CIA Director Dan Coats Is “Shocked” That India Could Launch 104 Satellites On A Single Rocket

properly I noticed in your statement that you highlighted and I quote acquisition proficiency of our satellite specialist unquoted at the national reconnaissance office I’m sure you probably [agree] however that the requirements development process for our satellites is in need of significant [reform] Will you work with the committee to streamline that process to ensure that we can more quickly get [to] the design? build and launch base Absolutely agility is critical in this time of technology rapid technological change [we] see I believe now [Eleven] nations who have the capacity to launch Instruments into space I was shocked the other day to read that the nation of India on one rocket launched deposited more than a hundred satellites in space they may be small in size with different functions and so forth, but one block [‘t] can send up I think it was [111] platforms We cannot afford to be behind the curve in terms of development of both the offensive and defensive capacities of this that we put up into space and so streamlining that acquisition process is not something that Yeah, should be done. It’s of utmost extensity that has to be done

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  1. Q: I noticed in your statement, that you highlighted my and I quote, acquisition proficiency of satellite specialist unquoted as national reconnaissance office. I'm sure you probably agree, however, that the requirements development process for our satellites is in need of significant reform. Will you work with the committee to streamline that process to ensure that we can more quickly get to the design, build and launch phase?

    A: Absolutely. Agility is critical in this time of rapid technological change. We see, and I believe now, 11 nations who have the capacity to launch instruments into space. I was shocked the other day it read that the nation of India on one rocket launched, deposited more than a hundred satellites in space. They may be small in size with different functions and so forth but one rocket can send up I think 111 platforms. We cannot afford to be behind the curve of the offensive and defensive capacities that we put up into space. And so, streamlining that acquisition process is not something that should be done, it is utmost importance that it be done.

  2. Abe bhosadi walo hamare jitane scientists ko mara be lvde nhi to isro kaha se kaha hota aj. Ab bolke kya fayada. Cheap log😡😡😡

  3. We still have to understand what he means by "shocked"….is it a compliment or jealousy….or…hard to digest..!!!

  4. They still don't get it, India is not in some sort of race and how could they call it a nation of India,show some respect

  5. CIA killed so many Indian scientists like Homi jahangir bhabha (father of nuclear programs in india), vikram sarabhai (father of space program)….and still killing so many scientists every year…. Shame on you CIA…….

  6. Fact is we're not trying to be dickheads. It's all about passion for us Indians. Let's go and do it better. Formal discussions are all fine and good but ISRO guys asked fuckin ELON MUSK and ALL OF AMERICA, WHO'S YOUR DADDY!!!!!! Jai Hind bhailog
    So proud

  7. cia u have earlier killed our indian scientists but u can't kill the knowledge and indian brain.

  8. Cia it's means contract killing agency they killed 200 scientist s our country in congress party also give support to them

  9. And Americans complain about Indians that they don't trust Americans. This is the reason why Indians prefer to trust Russians instead of Americans.

  10. What only 104…were slipping up boys. Better to double it on the next launch. May be the Americans may want to send theirs with us. Save a lot of time and effort.

  11. Isro is no where near spacex load capacity but still cias idiots who don't understand technology think their nation is technologically behind isro

  12. Don't blow your own trumpet. Can you access yourself with competition to USA. Indian public is well aware of India 's capacities. First concentrate on law and order situations in country don't take Indian population around bush

  13. Even NASA's official statement once read that the Indian scientists are fairly advance in supersonic & hypersonic technologies.

    That statement came after field test of BRAHMOS MK1.

    Those mothefuckers assassinated
    Homi J. Bhabha.
    Indian would have achieved so much more by now if Bhabha was alive.

    NASA barely has american physicists and engineers…it's mostly Chinese and Indian.

    20-30 years down the line when Indian govt will start funding a good lot on Indian space research programmes…well then NASA will see

    What happens when a cost efficient research programme can achieve in its full potential.

    NASA relies on heavy funding and people confuse it with capability however science is all about efficiency and accuracy.


  14. CIA is full of assholes, bastards and dickhead.
    They kills many of our scientists.
    Well fuck off USA.
    Suck my dick.
    USA will be destroyed one day. Hahahaha 🤣

  15. Wait for the some time..more shock yet to be done in future… Vande Mataram….Jai Bhavani… Jai Bharat… Jai shivrai. Jai Vigyan..

  16. He clearly says 'Offensive' and Defensive. See? This is the problem with India, we never try to show ourselves as strong, we always say India is for peace and shit. I don't think that is how the world works. See US and China, how they bully the world but make good living conditions for their people. In India we only care about how we can keep our peaceful image. This peaceful image will not help us in anyway.
    p.s. Kudos to ISRO!!!

  17. Yeah, we Indians learn about our achievements only from truthful foreigners!! Thanks a lot for your appreciation Sir.


  19. Dear DCI .

    While ya were busy as an agency ( FBI thugs included , the DIA, the NRO, DHLS ,NSA) burning down New York, covering the whole thing , plunging the country in needless wars for the sake of the Washington DC’s mafia , terrorizing the American people and making sure they get all jacked up on antipsychotic meds the rest of the world started catching up with ya .
    What’s happening is this : ya have made enemies allover the world.
    People don’t trust ya , your word don’t mean shit anymore .

    Thanks to your bullshit people are turning to Russia , China and what else.

    Not because they trust them but compare to you they are the lesser evil.

    Ya are so corrupt as a country dear Sir , that no one would ever wanna have anything to do with your henchman.

    Iraq , Libya, Syria , Afghanistan , just to name a few.
    Ya supported salafi- Wahhabi-al Jihadia in Syria , ya finances them , ya protected them using taxpayers money .
    Ya all should be hanged for treason.

    Have a nice rope Sir.

  20. India has a great space program..yet the shittiest camera quality I’ve ever seen. Want to be a fan of ISRO, but their launch footage looks like it was shot in 1989.

  21. When India went nuclear, CIA satellites failed to discover in advance. US thinks they are always better. US put lot of sanctions against India after Nuclear test. Only France recognized India potential and signed strategic partnership. Later US came along with India during Bush administration. Corrupt Clinton favored Communist China.

  22. Yet to come a lot in yoir way settlers. ….Usa land of opportunity but still they call blacks and whites…..Wow…….America. …AH-MERI-CHA…..hahahha…your dumb Americans. ..If you have any Indian friends and thst too a friend who understands Hindi would explain the exact meaning ……..

  23. Just pretending to be surprised…. 😂😂😂😂he is one of those top officials who deals with extra terrestrials, UFOs, hyper luminal propulsion technology and probably had face to face meetings with ETs… Just trying to look like ordinary people…..

  24. Russian technology is third grade but cheap. Therefore India bought russian arms for decades as it did not have money to invest in better technology. While chiense technology is copied and hence serves as an expensive paper weight. India is way ahead of china and russia and equal to best in the world in areas of propulsion, aerodynamics, aveonics, navigation, control, seeker tech, materials, building autonomus systems, writting cutting edge algorithums, simulation, atrificial intelligence etc. Remember sucess of mangalyaan mission was heavily dependent on having really advanced simulation technoligies. The entire journey from earth to mars wss validated inside computers. Mangalyaan space craft had a cutting edge artificial intelligence. It executed all of its functions and corrected any errors by itself without any human intervention. Recently a week was a huge mishap in russoan rocket facility causing massive radiation leak. There have been many such incidents in the past. Curtesy of soviet era technology. When was the last time u saw isro rocket exploding or getting out of control. My guess is russia was testing one of its hypersonic weapons. Russia cannot build an export quality car and cant claim to do so as its verifiable. But russians can claim to make hypersonic weapons because no one can verify it. Both chiense and russians are cut from the same cloth. Technologically India is now a member of elitest group of technologically most advanced countries. India produces cutting edge space products with highest level of technology at cheapest possible price. Such level of precision and prefection is not seen in our western counterparts. All of this has been achieved with all sanctions put on us by western countires led by americans. But India doesnt brag about its capabilities. Moon landing was faked by CIA. Once chandrayaan 2 lands on moon. It will be become the first rovar to land anywhere. Even jews failed to land their rover on moon. Chinese rovar mission was fake cgi. Nasas rovar mission to mars was shot at devon island.. chandrayaan 2 is giving CIA sleepless nights..

  25. CIA is totally a bastard agency.There was a time when they were hunting our scientists and India should be careful and protect our scientist with the best grade security available rather than protecting those useless politicians.

  26. V r always first sir in this world…..sir please Read our Indian History of 10,000+ years .

  27. Wen ever you still books or technology from others this what you see and feel
    India is mother all things that world is seeing today or in past future and present
    It’s copy cat of all Indian invention
    Jai hind. Jai isro

  28. What India did 1000 years age world is doing now just like Americans
    Jaihind. Thanks Indian monks and gurus and our Sanskrit and vedas holy books
    Jai hind

  29. Well if CIA didn't assassinated our homi bhabha in plane, India wud hv been first one to develop nuclear power. Now no more killings will happen as congress is killed in India.


    "Many possible theories have been advanced for the air crash, including a claim the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was involved in order to paralyze India's nuclear program.[16] When an Indian diplomatic bag containing calendars and a personal letter was recovered near the crash site in 2012, it was a "Type C" diplomatic bag containing no important documents.[17][18]

    Gregory Douglas, a journalist who taped his interviews with former CIA operative, Robert Crowley, for four years, recorded their telephonic talks and later published their transcripts in a book called Conversations with the Crow. Crowley writes that CIA was responsible for assassinating Homi Bhabha.[19][20] Crowley writes that a bomb in the cargo section of the plane exploded mid-air, bringing down the commercial Boeing 707 airliner in Alps with little traces left to be retrieved. Crowley claimed that the US was aware of Indian nuclear progress and the defeat of their ally Pakistan in the 1965 war.[21]"

  31. Space pollution must be stopped. Please control these 3rd world countries overdoing it in space just cos they learnt a new trick doesn't mean they are doing it all above board🤫🤫😉😉😉

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