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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel if you’re new here. My name is Zoe I would really appreciate it if you would subscribe down below So in today’s video as you can probably tell from the title, I’m filming my college move-in day Today is the day I go back to school back to university and I’m moving into my first house. I’m super super excited So I wanted to document the entire experience of just transforming my room right now I’m in the car with my mom and my dad’s in a u-haul with all my furniture because I just had too many things We’re about ten minutes away and I’ll see you there. So we got to the house. This is my room at the moment completely filled with boxes and now we have our work cut out for us to move it my cousin and two of his friends just came and helped us move all the Boxes and bins and everything from the u-haul up to my room And now my dad’s going to start building the IKEA furniture he’s doing the Wardrobe the desk the bedside table and the head princess treat while my mom and I are going to go to the drug store and the grocery store because necessary Little update as my dad is building all my stuff in my room My mom and I set up my part of the kitchen area So we put all my stuff in the freezer and the fridge This is my cabinet And then this corner I have my toaster and my ninja and then this is my drawer with cutting boards knives Other random stuff and then in the cabinet for food. I just have my shelf right here And then right now I’m going to my rack and my utility cart from Canadian Tire So I’m just finished building shoe rack from Canadian Tire I had Bharti built it because I have to show it in my home. But you know, I just did again really quickly It’s perfect and I’m basically Bob the Builder now I have to build the utility cart Which I haven’t built before so that’s going to be a major struggle, but I’m going to do it Anyway, it’s in French so good thing you actually know is this to me long? No, this is true roof, lunacy The first thing I need is to block. That’s too close. There’s no evidence. I Need screws Different types of I don’t know how this is supposed to work. This isn’t the shape of this My mom just laid out all the parts for me, but this is going to be very hard. So I will see you later So I just built the white utility cart I don’t even know how long it took me to build that thing, but it took way too long and I’m really hungry We arranged my furniture pretty much and now we’re gonna go through all the duffel bags like four duffel bags full of clothes I’m gonna put them in my wardrobe and the drawer is that my camera is on I Just finished with my wardrobe I have stuff that needs to be hung over here my sweaters in these three Shelves and then down there and haven’t finished yet because we didn’t open the duffel bag But my pants will go here and then I’m thinking of putting my shoe rack at the bottom here We didn’t know how sturdy this rack would be, but I can probably fit a lot more clothes hung up here So next time I’m gonna go home. I’m going to pack some more hangers Now we’re gonna fill up those drawers with my t-shirts tank top stuff like that. It’s like five o’clock So, I don’t know if I just had lunch or dinner But we finished putting away all my clothes in my wardrobe And my drawers and now I’m gonna be building my bedside table from Ikea of all these pieces laid out I was probably gonna take me hours, but then we’re almost done This is the finished bedside table it took my mom and I like two hours but yeah So we just installed these IKEA bed slats and they took forever This is literally the definition of hell, and now we’re unrolling a mattress. I Put together my utility cart. I have my plants up here my face towels here and my shower face stuff in medicine here and then I put my laundry bag in this corner and I mom And I hung up these crystal command hooks. I Think I’ll just leave those for like that. I don’t really have room for this one We put a command hook behind my door for my bathrobe then I’m gonna put my lamp on my bedside table that I have this like Wireless phone charger thing and then my planner will go here and my computer is gonna go in there So this is what my bed looks like I also have a throw blanket here I bet looks so comfy and all they want to do right now is go to sleep It’s been such a long day, but I still have a few finishing touches I think I want to do my parents just left. So I’m here alone doing all the last-minute like little things That’s me in there. I think I’m actually gonna turn my light on to give it more of a nighttime ambiance Wow And then this is just all the stuff I have left to do as a way for me to procrastinate I want the face on my friend Michaela and show her my room. I hope she answers I Didn’t know you’re gonna answer I have work Right now, I’m just sitting at my desk I’m going to load all my makeup into these six drawers I have a bag of makeup palettes and brushes So I organized all my makeup into these bins they’re definitely a Really fast car outside. They’re definitely not as organized as they were at home, but I forget how I organized them at home So this is just going to do for now Maybe I’ll rearrange it some other time now. I think I’m going to do my jewelry So my jewelry stand is on my like four drawers of clothes So this is my completed jewellery stand I have all my necklaces bracelets and rings and then my hair ties and the Rings. I wear everyday and my earrings It’s 11:30 at night and I still have to shower you ready for bed and everything. So I stopped vlogging for a little bit So that I could really just like grind it out and set up my room. I’ll show you what I did This is what the top of my drawers look like I put one of my perfumes on this tray and then I put the rest in this mug because I did put them on the Libre tray But then like when I closes drawer and Wiggles and there I just hung the bag that I got at my cousin’s Bachelorette and at the window next to my bed I put this little star light that my best friend Mikayla got me for my birthday last year and a Polaroid of Mikayla and I As counselors at camp because he had the same campers. I put this like travel desk calendar thing on my printer It’s not set up I just put it there and I put my desk lamp on top and then I put this mug that my cousin Nadia got me Last year next to one of the extra plants that I didn’t put in my utility cart then in this desk drawer I just put my notebooks and all my school related stuff I just emptied all these packing bins and I kept some sort of like supply stuff So like command hooks and batteries in here because we’re not done setting up and then I still have my suitcase which I haven’t really touched and some more clothes to put away and then I just emptied out all these toiletries that I’m gonna go put away we didn’t Have time to put up any fairy lights or pictures so my parents are coming back on Sunday to help me set all that up because Building the bed like literally took forever those flats. I don’t forget what they’re called. I think they’re slut I’ve worked it out of my memory. They were literally insane So that really just slowed us down, but I did a lot now So I’m happy. So that is the end of my moving day. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video I will definitely be doing a complete room tour where I tell you where everything is from and also with my fairy lights and my Art hung up. So make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss that I’m also going to probably be doing a house tour. But yeah, that was my experience moving into my first house I’m so happy with how it’s turning out and I can’t wait for it to be done But you will see that version in my room tour. Good night, and I will see you in my next video

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  1. Super cute room !!? could you maybe give me the link to the closet you bought ? I’m in desperate need of one and yours looked really cute ?

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