Creative Fashion Photography talk roundup – Daria Belikova

Daria, welcome to the show. The first time I came across your work was about a year and
a half ago and I have to say I was blown away by your work. I was absolutely blown away, it had a
certain presence to it, a certain depth to it.A person can be provocative and not
be afraid of other people’s opinions.
They’re usually like “Well you are too young, probably when
you grow up you will go away from this dark, macabre style.”
You don’t understand, there is not only beautiful but it can
be sometimes ugly beautiful. You know this.
The inspiration, usually, can be from everywhere. You can
be on the plane, listening to some new music of Hans Zimmer
and then you’re like “Oh my God”. You start to close
your eyes and then you see all these …
We’ve got a question from Bob and he’s asking can
you explain the lighting in some of your pictures?
Yes I’ll try.You do a lot of photography of women.
Do you also photograph men and children?
I do.How long do you take to imagine a
scene and then to get it to a shoot?
It depends.Do you have a background in art or graphic design?How do you set your prices for photography or for bookings?Well it’s better if you ask a client…No sunlight here, no nothing like this, because it was
wintertime, it was evening, it was cold.
The sort of balance between doing a commercial shoot compared to your own photography where your
style is probably slightly too threatening for commercial work…At the beginning I was very worried that I’m going to lose my style.Absolutely love this shot, but your choice to say “Right I’m going to put that dark skinned model behind that light skinned model’s head and have her
look there and then have the sunlight glance…” I mean it’s a very unusual composition but it just works, it’s amazing. What do you shoot with, what’s your lenses, what lighting, what extra bits and pieces do you generally tend to use?Seven years, or six years ago I got my…Well as you know, social media is one of the
most important things today, for photographers especially.
In the middle of Moscow, the Radisson Royal Hotel,we brought a 250kg lion, at night. I had three hours to shoot it.It was so complicated.And then when we kept it in the shower room there
was a working guy who was cleaning everything
and he didn’t know about that so he opened that bathroom…He saw a lion.

5 thoughts on “Creative Fashion Photography talk roundup – Daria Belikova

  1. I’m not sure if I’ll learn much for the photography I do, but I’m subscribing for a few months to support the best photography content on YouTube and of course, see some interesting interviews.

  2. I really enjoyed that show. There seems to be a trend in my local area of photographers going for a moody, edgy style, but, in all honesty, it's a bit redundant and cookie cutter, and nothing like Daria's incredible work. Keep the awesome guests coming! 🙂

  3. Why are so many off her answers cut off? Smells like click bait! Lol topics covered include these questions but the video excludes her answers. It’s offensive actually asking a woman so many questions but cutting off almost everything she says. Poor taste.

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