room when you’re looking
around outside or in your case you’ll have a you know the view from your
window you want to see what it looks like fantastic
you’ll want to get there and check out your bathroom and stuff but I find him
with my wife and I we get on it they’re like 11:30 12:00 o’clock our luggage
might not arrive until 3 or 4 5 o’clock and evening sometimes we find that only
one of the two bags shows up or you know we have two suitcases and two carry-ons
to enroll of a smaller role Burbank and we find that two of them are there and
two aren’t the dimensions the other two will show relax it’s a cruise you got
don’t worry about it it’ll all work out I’m showing four viewers on right now if
if you’re watching this this channel right now and you haven’t signed it take
a moment and tell me what town you’re from where are you where are you
watching me from and give us a thumbs up with the singles coming in okay if you
have any questions about going on a trip on a cruise let me know be happy to talk
to you about it what else was I gonna tell you about today
somebody asked me yesterday about scooters should they be allowed on a
cruise these these motorized scooters and should they should they make
scooters be in an elevator as designated elevator you know you know in the old
days 10 20 years ago someone who was you know who broke their leg or twisted
their ankle or just you know can’t walk anymore had to be in a wheelchair pushed
by somebody can you imagine being with someone where you have to push them in a
wheelchair for the whole cruise not fine and especially on a bit of a you know a
tippy day that is and it is not a good time well the modern invention of
motorized scooters is out and thank God for that that makes life a lot a lot
easier you know you can’t really make people go to a special elevator for
motorized scooters because you know the elevators are a certain size they’re
engineered to handle the ship’s movement you know I’m thinking of the elevator
shaft you know it’s up and down and and when the ships in port
you know the elevator can work perfectly up and down inside the chef but when the
ship is moving and tilting like this the elevator still works and they can only
be of a certain size they can’t make them industrial size generally speaking
and so to limit scooters to one of three or four elevators makes no sense and
what if you have grandad in a scooter with seven family members what do you do
now does he go by himself with only one person and the other seven or five have
to go in another elevator you break up the party and
kind of impractical I suppose but you know what are you gonna do cruising with
the scooter is a unique challenge but boy I’ll tell you having a motorized
scooter on a cruise ship that is saved and has allowed so many more people to
keep cruising past you know years that maybe in the past they would not have
been able to do let me just see what other what other notes we have I can
have early 1000 chevy infer says they also say that with the fast times you
can have early tender at the port’s too and label to get off earlier on
disembarking Gate disembarkation day yes there is that although generally a lot
of cruise ships will offer you the night before you get off the cruise they’ll
give you the form in the morning you know when do you want to get off the
cruise I do you have a flight to catch early do you have a connection to
someone picking you up and you can request an early D D embarkation time
based on your situation other passengers they don’t want to get off first they
want to get off as you know last they want to stay on that cruise as long as
possible because they’re staying in the town that at that port that ship
poured it in they’re staying in that town for a couple days and so they you
know they are in no hurry because they’re going into a hotel they can’t
check into the hotel until 3:00 so if they can get off of this ship at 12:00
or 1:00 great they’ve got only two hours to kill before they’re allowed to check
in at the hotel they’re headed to so it depends on your your needs so you’ve got
to go to the airport get to flight get on yeah you wanna get off early and
where you go thanks Chevy at first for coming I
really appreciate you watching now you can watch this video later tonight on
the on the channel and watch it all you want and go from there now for those of
you who are watching live or or catching this video later today other topics I
was going to mention today was on on the day you get on the ship the first day
something to keep in mind is like the steak house especially restaurants a
number of these specialty restaurants are open and and will be open on that
first date but they have no reservations because of course the folks who were on
the cruise last night left by noon they’re gone and now the new passengers
are coming in and they’re coming on board from
eleven in the morning until maybe three or four in the afternoon and some of
these restaurants are open for lunch oh they’re open for open for a dinner
you know and they just don’t have very many reservations on that first day and
so to entice you to come to the specialty restaurant rather than go to
just the buffet or to the Grand Ballroom in the back where there’s no extra fee
to entice you to come on board and enjoy this specially restaurant they may offer
a deal I’ve heard deals where they have a you
know half off so instead of paying twenty five twenty five dollars a person
to come in and especially restaurant it might only be twelve fifty or they’re
offering you a free bottle of wine to come on you know come on in so instead
of spending thirty bucks for a bottle of wine no charge for a bottle of wine for
two diners coming into the specialty restaurant worth checking in to that as
soon as you board normally when you board the ship on the first day the crew
right there are gonna hand you a flyer and the Flyers filled with all the deals
all the promotions that they’re trying to get you into you know buy a Wi-Fi
package or go to the spa in a spa package or head to this specialty
restaurant or here’s the thing on our bingo game you know free bingo game
whatever the deal is specials in the casino sometimes are handing you know
ten dollars of free play if you play tonight this kind of stuff so it’s stuff
look it’s worth looking into and just checking the just checking the deals and
see what’s what’s going on the the other specials that they’ll
offer on embarkation date might be in the retail stores right onboard because
again the folks who are leaving they’re not buying very much in the retail store
the morning that for getting off the ship because they know you know I’m in
Miami now or I’m in Fort Lauderdale and there’s a mall just over there or
there’s a Costco over there and I’m back to you know land prices for stuff so
some of these stores on the first day of the truce they may have a deal on the
perfumes they may have a deal on some of the t-shirts are offering you never know
but the opposite is true in the last night that last full day of a cruise
it’s a sea day usually and the ship is headed back to port because you’re
leaving the next morning those stores on those ships they’ve
deels because they have quarters some of the staff and some of those stores the
staff is paid in commissions they might get like a like a minimum
wage to work there but majority of their upside is Commission’s and it doesn’t
matter what they sell that wristwatch for or that bracelet for those earrings
they get a commission on whatever the selling price is they need to move
product and they gotta hit their sales quarters and they’re offering deals so
it might be worth your while to go in there and just check it out and see if
there’s something in there that you’ve been watching the whole cruise you’ve
been looking at that bracelet and you’ve been thinking I’ll G you know $225 so I
don’t want to spend that and on the last day of the cruise you can pick it up for
99 bucks or $115 or you know whatever the deal is maybe that’s enough to tip
you over the edge and make you jump no that’s another deal now the other thing
I was gonna talk about was a cruise is a week-long let’s suppose and you’ve got
three or four stops bad news for the spa great news for you but bad news for the
spa because 2500 passengers 1,800 2,000 of these passengers are they’re getting
off the ship and they’re going on day excursions and the ship is kind of empty
kind of quiet and all those folks working in the spa the folks who do the
masseuse work they’re giving the massage where you get facials manicurists
pedicures couples massage the fitness instructors the health and struck all
those folks are paid a base salary plus Commission on performance and they’re
hungry for business and on port days the days that the ship is in port they are
desperate for customers and you may find that you know you go to the you head for
the spa you know the the night before you’re gonna be a say in Jamaica for the
day and there’s a big sign right at the front desk tomorrow all day massage is
thirty thirty five forty percent off on a massage or you know get a get a get a
manicure and a facial for you know fifty percent off or get you know get
I’ll get a manicure for fear for free I mean deals deals deals so look for that
okay and you may find that the spa might be
offering some pretty good deals on some of these days or you don’t have to pay
full price because on the CE day when everyone’s on board and they’re stuck on
the ship why would the cruise this spa have to give you a deal
there’s twenty five twenty seven four thousand passengers hover number number
of passengers are on the ship on the ship right there we’ve got four thousand
paying passengers and all we need is one hundred fifty to two hundred to come to
the spa and we’re booked up you can’t get a massage on you know day two but
you can get one on day three that kind of thing so keep that in mind for four
deals the casino don’t overlook the casino they have slot tournaments
they’ll have blackjack tournaments you can get I can’t end all or buy in and
you can kill a couple hours in the casino on a CD and have some fun and it
doesn’t cost you a lot of money might get lucky and you know come in second
place and get a free steak dinner come in first place and you might win 500
bucks why not the other thing too is on the casino if they know you’re a regular
you’re coming in for these specials and you’re hanging around a little bit
they’re gonna send you special they’re gonna send you a Flyers emails all
during the year they remember that you were there and if they’ve got a poker
tournament or a slot tournament coming up some of these cruises in the
Caribbean or elsewhere they’re looking to fill up that cruise ship that casino
has allowed so many sweets so many of the balcony rooms are inside rooms that
they can offer at a steep discount to casino patrons and you may be given
offers that you can’t find on vacations to go calm or other sites or not even
mentioned on the on the cruise website you might find a super deal that might
just be the way to go so keep that in mind something to check out you never
know what else I gonna tell you oh the coffee card I not talked about that
coffee card this is also kind of new it sort of
happened in the last few years cruise ships have figured out that if
they have a Starbucks type Bistro onboard there are coffee aficionados
that are gonna go there I’m one of them I love to have my latte in the morning
make one at home every day and boy I miss it so I head down to the to the
Bistro and I order my latte and and the routine that I’ve developed is I’ll get
my latte in a to-go cup and then I’ll take that with me to the buffet at the
you know at the back of the ship why and where am I my wife and I were having
breakfast together and you know she’s happy just having a regular cup of tea
at the buff at the buffet she doesn’t want anything fancy but I love my latte
you can’t get a latte oh you know bistro latte in the in the buffet now a chance
so I take that with me and then I go to the wife they take it there and then I
grab my my food and I’m at my table that I have my latte and I have breakfast all
as well now I have seen people who are buying
these these drink passes that are basically that the the Bistro coffee you
know volume deal and it’s the kind of deal that if you drink I think two or
three in a day so you got to like this stuff if you’re drinking two or three
specialty drinks in a day from The Bistro it makes sense to buy the card if
you’re only buying one like I do first thing in the morning and then I don’t
frequent the place until the next morning I might be able to better off
just buying my latte in the morning charge it to my room and leave it at
that and I find it the price of a large latte
you know how to Starbucks in the u.s. runs me you know 382-420 whatever the
prices with tags depending on the state I’m in on the cruise ship
it’s 382 for 450 a pop at the same price I don’t mind I’m quite happy and if they
taste great they’re just they’re made right on the spot they got the Bistro
machine right there you see them grinding the coffee afresh and there
they are making your latte right in front of us steaming the milk or the my
case I like a soy you know I’m kind of cute I needs kind of guy what can I sit
anyway what can I say it’s a great deal so there’s
there’s that the coffee pass if you like to get a you know a latte or an
Americano or a cappuccino and then during the day you want to get something
else perfect and in there and use that coffee card sometimes it limits you to
two or three or four drinks and in the 24-hour period and you can max it out
max it out knock yourself out and it’s worth your while like I said I’ve seen I
did it I bought you know my latte there and took it to the buffet because I saw
somebody else what a brilliant idea because the coffee in the buffet area I
hate to tell you but they told me somebody told me that it’s actually just
syrup it’s a it’s a dark coffee syrup that is mixed with hot water and that’s
your coffee and you know it’s economical fast to make easy to make in volume so
if you’ve got eight hundred a thousand passengers going through the buffet at
breakfast time at lunch time at dinner you need to crank out a thousand coffees
or eight hundred coffees in 40 minutes using the syrup mixing type unit
machines is what they’re doing and the pure the purest the coffee purist
wouldn’t be caught dead drinking that stuff they tell me and so hey go to the
Bistro they pay the price they get the real fresh freshly ground beans cup of
coffee and there you go so there’s another another thing to kind of think
about with regard to what to do on the cruise and and then I was gonna talk to
you today about a combo holiday idea this is I’ve touched on this before and
I think I’m going to do a couple of videos on this as a specialty video
especially on certain cruises that I’ll find as we go forward to it we’re coming
up to um we’re in wave season now for cruise ships so right now the cruise
lines are offering all kinds of deals for summer cruises like starting in May
and June July August cruises that are predominately going to be in Alaska
cruises are going to be in Northern Europe or through the Mediterranean they
know that that we cruise lines all move their ships to these you know three
areas of the planet and they hit up the summer cruising season daytime and you
know hundreds of thousands of cruises have to be booked and committed to buy
by travelers you know between now and say the next month or so into February
March so if these cruise lines know that they’ve got 85 90 95 percent occupancy
on a majority of their ships for the majority of their itineraries in the
summertime however if you’ve got a cruise ship in the Caribbean right now
servicing 7 and 10 day cruises for a bunch of passengers out of the US or
other spots that ship is going to be in in the Mediterranean for say May June
July August September and then in October it’s going to come back to the
Caribbean again you got to get it from the Caribbean over to the Mediterranean
and several dozen ships there’ll be 30 40 ships believe the military of the
Caribbean area and head to northern Europe or to the Mediterranean area in
between April and May and that’s repositioning season 4 this guy
that means repositioning cruises are coming up and we’re just starting to see
some of the prices coming down for some of these repositioning cruises or repos
as I call and these repositioning cruises are going to get cheaper and
cheaper until they reach a certain level of occupancy the cruise ship line knows
that it’s a one-way deal you get on in Miami and you’re getting off in Rome or
you’re getting on in Fort Lauderdale and you’re getting off in Barcelona there’s
no way back you know right away off of that cruise ship so you’re gonna have to
you’re gonna have to keep that in mind Matt thanks again talk to you soon
anyway if anyone’s out there watching right now
let me know text in where you’re from where you’re watching me from and tell
me what your temperature is because I’m in Creston right now and it’s plus 2
it’s about 35 36 degrees you know what you’ve got I see we have a couple of
years going right now welcome to my life telecast on these on these
auditioning cruises I gotta tell you folks I am seeing deals I’ve seen over
the years and I’m gonna see this again but I’m already starting to notice it
there’s a couple of cruises starting to show up where you’re on the ship for 16
days you get on in Fort Lauderdale and you’re you’re headed to maybe the
Bahamas or Bermuda for a for a day or so then you’re gone for five days at sea
over to Tenerife and the in the Azores and they’ve got a couple of stops booked
for you there and then the ship roller will will go to say Barcelona stop there
for a night or two nights giving you 2 nights in Barcelona you sleep on board
the ship and go to this city for two days fantastic and then the ship heads
to Italy and ends up in Rome and it’s a total of 16 nights and you end up in
Rome Italy when the whole trip is done we’re talking about we’re talking about
a cruise that for an inside room we’re talking about 40 to 45 dollars a night
for this kind of a deal and I’ll tell you you were you gonna get a hotel room
for $45 night now this is per person okay it’s American money so that makes
that $90 a night for couple in a five-star setting because these cruise
ships are awful nice a minimum four-star but usually five-star and for 4045
dollars a night a base Freight man is that a deal and because it’s a
repositioning cruise some of the cruise lines are offering all kinds of perks on
top of this crazy price they’re offering you other perks to commit to the cruise
how about no gratuities prepaid gratuities they’ll pay the tips for you
they’ll ensure that the staff gets the tip money then they’ll offer you 250
minutes of free Wi-Fi or if you don’t want that deal how about we give you a
two hundred dollar credit on your cabin or how about we give you a drink package
for two like the base alcohol drink package for two well you know in some
cases these drink packages will run you you know 50 $80 $90 a day a person for
the dream pack if you’re on this ship for 16 days face for the cruise so you
know deal upon deal when it comes to a balcony for example you can get some of
these repositioned cruises where the balcony is 80
one hundred dollars a night 90 bucks a night sometimes it’s 70 bucks a night
you know you’re you’re getting you know Class A a combination for a bargain
basement price and yet you get to cruise across the Atlantic for the entire 16
days he end up in Rome Italy your nephew don’t worry about the time
change you’ve had 16 days of time change going over so it’s 9 hours difference
from Florida to Rome who cares you’re on Rome time when you get off
that ship in Rome you’re all adjusted there’s no jet lag to deal with now you
can enjoy Rome or Italy as a whole all you want all you need to do now is
figured out how to get home well getting home now from Europe in 2018 on and on
an airliner is so much easier than even 10 or 20 years ago 10 or 20 years ago
you had legacy carriers like British Airways United Cathay Pacific or
American Airlines in Canadians case we had Air Canada or CP air or whatever
they were a handful maybe five or six airlines that we could book and these
guys they’d stick it to you they knew oh you want a one-way trip from Rome to New
York or Frankfurt to Chicago or Toronto or Los Angeles they would charge you the
round-trip price so you would even get a deal for a one-way ticket they wouldn’t
give you a deal for a one-way ticket well discount airlines are now you know
out there and they’re not just discount tickets discount airlines for domestic
travel now it’s for international travel so now you can find one-way tickets
across the Atlantic for really half the price of a round-trip ticket so on a
discount airline if you can find a round-trip ticket from say Chicago to
Frankfort for say $750 or $600 a one-way for 300 350 bucks is available so you’re
you’re in Rome on this repositioning cruise you spend a week or two in Europe
as all and you ended up in Frankfurt and you did that by design either bought a
rail pass for maybe you know 4-day unlimited use
of the rail pass over a two-week period or a six-day unlimited over a one-month
period you can buy a second-class Rail Pass or a first-class I speed rail past
five countries three countries two countries whatever you want you end up
in Frankfurt and you’re gonna fly back to the United States or Canada on a
one-way ticket at a decent price this is where this repositioning cruise all of a
sudden coupled with the one-way flight back to where you coming from
it’s a killer deal now if of course you had to get the Fort Lauderdale in the
first place to get on that cruise and you’re from Chicago
you would have flown maybe Southwest Airlines one way you know Southwest one
way it’s cheap you can do a one-way flight on Southwest that’s how they sell
their flights per segment anyway so you got the cheap flight to get the ship you
get the cheap cruise to get to Rome you get the cheap flight to get home from
from Europe back to North America and you may be able to land a lot closer to
your hometown and then even back to Fort Lauderdale so I’ll tell you you can put
these cruises together they’re just absolutely fantastic
looks like we got another of year I think we have three viewers now going
live we’ve had them coming and going all as the telecast welcome to my youtube
live stream type in where you’re from where are you watching me from are you
watching you from the US are you watching me from my California what city
what’s your temperature tell us what’s going on we’ve had viewers from Ottawa
where it’s 28 degrees Vegas where it was 49 Georgia it was about 40 not very good
here in Creston it’s about 35 36 degrees let me know where you’re from and what’s
your what’s your temperature today you get rain you get Sun is it any good
we’re talking about cruising we’re talking about traveling I’m talking
about right now about putting a combo deal together where you can put a
combination holiday together with a repositioning cruise that leaves from
say the Caribbean area like Florida this coming April or May heading to either
Northern Europe or the Mediterranean and when you get there you can then tool
around you know Europe as long as you want and then take a one-way flight back
home and what a great little holiday years on board the ship for 14 to 16
days on the repositioning deal for maybe forty to seventy bucks a night depending
if it’s an inside rumor about getting per person sheep because they get fed –
you know and then you uh you’re in Europe and you’re flying home on a
one-way flight on a discount airline and you know maybe your bed and breakfast
ting it or your air being being it in Europe and you know keeping a cheap way
to go I found another repositioning cruise
that I’ll be talking to you about in a little more detail a couple more
actually these are the Mideast and I’ve seen deals where you can get on a ship
in Dubai and you can do a fifteen sixteen day cruise I’ve seen one to Rome
but I’ve seen another one to Singapore I think about this you’re you’re on a
cruise ship from Dubai to Singapore and then from from Singapore
you can fly either to Australia or back to Dubai and from where he came from in
other words if you’re in North America and you’re flying to Dubai you can fly
on out of puppy 12 major US cities to divide Emirates spend four or five days
there and enjoy Dubai adjust to the time change and so on get on that
repositioning cruise it’s super cheap prices get off in Singapore and Jois
Singapore for three or four days maybe fly up to Hongkong and check that area
out or downed US Australia and check out Australia or fly from Singapore in that
area back to do Dubai I spend it there two there and then from Dubai back to
North America I can tell you on Emirates you can fly from North America to Dubai
Dubai – or sorry from from maybe Singapore back to Dubai and Dubai back
to LA you can do those three segments I’m gonna tell you between 300-400
dollars US per segment airlines love it when you booked multiple segments with
them it shows them the loyalty and they’ll make you a deal for the for the
segment they’ll if you go three or four or five segments the cost per flight
starts to drop and it becomes so cheap you just you just start shaking your
head and asking yourself how do they make any money because on Emirates from
like Los Angeles you can find LA to Dubai that’s a 13-hour flight and 13
hours back or 13 14 hours back because the you know West release the winds and
then you can fly from say a Singapore to that might be six seven hours you had up
the number of hours that you’re on the plane and you know you’re paying $400 a
segment I mean that’s like flying la them to New York you know LA to New York
and 400 is a good deal how about Dubai the Los Angeles for $400
on a brand new a380 double-decker airplane economy on the Emirates a380
you can’t can’t hold a stand no US domestic carrier can can compete with
economy on on Emirates we all know that you flew have you flown
frontier have you flown other Airlines in economy you can you fly Emirates
economy you won’t believe it it’s it’s just a whole other world and the
attitude there’s so much better it’s fantastic
anyway if any of you out there are watching right now and you’ve caught my
channel in this this live telecast let me know where you’re watching from tell
me what the temperature is where you are give me a thumbs up if you’re watching
hope you enjoying it anyway to do a combo trip like this as I saying you can
fly from like a sail from you North America to Dubai get a repositioning
cruise enjoy the the locale you have flight back to Dubai what seem to buy
you want to go now to Europe flydubai up to Europe on Emirates Airways 67 cities
there spend a week or two in Europe back to Dubai day or two and then back to Los
Angeles that flight you’re down to maybe $300 a segment 350 bucks a segment
you’re getting deal so you just have to make do by your hub and you have to just
think out of the box get out of this you know this New York to Frankfurt thing or
Chicago to London thing avoid Heathrow avoid Frankfurt the airport landing fees
you check your ticket and United discharging you you know $400 for your
fare and then you’re paying four or $500 for your airport charges if you fly
through Dubai you check your ticket on Dubai what the airport charges aren’t
you’ll be shot it’s it’s like 50 bucks it’s under $100 it’s it’s fractions and
if you’re again a multiple segment flyer the Dubai International Airport has got
a killer price for Emirates passengers as it’s the national
airline of the UAE and so you’re saving unbelievable money flying on on Emirates
by the way I’m not being paid to do this although you know I would love to do a
review on Emirates you know how nice the flights are and how nice the planes are
with my camera onboard the plane you just drop me a line on the descriptions
below and I’ll be there I’ll be happy to do a YouTube review on Emirates anytime
I’d love to be that Airport and do that too
anyway you can combine a repositioning cruise with a discount deal with these
air fares and you’ll see places you’ve never seen before and you average it all
out on a per day basis and you might have like a 42 Day holiday that you’ve
just put together and you do the math and you oh my goodness we’re doing the
whole thing for a 120 dollars a day a person for everything oh my gosh you
know with the airfare and the discount cruise and the meals and yeah you can
really put together some really fantastically priced holidays and you
don’t have to be in a hostel you don’t have to travel out of a backpack you can
be my age and enjoy you know far you know sights from all over the world it’s
just so much Susan Carlton is asking me a question she’s saying asking do you
need to do this multi stop airline ticket these tickets through a travel
agent to get the deals the answer is no you can do the multi ticket deal either
through Expedia calm you know or emirates directly you can do it
directly and what i would recommend you do is i love using a website called
kayak comm to check out the pricing its ka y a kom kayak comm and they have a
system where you can check for flights either you know return flights one-way
flights or multi city flights and there you can just enter the you know the city
you’re departing from where you’re going to the day you want to go there are
times on kayak where they’ll show a calendar a little calendar beside your
search and they’ll be little green dots on some of the dates and if you hover
your mouse over the green dot it’ll say super discount airfares available on
this date so that’s another hint but again
don’t worry about that just just you know be flexible few dates if you want
to be or be hardcore about your dates if you want to be don’t worry buddy
anyway um the thing about a multi flight is you don’t have to go from say like I
said from from the u.s. to Dubai in this example and then you must fly from Dubai
to the next spot no no no you can go you know one to Dubai and then you’re on a
repo cruise if that’s what you’re doing and the next flight
you’re gonna take is Singapore or Hong Kong or wherever the ship dropped you
off or wherever you end it up a traveling – after you got off the ship
and are flying now back to Dubai on Emirates so you’re making sure that the
city you want to go from to Dubai is obviously service so Hong Kong Singapore
of course Jakarta Bangkok yes they they do it all so now you’re back to Dubai
and from Dubai you can decide you know you might take another repo cruise if
you’re really going crazy and this repositioning cruise takes you
to Rome or you’re just coming home it doesn’t you can take a flight to Europe
and just do Europe and come back to Dubai and then go home you could play
that you can’t fly on Emirates from Frankfurt back to Los Angeles or New
York for example you have to go through to buy because that your that’s your hub
so make that your hub and make sure that when you get back to your hub you take a
couple of days off you just relax and whatever although you can you know you
can do the Kinect Kinect Kinect game spends five six hours at the airport do
your next bike no no prob whatever whatever you can tolerate and no way you
want it that’s the beauty of this whole system you look at the multi-city deal
and you put your itinerary together and you know you and your traveling
companion or companions they’ll say okay well that last day is gonna be a killer
but you know what we’re going home on that day and that’s what we’re gonna do
because we all have to be at work that they after two days after fair enough
whatever whatever works for you if you’re retired like me or send me
retired like me because I am working right now but if you’re a semi-retired
like me you know I may have a little more time with flexibility to get back
anyway so once you’ve done that you hit the enter button it’ll show you the
prices and on you’re not just going to get Emirates prices you’ll get
all the prices from all the airlines on a
liske and you may find that you’ll find something like maybe not necessarily
arrow fly won’t be Aeroflot there might be some airlines or combinations of
airlines two or three airlines that the the the search engine has put together
for you with a suggested itinerary and now there are times where i have seen an
airfare even cheaper than emirates for the flights that you’ve wanted to book
you know from from say LA to Dubai and then Singapore to Dubai and Dubai back
to LA you might find that that British Airways and an Aeroflot have a better
deal or you know Cathay Pacific is somebody else but there’s a catch these
aren’t direct flights these are connecting flights and you
look at some of them in there like you know 32 hours 28 hours where you know a
flight from LA to Dubai should be 13 hours nonstop and a flight from
Singapore to Dubai should be yes II wondered why should be six seven hours
or so and then back from Dubai to LA should also be 13 13 hours so when you
find you’ll you’ll scroll along and see the deals but inevitably you’ll find the
Emirates deal you’ll see that all the flights are operated by Emirates and
you’ll notice without without question I’m certain of it
99.9% assured they’re all nonstop flights and they’re all on 777 or a380s
which are all less than five years old these planes are virtually new I think
the oldest a380 that Emirates operates is eight years old I mean if these
planes are fresh you know they’re world-class fantastic and so check into
that so you might pay a hundred or 150 more for this so-called multi you know
flight get but it’s all nonstop and so you do the math and go oh well I can fly
these three flights and spend a total of 33 hours in the air for all three
flights combined all non-stop or I can go 58 hours I have to stop in Athens or
I have to stop and anchor a turkey or I have to stop and st. Petersburg Russia
avoid like the plague avoid this take the nonstop sand
from there so worth your while so you can do it yourself if you book it
yourself through like Expedia you know they’ve got that point system you know
the more you book through them the more points you get and the points can be
used for flight if you book through Emirates you can use their frequent
flyer card they have their own frequent flyer program you use that and you’re
now getting points on Emirates system and in some of the hotels that you might
stay at you might be persuaded gee you know for five bucks a night more we can
stay at this hotel and get more Emirates points which leads to an upgrade down
the road on an Emirates flight you might be able to bump yourself up from an
economy seat on Emirates to a business class seat on you know one of those legs
on the next time you go so keep that in mind there’s loyalty both ways and where
Expedia might be able to give you immediate $10 off or $20 off your next
hotel booking or what have you where Emirates might you know what
they’re offering is there’s a chance for you to pump yourself up to business
class on a 13 hour flight you know once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
you know if you’re an economy passenger like I so that’s something I would I
would keep in mind I know that I’ve done multi flights on British Airways I’ve
done a multistage flight on British Airways and and even round trips on
British Airways and I’ve become a member of their their one-world fast whatever
it’s called and on the next flight like when I would book my next flight in on
British Airways this is Canada to London and then London to Canada that’s the
next flight that I would be looking to book on British Airways I would find the
deal on Expedia and it would say okay your flights gonna be 39 bucks then I
would go to British Airways and look at that same flight and I would see how
what they’re offering the flight for because sometimes the airline’s cheaper
than Expedia and not only did they they have the same price but they would say
Oh Bruce what’s your what’s your flight number over that card number of years we
gave you is you entered the year last name and they go oh you’re a frequent
flyer you were on you flew with us a year ago i if you’ve booked this flight
right now you get $150 off the quota because you can cash in these points you
don’t have to wait to leave enough points for the next flight you can take
the points you have now and we’ll give you 150 bucks off this flight right now
and you get points on the flight you’re gonna take which tells me that the next
flight I take I could take the option of using it right away for $150 discount
I’ll do that because sometimes I ask myself when’s the next time I’m gonna be
on this so you know this particular route from from here to here on British
Airways a may not fly British Airways for three or four or five more years
and airlines that I take may not be on the same program that British Airways is
on so I’ll take advantage of the deal while I’m being offered the deal and
I’ll I’ll go so on the airline game that there’s a whole other world there but
boy there you know if you do your homework you can become your own travel
agent for these airlines or for these cruises and for these hotel chains
by the way on the hotel chains there’s the hotel frequent steak Club you know I
have the Hilton card and the Hilton people are constantly sound sending the
offers stay at a hotel Hilton property whether it’s the the top one or the
second or third fourth fifth any of the Hilton properties will throw you all
kinds of points and you can use those points for free nights on future stays
and I’ve taken advantage of it and it’s worked beautifully I don’t find any
problems with the hotel that I’m coming to where I’m staying one night for free
because I’m just driving say from Canada to Las Vegas and I want to spend a night
on the way down I get to that hotel I’ve already booked it online I booked it
with points and the front desk they couldn’t be nicer they they’re they’re
absolutely as if is if I’m paying cash or playing with a credit card on the
spot they take great care yeah it’s a it’s a really good really good deal so
again you can use partial rewards or total rewards or you can use you know
the credit card that gives you the best points deal whatever you use your credit
card to pay for any of these things and I recommend you do it all if you can get
you know you get a really good deal on Emirates and the points are what you do
you take Emirates points but you use there’s your your credit card that gives
you all kinds of loyalty points on the credit card on top of that double whammy
then there the hotels through Hilton or Marriott or
whatever and you got their loyalty card and you’re booking it paying it with it
you’re with your credit card which gives you these points Bango another double
whammy you’re renting of a car from from Hertz or Enterprise and you got their
corporate card or their point guard and you’re using your care you’re just
piling up the points on top of the points on top of the points to get the
deal and in that repo cruise the repositioning Chris you paid with it
using your credit card you get a whole bunch of points these are points that
again might give you a free flight down the road give you free hotel stays give
you a cash back whatever the deal is if you’re crafty enough and you’re you know
you’re dedicated enough you can put these deals together and you can figure
out pretty quickly man you know I spent $6,000 on this
combination cruise airfare hotel car rental deal but I got back you know ten
twelve percent in perks that I can use now or use later from using certain
frequent you know flyer cards my credit card with these points of the cash back
cards take advantage of all this stuff because you’re the travel agent and
you’re getting that commission that is commission to you for doing all that
work and you deserve it why give it away to somebody else why not even take
advantage of that deal it’s being handed to you on a silver platter
I would I would take the deal yeah if there’s anyone out there who’s watching
this channel it hasn’t already type in where you’re watching me from let me
know where are you and what’s your temperature right now I’m curious to
know where my viewers are coming from how many have I know some of you have
come and gone as I’ve been on this on this little presentation today I’m just
getting ready to wrap it up here in the next minute or two so losing my voice
these are early days for me those of you who are watching this or have watched
this I am growing my youtube channel in various ways I have now 238 subscribers
the last time I looked I don’t think I’ve lost anybody today I’m gaining them
seven from yesterday to today which is just fantastic
I’m trying to get my my YouTube channel to a high number of subscribers I want
to break a thousand in the next few months and I want to do these live
telecasts where I can open the floor to whatever questions you want to ask about
traveling cruising how to find a good cruise deal how to find a good airfare
deal hotel deals specials on the cruises policies rules spec deals what to get on
the cruise what not to get on the deal what not to get the drink packages
especially restaurants you name it and I thank everybody who’s been watching me
and sending me texts and saying hi to me it’s great I really appreciate it I know
right now it’s very early days for me I’m going to build a following on this
live this live streaming channel and hopefully it’ll get to the point so many
questions I won’t be ill answerable and I’ll just have to answer you after the
stream is over and do the best I can to get back to you again thanks for
watching my channel thanks for subscribing to my channel it’s just
great to know that I have people watching me from just all over the world
here’s this guy talking to us a computer screen here in Canada if there’s
anything you want me to cover on my videos let me know I’ll be happy to do
it I’ve got videos in the in the can and being put together right now that I’ll
be releasing over the next few days and weeks and I’ll be doing more of these
live chats as we go forward this is Bruce I’m gonna say my advice with
travelling with Bruce thanks for watching this long chat it’s live stream
I will see you next time on traveling with Bruce have a great day everybody
and we’ll see you soon bye bye

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