Come shopping with me!!! PrettyLittleThing Edition – TRY ON CLOTHING HAUL

hey guys my channel's the same reason another come shopping with me video whoa and you guys request these like crazy and the top of the list was pretty little thing and it just so happens that it works up perfectly because pretty little thing got in touch with me and says do you want to give your followers it discount right and I was like homie yeah so I thought 20% discount code for you as well so as a come shopping with me video like normal but if you want to buy anything but I'm showing you or you just want to shop and crisp little thing yourself anyway then the twenty percent off discount code is this really annoying that they've given me this jumbled up letters I'm not just a simple sorry James 20 or something but hey home that is life this is what the discount code is so you just put that in as a checkout and I'll give you 20% off your entire order I know that is some things that aren't included I think it's just the premium or maybe sale items aren't included in that but just normal items 20% off with the discount code so okay so here we are on the pretty little thing home page alright other than 40 minutes get free delivery free delivery I'm thinking I'm probably gonna get free delivery anyway because I think when you spend over maybe a certain anyway okay so I usually just scroll down the home page like the main page first just to see like like just imagery and stuff that's going on but then I do always go to new info okay I'll look where is it let's have a look ski I really like their track suits like that yeah like hoodies and chucks about Sims they're really comfortable I think they look pretty cool like that hoodie is pretty cool oh they're quite nice mm pearl not my keen on pearl this is nice though I've really don't know if I can buy another denim jacket but that's really I like the bottom of it that's really cool mmm it's really nice but I just have to show you what many denim jackets oh it's nice and black too yeah I just have so many denim jackets though are they jeans oh it's for the top those are jeans I like those I really like these Thai shirts you know I like these but I'm not too keen on print so much sorry peanuts snoring in the background as always I feel like you guys must think that peanut just sleeps like all day every day she pretty much does to be honest that's cute that's really cute I mean it kind of looks like underwear but that's really cute especially to wear like under a shirt yeah we have it in black you see the black I think looks more like underway although it is really pretty the vet you know I really like the red oh okay I'm gonna put my bag in the Reds and also the blush but I might just get one but we'll say oh that's bag and bargain 15 pounds that's pretty good this is really cute but don't have really graduate to wear it but that's Riku these stripes shorts are cute – oh that jackets called – I like these Oh mmm are they like hard on Channel so suppose I just – are they like Joker's I don't know I don't I really want some of these trousers with like the stripes down the side I wonder they've got some others in a second because I really do once of them I want them to be more like kind of smarter joggers not like actual joggers you know although they look smart from afar but yeah I do like that look oh my god that jumper is so cute that's for the skirt but that jumper though let me see if we can get it that is so cute shop the look shop the look is this not the look mmm it's not on there look it's not on there that's not the look Wow all right they've got those shoes nude as well they aren't really cute I mean it's not I just reject like pearls I'm just not a pearl kind of person if they were Stan's like gold studs I would be definitely getting those these cute these bloody con dresses that's the one I got right yeah oh those are nice – hmm I feel like I have to try and slow myself down when I'm doing like shopping while I'm talking to you because I feel like I just speak my mind and I like jump between things really quick I'm like oh that's nice all that's really cute all that's cute and I need to try and like slow myself down I just get really excited mmm what's that like I'm really inside these little summer dresses right now but mmm I mean with my boo since that would look really cute but Daisy is not only my thing I mean they're cute daisies but they're bit too cute for me I'm not really a cutesy cutesy kind of person these are really cute if you are going on a holiday and that's where every bikini I would really like that it didn't have this bit here I guess you could tuck it in maybe button all those earrings are cute I'm really into earrings right now that is so cute I feel like I have a top really similar to this but that is really cute right but yeah I like a nude mm the other further black right uh yeah I think I prefer the black but they've only got a medium large in the black shadows go for it or put it in there for now we can always get rid of in a sec because I'm guessing it's gonna be stretchy so I'm thinking it won't really matter it's a bit big but oh I like this yellow one that's quite all I like that black one too oh it's a lie corner bangers tops this is cute where's the don't you think I like the way that sleeves are longer well they've only got a 14 don't you like the blue that much but this black one though that looks so cute do we like this I think that it's very frilly isn't it but oh I don't know I'm gonna be sitting cream oh yeah see when you're seeing cream I don't know that's bit too frilly for me to be honest feel really cute but just maybe a little bit too frilly oh my god see look at that oh my god that looks so pretty oh I'm gonna buy it I'm gonna go out I'm getting it six pounds oh my gosh but do you really want some trousers or some kind I know like it's summer but obviously summer here is not like super summery you know so I need to show them find some trousers come on Wyant you're loading I may do the bomb on here now the bomb is really good I did not know that oh my god they've got so many glitters on here this is nice you know that I like this style a lot at the moment I have so maybe a different color I have so many of these actually do I have a black one you know I don't think I do uh I'm gonna get that and I'm gonna get it in a big size because then I can it will be a bit longer because she's wearing an eight so I get like a 14 it's gonna be like a little bit longer so yeah let's go for it go for it okay so so far what I've got in is tops literally so I need some bottoms I just really struggling to find bottoms like on any website I just I don't know I just I think it's clear don't know what I won I don't have something in mind I don't really know I just think I know it when I see it I think maybe it's because I'm not really a skirt person these are cute but I just don't I don't know God wear those that's cute this tie-dye sweater thing black open middle of wide leg jump suit intrusting it's just quite nice I quite like that you know let's look at it on the catwalk doo-doo-doo I love Lee's got what things don't you squishing her boobs a little bit but I quite like this I'm just gonna look at it and blush because sometimes we look at in different colour you can see a bit clearer like the material and stuff like look you can actually see the detailing bit better here I'm gonna get it in black I'm gonna get it in black and she's wearing an eight I'm probably gonna material is this it's stretchy okay yeah it is stretchy so I'm gonna go for a 10 just worth it's not gonna be long enough says length approximately is that six foot one it was that 61 inches how do you 55 centimeters what's 155 centimeters in in my height how tall am I oh it's like what that's 5/3 sure surely not hmm okay so I'm five foot seven so oh no not seven five foot seven I'm confused so if 52 152 is 5/3 then what am i a hundred fifty seven that's only five foot one so like am i 160 oh my god this is really confusing me six nine five foot five one seven four five or seven am i a hundred seventy four centuries I really would say I was like 150 but five four seven hundred seventy for some confused this is length this 155 does that mean the whole length that's gonna be way too short for me do I get a twelve no sock I'm just gonna get a ten because surely they've got to take that into consideration well that was really long time spent on that one item but it's hard to choose your size you know you need to make sure you get in the right size makini is really nice right that's so cute it's cute I feel like I bought no two bikinis before I went away though so I don't think I really need any other bikinis right now I feel I could always say that and then when I'm actually going away I'm like I need some new bikinis yeah these are so cute these earrings are really just some so into earrings right now they're really cute though they're really four pounds I'm gonna get them oh I like this I like stripes right now these straps kind of go the wrong way but that's really cute oh my god how cute is that yes 100% let me just check the black oh oh which kind of like therefore oh my gosh I don't know that's really tough let's let's view the catwalk maybe might help me decide what colors she wearing Mac oh they're clicking cream is she show me cream catwalk yeah I think I'm gonna go black because this one looks a little bit salary right but then it's a cute that it looks celery no I'm gonna go black and they've only got a large so I'm gonna get for a large wow that's like really see through it's really cute like over a bikini I'd be so cubist so see-through I like this red this loving life that is cool that the cardigans nice too that is pretty cool oh look they do you have it that is so cute yeah that ampere chasing oh they did have it in black too no no definitely red this cardigan is nice let me look at it on the catwalk I think like with shorts maybe it's very long but I actually do like it but those are cool I mean I wouldn't wear those but they look so good on her oh my god that is so cool ah oh my goodness I want this whole set oh my god how cute is that oh my gosh I know these are like totally not wearable but how it cute she was really going for it wasn't she I think I might just want to watch that again oh okay where's the top that do I just want the top though or should I get both I think I want both because I think I'll make a pretty cute two photo I'm gonna get 12 though because I don't want them to be tight actually what fabric leads I didn't even look mixed fibers I hate it when they say that it's like are you stretchy but yeah 12 to be fine and then I'm gonna get the top as well this is basically just how cute with this look in a photo hopefully by the time you see this video I will have done a photo so I will show you the photo okay I'm gonna get the top on a table as well I might even get it a 14 mm yeah I wanted to be back oh my god I'm so excited about that I think that was the cutest thing I've ever seen okay anyway I've got a cup to you while I'm doing this I always have a tea or some kind of drink when I'm shopping online and because I've been talking to you guys so much it's getting cold okay this says lace up and be confused of where the lace up is oh the back I see it's quite nice definitely nice for holiday let me see I'm white just so you can see a bit clearer yeah that's really cute I like the way it's like this at the front that is cute but I just don't think I need it right now but I do like it I just don't need in my life right now this tie-dye bralla is cute that's quite cute too actually I like I dunno I love right now these are thin straps I love these thin straps that's actually so cute it's very see-through though right so obviously you'd have to wear something underneath like I can see her boob shape I wonder what she's got underneath her let me look at the catwalk listen her like she's got nothing underneath it but I can't see her nips that's strange they must have just like maybe got rid of them because I can see her whole boob so you would see nipples through this but it is really cute you'd have to wear like a something underneath it no okay let's keep going like I mean you would wear these my bad I'd like you looking at them thinking oh my god I love them but I just can't imagine who would wear those they're so out there I'd feel so uncomfortable oh no that's not talking white I've really liked the straps on it that's really an island at so see-through because I do really like it I like those trousers they had in red they also have a black there so actually really cool I just don't have I'd actually wear them they'd make you look so slim though oh my god they make your legs look so slim Oh white basic square next on bust it I see I've been looking for stuff like this but is it got nice straps that is the question eh yeah this is really nice I know that's like really basic but I've only got 14 dammit okay I think I'm pretty deep now I think I'm pretty like deep into this but you know we just can't stop looking haha I am pretty deep so I think oh my god these shoes how cute and they ah I actually got them in red but I don't like the jewels yeah okay let's go to the basket and see what we've got Wow okay so I've got the bodysuit there in two colours I've got that top there I should I've got that time I've got that jumpsuit some earrings and two three oh God okay I think I'm gonna get rid of this top you know because I feel like I have one really similar to that it's just not off the shoulder so I'm gonna get rid of that and I'm also going to go to the nude lace body because I'm I think the Reds really cool yeah I think that's what I'm gonna buy so I've got this super cute set I cannot strange you how excited I am for this to arrive this table I absolutely love I really like red at the moment I think it looks really good in the summer and also it kind of runs over coca-cola's he shot the striped tie is everything I love stripes and you know how much I love these tied up like shirt things the earrings are just super cute this jumpsuit I'm really excited to try black slinky shirt like crops hi I'm excited for that one and I really I'm excited for this so yeah this is what I'm gonna buy guys so I will see you on the other side okay anyway I got the stuff out and I've done destroy one part so I can talk to you about it so first of all I've kept on the red this is the first item and by the time you seen this video I would have Instagram show me the top and you guys really liked it it's so nice kind of looks like underwear kind of it you know like that type vibe I really like it I think as long as you're styling it right and you're not growing it with I care I've got some that looks like underway or like a really short miniskirt I personally wear this would find a host of jeans like baggy not funny but like mom jeans or like boyfriend jeans or high-waisted shorts with a chunky belt like this guys is how I personally like to star this type of thing so this is the first one the body I do have a red can you see that yeah so this is the body and then I have a break oh right I have read that lace bra underneath but just so happens to be pretty much exactly the same color because obviously it is see-through so you don't wanna obviously we're nothing I mean you could I wouldn't because but you wouldn't see you do see you see you need to us ever need that move your toes to just wear black or white I'm just going to read so it just kind of blends in better that's why I recommend I guess you could write flesh one is gonna be a bit more like school see okay so next up I have this I love you guys know I love like these like Thai shirts you know like what's like adjust a low-cut kind of Top Chef you just tie up so that's what this next one is so it's stripe to show really light it's really nice to flippy material it doesn't have buttons or anything so isn't it you just a tie top as you can see here and she's just tie at the front I mean you could wear it just looks like a cardigan I leave it undone but I obviously like it tight absolutely love this top I put a photo see here up on Instagram and you guys again you really like this one as well like victory as soon as I've got this I tried mom I wants to wear them so I like took questions straight away because I think they're so cute I mean that's that one next I've got this which is basically the same thing but it's just all black and it's different material it's definitely still a tie it's got like bad news sleeves the strike ones like kind of tight sleeves and this one's got like the loose 'value sleeves and it's more of like a silky material so this one say is more dressy and it's like really silky so nice and he would have seen I've seen the shopping I actually got this one in a 14 I think was all we had I can't go right now but I'm pretty sure that is all they had which is why I got it abuts be honest with these kind of tops it doesn't really matter because obviously you're tying it so you're making us tie she wants it anyway and it's meant to be like loose and emphasized in my opinion so I really like this the material is so nice like it's the perfect like hanging material you know they're just like hands really really nicely like you can see here so just hangs nice you know hangings that's that one and then next our Bible is super cute those jostling is super cute t-shirts and crops tea so you saw like when I saw this I really liked him I like your personality shows actually do have but I've really liked the way this one is cropped it just says loving life on it which I love I'm not overly keen on like buying like slogan t-shirts from these kind of websites because I find that usually have really quit sayings on them but don't really love but this one I'm really like I like that it says loving life is in kind of coke out of style or Pepsi or something it just looks your amazing that kind of thing and I really like it and have you guys noticed I don't nothing red right now I've bought so much red sauce like I just I've got so much red I just really like great which is really strange to me because I didn't use tonight breads and now I just thought of a sudden love right I'm like my body my t-shirt and I've seen actually just order from misguided as well this morning and I've got a red shirt from those whoa but I haven't obviously that's not hair so I can't show you that but that wouldn't be this video anyway but I probably will do another full video and I'll show you that one as well but yeah nothing the red oh that jumpsuit this is actually really nice so I like the black jumpsuit you know I can't even show you this like in this you can see him I'm really like this materials nice like it doesn't it felt super expensive but it's definitely thick which I think with this you need it to be like a bit thicker and it definitely is a bit thicker so I do really like it I really love the shape of the trousers I think they're so flattering and I just bring you like this color shape remember they're a little bit like flared out at the bottom I think that looks really nice and then the top fits really nice too like I just might care I think it's really such an easy outfit to passant like if you short notice or like last-minute needs to go out and you're like oh my god what am I gonna wear like you just put this on and you're good to go you know stop one thing comes with shoes maybe a jacket you go to work so I got stuck like this you know it's just easy to keep your water conversions everybody going out like mr. black jumpsuit really nice and yeah it fits really well what's nice to get this in I remember oh it's the ten it fits fine it fits like you sure to ten I'd say I'm a 10 and that fits me fine so yeah it's definitely true to size okay and then lastly oh my god I'm just so excited for this if you can tell from the come shopping with me part of this video is the code set you know the like mesh star top sets like this so it's not obviously completely mesh with stars on it I second it all teacher like a little crop top and notice I would obviously wear this more mr. bottoms like I don't you really bought the bottoms to have a cool photo so I think that it really cool I mean it would look quite all of your bones like some kind of pool party it's quite cool out there I was a belt especially like the first I'd quite a kind of style the pants I did get a little bigger size right yeah one minute well and I probably should have just starts the 10 because they are quite big I'm not mad at it I think that's quite cool because I've seen wear pants underneath which would be tight and those are the ones that can have the nice shapes those armored wear personally either black high-waisted high cut bikini bottoms or pants that whatever you prefer and in this one here in the cutout I'm actually wearing pants these are just Victoria see if it's Horace the black pants and good bikini was all kinds depending on where you're going obviously it's fine the yeah you can see that they are quite big right look but they like yeah they're quite big I like it and then top is super cute so whoever said we're a lot more I admire is just to like a black triangle bra underneath that's what I've done here this is just a like a basic brought from ASOS so just wear that always kind of wear that color bra underneath this kind of thing I mean you could watch your turn this game set out it's because I think so ever it's not with this type thing you could obviously wear more of like a bra that's underneath you could wear like a whole top underneath everyone to be a bit less like skin or you could write like a cool brother you know like you lazy bitch I'm like straps and stuff and you can read so much underneath there you can even wear like white or red like jazz up a bit I really like these kind of mesh t-shirts I think this is super cute and with high-waisted I was saying it's with higher state denim jeans or shorts and the chunky about this those are jewelry winning I really like this I just don't think it looks like it's one pretty little thing I think it looks like it so I'm just like so cool like it's dramshop who won you know I don't it just doesn't know that I push you a thing to me not that I don't like miss the thing like obviously do but it's quite different to get like something different on there you know because I find with personal thing misguided boo all those kind of websites they all have some different stuff but a lot of the stuff is the same but you do get the same kind of vibes of all the sites but they all have their own like style to them you know it was something but the other ones don't have but then they have like made fifty percent of the stuff that they all kind of have they must like get for the same warehouse or something and yeah I absolutely thought this is so cute but then I got the little girls hearts like bamboo style earrings these are so cute I wore them in the photo here with the red bodies through there so the cute I really like them the only thing is the bar that goes like across your ear it's quite long I'll do a close up here as you can see but it's quite long so they kept kind of moving and didn't stay like straight my card shape they kept like fooling but you really really like them they're very cute and for the price like a bargain and I'm just I can actually explains you how obsessed I am with earrings right now I have literally bought so many pairs of earrings it's unreal like I just so in this year I've only got one who a little bit wonder if I can come here closer so I can show you so in this ear I've just got like this one big hoop and then this little hoop the big hoop is actually from Topshop and the little hoop is from Etsy I'm just what I could step to them from Etsy because you can just choose your size this one is actually bit I have a smaller hood which I'm usually prefer in this hole but it's so much get in your ear this one I believe is a nine millimeter and the one I have is an 8 millimeter yeah and then on this side I have the same Topshop hoop here and then I have the same little hoop but this is the smaller one can you see it like kind of cups my ear like a lot tighter and then this amazing one next to it that's like hang so it's like a stud but then the pasta fly at the back is this chain oh my god how nice is this area at night absolutely you know that it's so pretty but I think I want to get maybe another hole here and a hole here so I put three decidin for this side cuz right now I have three just over to this side I suppose so yes so yeah I might get another hole here in here so I've got four and then three maybe because I just feel like I want something else here like maybe another here come one of the start I'm not really sure oh I told you to tell you whether they're chain ones from the show pond is actually from I found one inch round I caught Edina jewels I found them because Madison beer was a lot other than yours and I absolutely love their stuff like so so much and when I originally I should just went on there to buy this necklace here because I wanted a piece of peanut on my on my necklace and so I don't have to buy that one because I had like a full digital 40% off sale which I was like as soon as I saw it like i have i I'll signups net you know notifications just because I like that stuff so much so as soon as I saw that I forged to another side I went over there like straight away to get this necklace and I'm pretty sure if you're just a new customer on there anyway then you get 30% off which is really really good because it's not super cheap stuff like at all and it's inmate long story I bought this one and then they got in Tasha said you want some more stuff and I was like oh my god yes because I like she wants to buy a pal website so I got the pee myself which I let me come in closer so I got the P which is here myself and then they oversee sin then this one oh no that is that Hey sorry hun got a mirror um so then when they said this one was just super cute and then these two chokers which I absolutely love so you've got the one like the balls on it and then the one with the cash shares my buddies are so cute so I really like all of these I love individuals and then also they sent me these two bracelets which so not this chunky one so this this one here which has got like these cute little I don't know what you call them a little tiny things on them and then this one which has got disks on them as well which is so cute I love this gold find your ducks so much and and then this necklace is you guys asked me a few of you asked where this is from it's from I'm an Instagram place I found I can't read what it's called right now so I put on screen here it's like chain chain and Abel is that right I think I'm gonna try an able but I might just completely made it up I'll leave on the screen right here so you can see well isn't it is this wrong because I got over that was cheap this was like maybe 20 quid whereas being somewhere like 100 you know you're like cities are expensive but with less person off they're cheap mm-hmm anyway oh I also got that eye shadow percentage right and it looks so pretty like I could seriously look how nice this looks so it comes on I feel little its own little case you put it in there yourself and then that's what it's like inside but the only thing is when i swatched it like can you see like that's just all falling off so I feel like it's almost like a loose pigment in a pound like it's just so so loose can you see it's like all falling off but it is really really pretty I think maybe just needs some like a he Civ or like you know just like something tackies put it on top so it kind of stays but it's so pretty how nice is that so yeah that is everything I got in my kind of shopping with me on a pretty little thing let me know in the comments down below what shop you want me to do next March I think maybe like I should try one it's not in this country like an American site or an Australian I love Australia oh my goodness like Princess Chloe love Tigers love summer skirt love so yeah let me know because let me know what you shot because maybe you shop somewhere I've never even tried lobby so fun have fun with that big bro comes up with my video on a store that I've never shot from before because I feel like the ones I've done so far I've shot them to like all with your time so when I'm filming it I'm just like mmm you know where's when it it is a new shot might have no shots on car be way more like Oh anyway so yeah let me know which one won't do next and that's everything for this video so I will see you in the next one –

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