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hey guys, this is Geo and in this video I will show you my new costume , Arwen’s “Requiem” gown from Lord of the Rings I will wear this costume at egaming and i will be a part of a big group project for which I can’t tell you anything yet only that we are gonna by a big group and you will find us there i made a pretty big research beforehand to figure out what kind of fabrics they used in the movies I found a really interesting blog (link in the description bellow) that has costume related photos and info for different characters from many franchises. fortunately it also has Arwen and all of her costumes with photos of the actuall costumes it also has desciptions about what the fabrics look like in person and what kind of fabrics they seem to be all those informations were extremely helpfull I also found some youtube videos from people that worked on the costumes for the movies. the fabrics I ended up using are: for the underdress, I used a satin chiffon that I originally bought a couple of years back for another costume for the upper sleeve part I used a light chiffon fabric but I forgot to keep a small piece to show you the other part of the sleeve is made by this beautifull silver satin-type of fabric for the overdress, or “jumper” I used this dark blue velvet that has almost grey undertones this is an amazing find really! it was difficult to find an affortable, good quality velvet and on top of everything as close to the original colour tone as possible (story time about my favorite greek fabric store I also used 2 type of metallic silver beads and unicorn skin sequins for embellisment this is the dress. Its floor lenght with super long sleeves moving on for the close up here you can see the neckline and the upper sleeves form up close I found the design for the beading on the blog I told you about in the intro. I also made the trim myself. the dress consist of two separate layers and I am not yet sure if i will sew them together or now, probably not the sleeves have a unique pattern, they are sewed like regular sleeves to wrist level but after that they are open wide with a thin hemming and they are also floor lenght here and in the inside neckline I will add a big trim originally I decided to make both trim myself, but after making the small one I realised that I don’t wanna sacrifice my sanity for it let’s take a look at the back side. I had to add a way of fastening the dress but since the zipper doesn’t really suit the whole elf/fantasy theme so I found a zipper that goes really well with the underdress’ colour and with that and all the hair on top of it , I believe it wont be noticable for the upper layer, the most profound one, I opted for a more genre appropriate way of fastening (also I didn’t wanna sew zipper to the velvet to avoid any bulkiness and selfloathing ) so I used eyelets and matching ribbon for a corset-like fastening system the dress has a slighly longer back that was quite easy to make and that’s all for today, hit the like button, leave a comment and subscribe for more videos. check the description for my social media and stay in touch

3 thoughts on “Cosplay Log : Arwen’s requiem gown -Lotr | Geo Kuromi

  1. Πότε θα ξαναέρθουν αυτά τα φορέματα στη μόδα;;;;;; Θέλω 100 τέτοια στη ντουλάπα μου!

  2. μπραβο πολύ ωρεα προσπαθεια και επιτελούς σε ακουμε που μιλάς (εγώ θέλω να δω πώς θα κανίς εκείνες της κάπες μεγάλες κουκούλες που φοράνε )

  3. polu wraia douleia akomi mia fora 😀 😀 😀 apsogo forema, anupomonw na to dw oloklirwmeno k panw sou 🙂
    P.s1 : Epitelous ekanes kati gia ton ixo xexexe
    P.s2 : O ixos einai mia xara etsi k den vgainei katholou vrwmikos opws nomizes… 🙂

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