31 thoughts on “Costume Street Karting In Tokyo – Japan Bucket List

  1. Yay ! The video we've been waiting for! 😊 I'm Definitely going Go carting if I ever make it to Japan. That looked like great fun! And I love the hoodie. Excellent colors 👌🏼

  2. Alex looked adorable sitting in the corner in his costume 😂
    Wise choice going with Pikachu! Perfect fit for the trip. Would love to see more.

  3. Do you have to dress up? My girlfriend likes costumes but I won’t do it. Not even for Halloween. But go-karts on real streets looks fun.

  4. "You can't dress up as Nintendo characters."

    Even though, Pikachu is from a Nintendo game.

    Speaking of video games, have you seen the Sonic trailer?

  5. are u using nd filters now?looks way better than before than the mega blown out skin tone!still waiting for mine!getting a Samyang/Rokinon 12mm t2.2 lens next week!

  6. Very cool! Please do share more of your experiences. I love all the details (pricing, finding the spot, etc.) which is all super useful info for fellow travelers. Thanks!

  7. Try drafting on bicycles at speed. Literally inches to the person in front of your tire.
    Then the lead drops back to the tail and the person behind them takes over for a spell.
    I've done this for miles at about 25kph.

  8. Aw I was in Japan at the same time you were! I half expected to run into one or two of the Japanese vloggers I watch while there but it definitely would have blown my mind to see you, an Irish vlogger, in Japan lol

  9. Glad you didn't die and thanks for sharing looking forward to seeing more of your Japan trip…even the two of you decked out for Rugby.

  10. That looks like a blast! Please keep doing the Japan videos. P.S. Why does Alex always look like he'd rather be stuffed in a cannon and shot to the moon than do whatever your latest idea is?

  11. Hey @Clisare the hoodie is fab, but when I go to buy it from your store it doesnt seem to have any branding on it, just checking is it supposed to be like that? Just back from Japan myself- didnt do the karting but loved every minute of the trip!

  12. 2:20 …


    Seriously though, I can sympathize with your husband, but then again, my wife has certainly had her moments with a similar expression, based on my choices.

  13. Hey @Clisare I tried to order a tshirt and hoodie last night but it wouldn't let me choose usa for country option in the sending bit….not sure if that's something they can fix or if you can. I would love to order some stuffs 🙂

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