Costume Party Assassins – Tutorial & Playthrough

Hello hello welcome to Dibs On Blue! I want to show off today this game. How to play it…
This game is called Costume Party Assassins. It’s a really cool game. I want you to understand that this game
is super easy to learn there’s really nothing to it. It’s a party game and you can play with two to six players. The play time is around 20 to 30 minutes
but really it depends how long people are around the table and thinking and or
even how many people are playing the game so honestly it really depends. The concept is that all the players are
invited to a costume party so that means that everyone has a secret identity that
they know and they’re wearing a costume so the players know who they are but the
players don’t know who anyone else is. Everybody’s identity is secret. The goal is that you’re trying to kill everybody
and eliminate them from the game. If you’re the only one left then you win! If another player kills you,
then you lose and you’re eliminated. The game has several things… it’s got a
game board that has five different colored rooms on it There’s one die that has different colors on it as well
and it matches the rooms on the board but there’s one side of the die that’s
black and I’ll explain what that means later. There are 20 meeples in the game they’re
all different they’re all wearing different costumes. An example would be like a vampire a clown and a ghost There’s 20 cards and that deck of cards matches all the
people all the people, all the meeples, in the game. So to set up you have to put down the
game board and then put down four meeples in each room. It honestly doesn’t matter, you pick, just pick random ones and put them down, four
in each room. Now, give each player one card,
like this. That stack of cards, you’re gonna need
it, so just put it off to the side. That card that you have is your secret
role Now listen up… you don’t want to tell everybody who you are, like “Oh, I’m ___”
you know, don’t do that, keep it a secret! So when I get my secret role, scan the
board but make sure nobody else is really watching where you’re looking you
want to keep that a secret. You’re trying to find your secret role on the board. When you see yourself be like all right
I know where I am… Now we’re ready to play! The person who goes first is really up
to you you decide. The rulebook explains that whoever has the next birthday is
the first player, but really that’s up to you. You decide. Ok, so for an example, on my turn I roll
the die… and I got green.
So I look at the green room… I have two options really. I can move a character from the green room to another room… But, and this is important, the other room has to be right next to the green room. It has to be adjacent. You can’t move from the green room to
say the blue room because it’s too far away. So I can move from the green room to the red room, to the gray room, or to the
yellow room. Your other option is that you still have
to move a character but this time… you can start in the room next to that room
and then enter the green room. Once you’ve moved, pass the die over to
the next player. Now, if on my turn I roll the die and I
roll black… What happens is that you don’t move a
character you kill a character And you have to kill someone. So again, you have two options… Your first option is to kill a character
inside the same room that you’re in. So what you do is just remove the meeple
from the board. But, that means that other players are like “Oh! You’re inside that room! Hmm… which character are you??” So they’re trying to figure out who you are. Your other option is that you still have to kill a character… but not in your room. You can choose a safe option. …you don’t want everyone to know where you are. So you pick a random card from the top. And this time I got the astronaut so I
have to kill that character. I keep that card and the character
because you can only do that three times. That’s it. So, if I do that again on my next turn
and I roll black, pick a random one again, and I killed this time… Frankenstein’s monster… that’s my second card so if we go around again and it’s my turn again… and I roll black… well I’m gonna pick a
random one again… and I got the ghost that’s my limit I’ve reached my three
so I can’t kill a random character again. I have to kill somebody in my room. So if we go around again, I get black,
I’ve already reached my limit of three. I have to kill somebody inside my room. So you just pick somebody other than
yourself like the princess. Now I’m like “Hey did I kill you??” (any of
the players). If I didn’t kill anybody, that’s fine the game just keeps going,
but if I actually did kill somebody, so, somebody’s the princess,
then they’re gone they’re eliminated from the game. Now this is a very important rule…
If you’re alone in the room you’re the only meeple in the room… no other meeples are with you… what happens is that if it’s my turn
again and I roll black and I’ve already reached my limit of three, so I can’t
draw a card…. You have to kill yourself! That means you’re eliminated from the
game. So that concludes me explaining how to
play Costume Party Assassins. if you want to see people actually play the game, then hang on a second! I’m gonna have my friends come join me at the table and we’ll play the game. But, if you’re just not interested in
that that’s totally fine. If you enjoy watching my videos here and
my explanations, then please subscribe to this channel! Thank you for watching! Bye bye. Here are my two good friends Larry (Hi
there) and Bethany (Hello). So today we are
playing Costume Party Assassins… Which is really good (Larry: awesome)
Ok ready? (Bethany: ready) (Larry: sure sure) Ok… These are your secret roles. Your turn. (You want me to go first? Ok) yellow black… I’ll do a random one wizard black hmm random (Bethany: black again)
Black, again!
(Larry: black again… ok… random) zombie blue black again random Now there’s a limit of three right?
(Bethany: Right)
of the random cards, three, then after that, got it. black surgeon Black again?! I’ll pick a random one…
ghost (Bethany: Black again hmm)
(Bethany: Random, last one!)
Last one! cowboy (Larry: Black again!)
Wow! Black again! Random one, last one! What?!? Wow, black again, random one last one! Frankenstein’s monster Green blue blue black red Black?
Ughh that was my last one I can’t draw another! eeeee (Bethany: Ugh I’m dead.)
YAY! green yellow black ooooooo! black blue Hmm who are you?!?? Ugh… ugh! I killed myself ah I’m dead. Ugh yay…
(Bethany: Good game!)
(Larry: That was fun, that was fun.) The astronaut… sorry, the astronaut
if I can spell that right. Yeah, well, that completes the playthrough
if you have any questions or comments you can ask or leave your comment below
in the comment section and I’ll respond. And be sure to LIKE and subscribe! Cool! Bye!
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  1. what happens if I draw a card of a character that has already been eliminated? do I have to draw a card again? what if I have already drawn three cards, who do I kill then?
    what happens if I am alone in a room and the die is black. Can I draw a card to avoid having to kill myself or do I have to kill myself every time I am alone in a room and the die is black?

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