95 thoughts on “Costume & Security Protocol | Season 1 | THE MASKED SINGER

  1. Honestly, the show seems so stupid and awful… yet it's so good and addicting. Already can't wait for the semifinals tomorrow night and the 2-hour finale next Wednesday! Also can't wait for season 2 already!

  2. I think Ryan Reynolds should get a percentage since he was the first american to do the show that brought attention to it lol

  3. This is very interesting to watch. Makes me want to see reaction cams for everyone else backstage whenever people get unmasked, like what if the backstage guys turned out to be a Latoya fan and seeing her get unmasked they just melt into cheers?

  4. They are indeed secured more than any president.. If only I have a good voice,I will at least experience having a bodyguard.??

  5. I attended all episodes and I spoiled it to my friends im just gonna say one of the most popular guesses for the remaining five are incorrect.

  6. Donny Osborne’s sister wrecked all of that work for the peacock with one talk show!!!!!!! She said that she didn’t know why her brother picked to be the peacock!!!

  7. The best kept secret until episode 1 and 2 when the clues were given. Then everyone knew who they all were ? The clues shouldn't be so easy for season 2 ?

  8. Well, Antonio Brown, Tommy’s Chong, Terry Bradshaw, Margaret Cho, Tori Spelling, Ricki Lake, and La Toya Jackson have already been unmasked, so they won’t have worry this just schedule anymore. But Bee, Lion, Monster, Peacock, and Rabbit are still in the competition, luckily, two will be eliminated tomorrow night then next week it will be the finale.

  9. Now I feel like the people in the comments section who are saying they know exactly who are under the masks, were audience members this whole time.

  10. I literally had a talk with my psychology professor, to see if I was actually going crazy or I just really like the show…turns out I just in love with the rabbit. ??❤

  11. Like=You want the monster to win
    Dislike=You want the rabbit to win
    Reply=Tell me who you want to win that isn’t the monster or rabbit

  12. MONSTER: Every time I come on set I put on a mask, and then put on another mask while wearing the mask, then another mask on top of the…what are we talking about.

  13. Boy they are REALLY going to have to ramp up security next season. I can't imagine how they'll screen and muzzle the audiences and also keep the practice studios under wraps and the agents/families/friends/etc. from talking or accidentally talking because you just know photographers and spies and moles and trolls and liars will be all over this. I just don't want this show ruined ….its so fun and innocent now…..but how on EARTH are they gonna do this? How would YOU secure the integrity of the show and keep the secret, because this season was sort of easy since no one knew about it or that it would be this massive hit…..?????????????

  14. This show is a Furry Convention at a karaoke bar ?? that's how I described it to my hubby and he died laughing but had to watch it ?? can't get enough of this show, go Monster!

  15. Let's see, I know for a fact the Peacock is Donny Osmond and the Rabbit could be Michael J. Fox.
    It twitches as if the person has Parkinson's.

  16. I’m very suspicious about the fact audience members don’t reveal anyone… like anyone from there could be posting the correct reveals as guesses instead… just a thought…

  17. Damn! Not gonna lie that’s rly good security and secrecy. That’s one of the reasons why it’s a hit. Also was popular in Asia. Still! Amazing show! I can’t wait for more seasons.

    Which is common sense. They are ordered from most famous to least famous!

  19. Pretty sure the audience members anonymously spoiled everyone's identities, or told other people in person, which then spreads around and gets obviously backed up by the clues, so it just looks like innocent guesses on the internet, when they're actually spoilers.

  20. Every time I come on set with the word mask and then put on another mask while wearing the mask what are we talking about

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