-sticky for me… I, honestly, everything on my body feels sticky. Yeah, that’s true. Thank you for my intro. *laughing* Welcome to the Halloween, um, edition of a
holy trinity video. A holy trin- You are saying? You’re on board now. That’s my way of trying to get around actually
having a title for this video because I- Oooh. Oooh. Ooooooooo! Ooh-oooooo! That’s my- this is my sassy werewolf.
Oo-oooOOooooooo! Mamrie is in rare form. Tonight’s the night that we are shooting
My Drunk Pumpkin. And last year, uh, you know that before we shot My Drunk Pumpkin, we shot
a video on my channel about creating, uh, Halloween costumes based off of random ingredients? Items. Objects? Items? Objects? I am a garbage bag monster with a toilet paper
baby that has scotch tape for your everyday needs. We can create stories? I do what I want! This year we tried to organize it a little
bit more. I really want it to feel like Chopped. So we have Diane Kang. Diane, show yourself. Yeaaah! *clapping* Oh, she’s hideous. *saying something with her hand over her mouth* Oooh. We are doing three rounds of Halloween
costume making. We have three mystery ingredients in our boxes. *holding up her box* This is the nicest thing
I’ve ever owned. Oh, the mystery casket. The mystery- ‘Cause on Chopped it’s open your mystery
basket, so mystery casket to keep on theme. So you guys are gonna vote, uh, in the comments
section below after each round and let us know who made the best costume. We’re gonna
have two minutes once we open (Hannah: *gasp*) our mystery caskets to create our costumes.
Diane has a stopwatch going. God. When did you get so fucking professional?! What the hell is going on? I don’t wanna waste time. We have a lot
of drunk pumpkinking- king-king-king-king to do. Oh, wow! And I don’t wanna waste time trying to enunciate. You know what I love? A good milk chocolate
colored ribbon. Mamrie, however, is great at wasting time. Oh, by the way, just like on Chopped there’s
a pantry of ingredients that you are allowed to use in your dishes that, uh, aren’t part
of the mystery box. And here we have our, uh, costume pantry which includes scissors,
Sharpies, and tape that we can use at any moment to create any part of our own costumes. So, like, one each. If this is the pantry, this is the damn Great
Depression. Mamrie, tell us more about the Great Depression. ♫♫♫ Hello ♫♫♫ Our ingredients are- Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god Oh, it’s got a little knob on the front. Maxi pads! We have two minutes to make a costume. Oh, wait. We might need five. Can I use the basket and also- can I use this, too? No. Can we pretend it’s two minutes? I said five minutes. You guys said two. No, let’s go for four or something. ♫♫♫ Intense costume making ♫♫♫ We have one more minute left. ♫♫♫ more intense costume making ♫♫♫ *Hannah laughing to herself* ♫♫♫ INTENSE COSTUME MAKING CONTINUED ♫♫♫ 10 seconds! 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2- Fuuuuuuuunnnnnn ♫♫♫ Hello ♫♫♫ *laughing* Alright. You can’t use the bow is what we said. You can only- You said we can’t?! Nooooo. I said you can only use the things- No problem. I’ll start this off because I don’t have that much confidence in my own costume. My costume is Homeschooled. Ooooohhhhhh… Alienating. Very polarzing-I’m sorry. I appreciate the creativity that all of you have that are homeschooled. Next? Anyone? I’ll go! Okay..*laughing* I’m a Maxi-Pad Monster- I am a garbage bag monster with a toilet paper baby. My face is the rainbow colored, um. pubic hair. Oh. Through which I dispel my weapons. Different colors represent different weapons that come shooting out of my maxi-pads. Okay. Are we supposed to go for like the most bat sh** crazy back story? Everything is about backstory to me. I really like to dive deep- Write a damn-*yelling* Okay, well, I’m clearly a business woman from the ’80s. Um, I’m calling her a working girl. As you can see, I have the bangs. I have the shoulder pads. And I have the pubic hair Oohhhhhh! I’mma call this look: Smelliny Griffiths. Oooh… You’re gonna have to Google that. An extremely difficult decision but we’re gonna ask you in the comments below to let us know who you think won Round 1. We’re gonna move onto Round 2. Diane is going to place new costume potential in all our mystery caskets. *off of Mamrie’s face* Yes? Who would wear a pad for eight hours? ♫♫♫ Hello ♫♫♫ Ohhhhhhhh. My god- Okay, so we have party hats. And we have… Colorful paper! We also have two-ish minutes to get this costume together- Oh my god! Wait-*panicking* Diane! ♫♫♫ Intense Costume Making ♫♫♫ *Hannah laughing to herself* ♫♫♫ More intense costume making ♫♫♫ How much time do we have left? I don’t know. I need-I need more time. I don’t have-*more panicking* No! We have 25 seconds left. No! I don’t think by giving us more time-well… I mean, you might need more time. ♫♫♫ INTENSE COSTUME MAKING CONTINUED ♫♫♫ 30 seconds. 7, 6, 5, 4 Mamrie is like gettin’- 3, 2, 1. ♫♫♫ Hello ♫♫♫ I guess I’ll go first. Again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. *laughing* No, we can-we can hear you. To us, you sound normal. But you’re very pensive about your own voice. Oh my god, yeah. We can hear you for four years. I’m a party foul. Oh! Inbounds, out of bounds, and a football. Ohhh. And I just put sh** ton of tinfoil on top. I love it. I’m a Uniporn…? Ooooh-so with my breats, my horn, and then my big black cock. ♫♫♫ record scratch ♫♫♫ Oh my god!!! Her face sucks but she got crotchy pink. I’m a tinfoil monster..? You’re a tinfoil monster *laughs* Who’s too hot! Oh my god.. I honestly think with this name and with this look you could release an EP and go #1. Who’s too hot! That’s your EP. No, her EP is “Are You Guys Not Hearing This?” You guys have to put this mask on. It sounds crazy in here. No thanks. Yeah, I’m good. She’d like us to put that on but her plan was foiled. Heyy– Let us know in the comments who won Round 2! ♫♫♫ Hello ♫♫♫ It’s glow in the dark silly string! Okay.. Can’t be Paperclip Monster. They’ll just see that coming. ♫♫♫ Intense Costume Making ♫♫♫ Ahhhh… Pregnant…? ♫♫♫ More Intense Costume Making ♫♫♫ *screaming* I’m just trying to get them down there. ♫♫♫ INTENSE COSTUME MAKING CONTINUED ♫♫♫ This. Okay. I’ll go first. I am Clippy from Microsoft Word. Ohhh!!! Did you mean to write a letter??? That’s so good! How annoying is that? So good!! I’m a Warrior Pregnant Lady with a statement necklace… and who has weird cravings. No! Don’t put it- in your mouth. So you’re Kim Zolciak? You’re an actual monster? Not my best. And then I just filled the balloons with silly string cause I thought that’d be cool. Ewwww! I was going for Dolly Parton thing. Obviously. But then I switched gears and I’m Silly Ray Cyrus. And I’m playing with a Silly String Quartet. What’s the paperclip? This is my microphone. *laughing* Why do you have boobs? Because I was gonna do a Dolly Parton- There’s silly string on your shoulder. ‘Cause that’s my mullet. *singing* My achey, breaky heart. This was a great warm up. Because we have a few more videos we are shooting tonight on both Hannah’s and Mamrie’s channels. Let us know in the comments below who you think actually won this Halloween costume version of Chopped! And if you’re at home by yourself, give yourself a solo round of applause for Diane Kang. *clapping* For putting together these Chopped Mystery Caskets. Diane is giving us the reward which is Make sure after you watch this video to go watch either Mamrie’s video or Hannah’s video. And um. And just, you know. Here we go! Ugh! Don’t you have to say, ‘I don’t know’? Ew. I don’t know. Ahh The two of you from this angle What? We’ve been through a lot. *laughing* Brilliant. Shoulder pads though? What? The bubblewrap around the neck? They just went for really big bows around their necks in the ’80s. Oh, cause I was about to say-she’s right. For a female in the work force in the ’80s, you really gotta protect your neck. Ohhh. Break that glass ceiling with your head! Diane, can you hit that last one on the floor right there? That one’s off. No, that’s on. That’s off. That’s a hundred percent off. Diane: It’s hella off. Cool, just checking. *laughing*

100 thoughts on “COSTUME CHALLENGE 2015 w/ HANNAH HART & MAMRIE HART // Grace Helbig

  1. Love you ladies very much!!! As a single mum of 3, I definitely enjoy using my few moments alone to watch you guys, always cheers me up no matter how stressed out I might be feeling! 😀 so thanks for everything you guys do individually but especially when you collab and I just have to say….I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, THE DOCTOR WHO SHIRT 😍😍😍

  2. Here are all the winners
    Round 1: Hanna
    Round 2: Grace
    Round 3: Grace
    These are just my opinions

  3. Mamerie pubeicly won round one
    Hanna destroyed round too
    And Grace clipped it all together in round three

  4. If I’m judging, I will allocate 3 points to the best, 2 points to 2nd, and then 1 point to 3rd

    In Round 1, I award Hannah the 3 points. Grace gets the 2 points as I believe Mamrie was disqualified as the straw in the box was not an item.
    In Round 2, Mamrie absolutely gets the 3 points without doubt, Hannah gets the 2 points, And Grace gets the 1 point.
    In Round 3, Grace receives the 3 points, Mamrie gets the 2 parts, and Hannah gets the one point.

    All three got 6 points in total and therefore they all won

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