Class of 2022 White Coat Ceremony Highlights

“White Coat Ceremony is incredibly important to students because it puts the patient, humanity, commitment to service up front, so that they know that everything they learn — everything that they work at — is dedicated to service
and humanistic care.” “For me, the white coat is a symbol of the
rest of my life. It’s really humbling to put on a coat that
generations before you have worn, and generations after you will continue wearing; and it symbolizes that compassion, that empathy, that need to serve others; and yeah, it looks good, too.” “To me, the white coat symbolizes the important relationship between the physician and the patient; and in my mind, that’s the most incredible thing about this calling is the opportunity you have to make a difference in someone’s life.” “Today feels like the culmination of years
of effort just to be able to be in this room and be wearing this white coat; and it’s just a privilege to be here with all of my fellow colleagues and students that I’m just really excited to work with.” “It reminds me everyday of the critical importance of humility. Knowing this will guard you against self-aggrandizement; it will bond you to your patients and your colleagues.” “And congratulations and welcome to the Class of 2022; and welcome to your UA Phoenix adventure. This is your time. Your experience here will forever change your future. Explore. Challenge. Have fun with your colleagues. And don’t forget . . . to Bear Down.” “Everyone at the college and in the city is
excited to get to know you and to work with you and to assist you. You are our future. Again, congratulations, Class of 2022.”

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