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hi guys i'm back with another video and today i'm going to do a video about the stuff that i purchased in the past couple of months and a lot of that I haven't worn yet I don't know why I've just been working going to school lot I don't really have time to look cute all the time or I don't want to because I want to go to school and like my pjs and stuff um but yeah this is just a video on all of the stuff that I've bought recently and yeah it would be like it so getting into it i guess i'm going to talk about shoes first um I've already worn these a couple times they have them a couple of scuffs on them but i recently bought these new balances um they're my first pair i've been trying to search for the perfect pair and when I saw these well first of all first of all they are my favorite color um I really like kind of like sea foam green like colors like this and yeah I just thought these are really cute and also I wanted this style like the 999 it yeah but they're these ones there's a 999 and yeah I just really like them um there's extremely comfortable actually also the tongue is like this like weird print like that um where the once or twice though and they're extremely comfortable I like them a lot but I will say that if you have small feet because i am with a size 5 in women's um these shoes may make your feet look look even small and they make my feet look smaller than they actually are i mean like i have small feet i'm a size five but i don't know they just make my feet look like small and stubby is weird and we still like from target I got these heels that are super cute um I was very surprised when I found these because I was just like a target with my mom liked by like house stuff I never buy shoes from target but these are me and as you can tell they're like these like kind of like velvet they're grey they're very dark grey I don't know how they my on camera but they're very dark gray these are super cute they have the chunky heel their pointy and they're not even like that call I'm not really heal where I don't like to wear heels but these are amazing um I had to buy them when I saw them because honestly whenever I see girls wearing these kind of heels I'm just like yes like yes I love these kind of eels they're so cute um yeah that's all i got for shoes um i guess i'm just gonna go into all the clothes i'm dying um so now if i should go by store or I think I'll just go by store all right I'll just go buy everything that's in the pile so this doesn't have a tag on it and I haven't worn it at all I recently it's all one button your only fun is you guys could get some kind of sense of what it looks like hey I got this skirt it's a button-down skirt it's from Urban Outfitters more specifically cooper div like one of their little brands but i loved this because honestly i've been so in love with like yellow colors lately and I've also been wanting like a fitted button down skirt because this fits this like fits the curvature of your body i guess um i just loved it i tried it out and i loved it i haven't worn it yet i got it like a while ago actually still haven't worn it I don't know why cuz this skirt looks so cute I'm sorry if my choker keeps looking all wonky like oh weird i don't know the top 10 i put it on the last loop and it's still too big so i molded about that would know that's the little one okay sorry so the next item i'm going to talk about is this shirt that i got from forever 21 I don't really like to shop from forever 21 because their stuff is like really cheap ah I don't want to like seem like a bitch when I say that but like in reality their stuff is very cheap and it falls apart very quick and sometimes like the quality of the material you look you can just tell it's like not good quality you can't find really good things at forever 21 so I'm totally not you know like talking crap but um yeah I mean I got this because I just really love the color and I used to have a shirt like this from pacsun like almost just like this except it was very thin and you can see through it and this one I liked it because on my tried it on you couldn't like see what I was wearing under it is kind of seed through but it wasn't as see-through as the other one and it's a little more loose than the other one that I had because the other one that I had was very tight and Ike yeah but yeah this is ribbed also and I like the ribbed know if you guys can tell can you guys tell ya the next thing I got is also from from Antonio so this is also this is on a hanger yeah it's like this black dress and I thought this would be very cute for the holidays or whatever um worse anytime honestly because I don't have enough dresses and I really wish I had a lot of dresses but I don't but this was really cute and I like the high-neck I'm all about the honey neck I hate low neck I don't know if you guys can tell but my past couple of sit down talk videos I have been wearing like shirts that are all up to here you will never see me in like a low cut shirt unless it's like a really nice shirt so that's that the next thing I got is this bodysuit from american apparel um it I know I just said that I don't wear low-cut things but this this is amazing like I love it so yeah I actually read bought this because I used to have this in like a mustard yellow color but for some reason I bought it in like a medium because that's the size that fit my chest but not necessarily the rest of my body men on the rest of me like this sleeves are too long and they're really kind of bagging like bunched up and then also in the torso area also yeah but i had to resell it because you can't return things you can't return body suits at american apparel so I just ended up getting into black color because honestly this probably goes with a lot more um and yeah it's just this like bodysuit and if you guys can tell but it goes in a V and then like it's like this extra material it crisscrosses super cute body so long sleeve I don't know I thought this would be also good for the holidays just to put like a cute outfit together yeah so the next thing I'm going to talk about is this sweater best thing I don't know what to call it it's like a turtle mech I don't know this is from abercrombie actually and I don't know I tried this on and i like i love the simple colors and I thought this would look so cute um tucked in with like some high-waisted jeans um but this would be cute for like when it's cold outside and you like want to go hang out with your friends and you want to look cute but still be warm here you go this is the answer and I got a big shot of it but it also kind of like parts right here it's well and I really like the neutral colors um I find that when i get things that are different colors it's very hard to put them with other things so I kind of try to stick to simple colors so the next thing is also american apparel and it's this high tech top very much like the dress that i got from forever 21 except this is just a top and it's this very nice like chiffon material it's from their crate line I don't know if that's any of any significance but I notice that the stuff from life in this line is all like the kind of like very flowy chiffon material focus on me thank you um but yeah and this is like an extra small I'm an extra small in like their top so if the regular tops not their body suits but this is very cute i thought that this would be so cute to like dress up what was like some high-waisted jeans and like tuck it in I like tucking in my shirts I don't know if you can tell but yeah the next thing is this sweater from brandy melville am I focused I should and I'm going to do like a little close up I don't know if you could tell how the material is but it's this like really nice material and it's like a very slouchy but cropped sweater so it's like kind of crap it's not long well it's not cropped but it's not long either but it's cute it's like this like nice light gray color and I don't have enough sweaters like this so i just thought i would pick it up but i had already warned this also um but one thing i will say is if you do not like itchy sweaters do not get this because this is very itchy i always have to wear a shirt on your this um not good no the next thing is also from Bernie mogo it is this I'm sorry already wore him it's a goal I don't know um it is this like it's jungle but also brady mel though i don't know because i know that some of the brandy melville stuff says jungle I don't know what that means um but yeah this is cute striped shirt I love striped shirts one thing you will learn about me is I absolutely love stripe shirts and this is cropped and it's like kind of like it's not slow gee how to describe it I don't know me like use your vocabulary what are you doing um yeah it's this like really cute like blue stripe shirt and I love blue and I love stripes so I automatically gravitated to this and it's just like I know I like these kind of shirts for like simple outfits for like when I'm in a rush and I'm just liking well like I guess I'm a little cute um without trying so I got this the next thing I got is on from forever 21 and it is this like a varsity green jacket like a varsity bomber I don't know if to call it but it looks like those types cool jackets and it's really cute it's like it has this yellow um I got it in a large because I like these kind of jackets I like bomber jackets like to be big on me I don't like them where they're like up to here and like I don't know I just don't find any point in that so I always get them in a bigger size than what I actually am I probably I'm actually like an extra small in forever 21 because their stuff around huge I don't know I petite so if I say that it take if I say that like a small is huge for me then um next thing is this hat I thought this was really cute I don't know um it's like black and it has like sparkly stuff Sonnen I love this I don't know um I'm really into like the whole sparkly thing right now where they like so sparkles until like shirts hats whatever I I'm really digging it um I like to dress like a boy most of the time I don't know if you can tell from like half of this stuff will have this stuff no I'm trying to break out of dressing like a boy all the time but this it's like to me when I first saw this I was just like oh it's like boyish but it's like kind of girly I don't know whatever doesn't it and now going on to something else that's sparkly i got these tights from Urban Outfitters I don't know if I mentioned it but the habit from Urban Outfitters um and these tights I will zoom in as you can see there's like sparkles so man so it's like black Oh tight with sparkles and I don't know I just thought this would be really cute to like put under a skirt for the holidays i'm really loving the whole like sparkles for the holidays um we're just queue to general so so yeah next thing are the next thing is these jeans from urban outfitters also and these are there I believe these are there BTW jeep jeans yes they are because they have the right that's how you can help is when they have like this little red thing so another pocket but yeah these are bdg and these are black wash mom jeans and these been so nice um usually the problem that I don't buy usually the problem that i have with like urban outfitter changes that they're too long as i said before i'm very petite I'm like 51 and it's very hard to find jeans that fit my height perfectly and that are too long because something that I have to do a lot of the time is I have to fold my jeans and I don't like doing that honestly I like to just leave them and um you notice having like fall at like my foot I don't I don't like folding wedgies all the time and these for some reason they fit my height perfectly focus for some reason these fit my height perfectly unlike all of the other urban outfitters jeans so I was very happy about that and then also the fit is really nice it's like a nice slouchy mom jean fit just as described and yeah I haven't really been into the like whole like dragging skinny like skinny skinny skinny jean thing anymore um I've been more to mom jeans and just like slouchy jeans that just look cute um so the next thing is also from Urban Outfitters this is also bdg and it is this denim skirt and now I've been wanting to then I'm skirt like this for like such a long time I remember american apparel had them and every time i would go and try to find my size at the american apparel they would never have my sight or they wouldn't have the wash that I wanted and now this isn't the wash than I originally wanted I wanted lighter lighter wash but I would like I don't think I'm ever gonna find this skirt again anywhere else so I might as well just buy it and this is actually super cute and its high waisted so cute love it next thing is forever 21 and I actually got this on an app called d pop I kind of mentioned it before but yeah it's this app where you can like buy and sell clothes that are gently used and yeah this is from forever 21 it's just like this nice green bodysuit and I thought this would be really cute to tuck in for fall because it's like that nice green wall color it's ribbed I don't know if you guys can tell it's picking up on the camera is it I don't know I don't know whatever yeah this is super cute and the fit is so nice when I wear because I I don't really own when I wear like bras under this you know how some body suits like you can see like the outline of at the top of your bra this does not happen with this bodysuit and I really love that and I'm really loudly purchase this but yeah check out d pop if you have it already it's really great you can find really cool stuff on there and um gently used cheap yeah I've been really into buying clothes from like Deepak because I just feel like I don't know um fast fashion it's kind of like a problem these days so I feel like we should like try to rebuy clothes more thrift I don't know but don't like clothes go to waste you know because just because you want to go buy something brand new does it mean I mean this is just as good as something that's brand new so yeah and the next thing are these genes from american apparel I don't know what G these are sorry I'm trying to zip this up I don't know what genes these are I don't know if they're like the pencil gene the easy Jean because whenever i go to american apparel for some reason i know the american apparel's in Chicago they don't have like the little first of all of the tag it doesn't say which gene they are and then like the little tag that goes right here you know how they have it on like the back of the gene that says the size it doesn't say which genes they are so I don't know what your jeans these are but let me say that these do fit like mom jeans I would say that that's probably what their closest to I don't know if like American Apparel has genes that are blatantly called mom jeans I don't think they do because I was actually just on the website yesterday looking at the jeans trying to find these ones um they like different washes but it doesn't say mom jeans and I'm still not sure which jeans these are but your mom jeans I don't know Leah they're like and they're like actually that like a gene material like very stiff very thick and like I don't know I like that for winter because you know I like this for like colder weather because you can't you can't go out in this weather with like these like really thin jeans jeggings whatever and then like these are that real real real real hundred percent Jean material and I love it i I've been really into these kind of jeans lately the next thing is from urban outfitters again um it's this surprise surprise a striped shirt and I love this so much i love the shirt so much I've already worn it like three times and it's only been a week since I've got it um I love it I don't know i love it i love like the rainbow um it's another one of those shirts that's like it's not cropped but it's not long either I don't know how to describe it but yeah I just love the rainbow and I love how it has like this navy blue ring around the neck and the sleeves um but yeah this is my truly madly deeply actually got it in the sale section and usually the sale section of urban outfitters sucks so bad no offense to urban outfitters but to me like I can never find anything in the section I'll always always still look because why not um you never know what you can find and yeah I found this and I love this shirt so much it's so nice I don't know so next is more stuff from Urban Outfitters I don't know if I should show that no this is so here we go back into the so I got this from urban outfitters and it's this see-through long sleeved top with sparkles summon I love this so much I think this is gonna look so cute under like little candy tops like this you know how like the slip dress trend has been in um I've been trying really hard to find like a cami slip top I don't know if that makes sense so that I can put it over this like a black one or like maybe silver of a book super cute also um I don't know I've been looking for the perfect tank tops to put this under and then um yeah I think this would also look really cute like on your like short sleeves tops just like add a little extra something I don't know I just think it would look really cute and just totally caught my eye because of the sparkles I don't know if you guys can tell already um something else i got from urban outfitters is this top its striped maybe blue I don't know it was red and it's kind of see-through um I don't know this caught my eye because as I said before I married at eat and when I tried this on I was I was really hoping it fit me like a dress and of course it did um I don't know I think this would look so cute with like some vans I think this would look so cute with some bands and tights I don't know I'm trying to get a little more creative with my style and I know I I'm trying to break out of like the boyish vibes that I give off when I go out but this is still kind of boyish honestly let's be honest but as a dress it adds like extra like I'm not a boy I'm a girl I promise anyways so the last thing I'm going to show you guys that I got recently are these Levi's that i got from free people move on the one gosh yeah so the last thing I want to be showing you guys are these genes i got for free people they're actually Levi's and let me tell you these are very expensive okay these are so expensive but I don't mind spending money on good genes I really don't because I don't know these just fit so nice and I I haven't worn the UI's before when I don't have like a pair of Levi's I do but they're like these like the vintage ones that I picked up from the thrift store and I haven't like actually bought my own pair of like brand-new fresh Levi's so I thought these would be so when I first tried these on in like the Free People these were so cute so cute um the only thing that i might say is that like these are long and they're supposed to be like cropped jeans but they're not on me not at all because i'm so catty but yeah they have like this like raw hem at the bottom which is super cute but i have to fold them so you can't see it um yeah they're like kind of like mom jeans again just not as high waisted um yeah here's to be cute I actually don't know what kind like you know how Levi's have like the numbers like the 553 I don't know um these ones don't say for some reason because usually they'll say it like right here on the thing or are those say it on the tag but the only thing that like these things say are like white oak cone denim I don't know if that's anything significant but yeah I don't know all you need to know is I have some free people and yeah free people actually has like really nice Levi's when I went to the actual Levi store oh i found was like the typical like really thin like jegging gene type jeans and right I'm not into that anymore I don't know why I'm just going into like buying like jeans that are actual Jean material I'm not I'm into like the thick jeans you know like real jeans I hope that makes sense I know if I'm making sense right now but that's what I like that's what I'm into right now and these levis are just I love these these fits so perfect like yeah that was the last thing so I hope you guys liked this type of video I honestly want to keep doing these type of videos I want like my channel to be a little more fashion-based than I don't know I won't be trying to be a little more fashion-based because that is just something I'm really into right now I've kind of always been into it um mean fashioned kind of fell off for a little bit but I'm back and I'm back buying things items that I think are like really cool and if you guys are interested in these kind of like fashioned based videos um next week's video is going to be a video of me and my friend Ricardo shopping he's also really into fashion and like finding very unique items just like me and yeah we're going to go shopping also next weekend happy thanksgiving so yeah we'll be filming the video on black friday um we've been trying to film this video for like the past like two weeks but it just hasn't worked out and it just happened it just so happened that it ended up working out the weekend of black friday so we thought might as well just go online friday get deals and get cute stuff so yeah um see thank you for watching this video please subscribe if you haven't already check out my other videos if you haven't already also and I will see you guys in my next video you

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