Christmas Costume Idea: DIY Bobblehead Cosplay.

Been wearing the same costume to your
office Christmas party for the last 20 years? Well that’s kind of boring. Maybe
this year it’s time to spice it up a bit with a giant Christmas tree ornament on
your head. Now that’s a costume. Hey everyone today I’m gonna try and
make a giant bobblehead Christmas tree ornament thing to go on my head for a
Christmas dress-up party I’m going to in a couple days. I have no idea how I’m
gonna do it or if I’m gonna get it done in time
but that’s never stopped anyone. Ever. So let’s get making. Okay so I knew I needed
to use something round to make my pattern and balls are round so I decided
to use one of those. I started by wrapping the ball in a layer of cling
wrap and then a layer of plastic packing tape. Agh cut my finger! Don’t cut your fingers!
I’m going as fast as I can without hurting my ball I mean a ball or myself.
Once the ball was wrapped I drew a line around the center of the ball. Handy that
basketballs come with lines on them because I could just follow one of the
lines under the tape. What’s unfortunate is that basketballs aren’t split up into
sixths so I used some rubber bands to mark out the other two lines. Using my
ring ruler I was able to get the spacing of the rubber bands reasonably accurate.
I traced the rubber bands with my marker and then cut out a section. This is also
a good time to try not to cut the ball. In order to get this piece to lay flat
enough for my pattern I still need to cut it one more time right across the
center. So now I have a pattern for a basketball but I need to figure out how
big I want my ball to be.>Hey Sam what do you think if this was the size of my head?>I think that’s good
>Pretend this is me with a giant ball for a head With the size of my bobblehead
determined all I needed to do was some measuring and some fancy math to figure
out how much I needed to scale the pattern. With my pattern all scaled up I
was ready to start making. I traced my template 12 times on to some 10
millimeter thick foam mats and then carefully cut out all the pieces. Next I
began the annoying and somewhat time consuming job of gluing all the pieces
together. Now I had my ball but it didn’t feel
quite round enough for me so I stuffed it with an exercise ball
and pumped it up. I wrapped the whole thing in cling wrap and used packing
tape wherever there was a seam on the ball. I then used my heat gun to soften
the foam so that it would take the form of the exercise ball. I had to be very
careful to keep the heat gun moving so I wouldn’t melt the cling wrap. Then I left
it overnight to cool. Good night ball. In the morning I woke up bright and early
to make sure it was still okay and it was. I wanted to be absolutely sure that
the foam had heated up enough to keep its shape so I decided to give it a hot
bath. I was having a little bit of trouble holding it where I wanted it in
the water so I got in too. For a quick cool down I just tossed my
ball out into Canada. Once cool I unwrapped it, deflated the exercise ball,
and marvelled at its symmetry and beauty. I then measured and cut some four
centimeter wide strips from two millimeter foam and used them to cover
all the seams on the ball. I made a tube of foam that would sit on
my head. And then also heat from my head can escape out the top like a chimney.
And cut a hole the same size at the top of the ball. Insert the tube which is now
a lot longer than it was a second ago and measure it to get the right height.>This is the top opening, see
>Oh that’s the top! Yeah yeah>but it’s a hole so it’s like a hat, so it’s like, you put it on and I just gotta figure out where I want this to sit Is that the right farness down or should it be down a little further?>I feel like it should be down a little further
>Like there?>Cuz then it will move with my head
>That’s so good>What do you think? About there?
>It’s great Of course I needed to be able to see so
I cut some holes, holes in the shape of a diamond, and what goes better with
diamonds then swirls. I traced my swirls onto the foam and then followed the
lines with my glue gun, creating a nice raised line. You’ll notice I’m holding
the tip of the glue gun about a centimeter away from the foam and
letting the glue just fall onto the line. I have the glue gun set at a fairly
low temperature so the glue doesn’t get too thin. This does take a fair bit of
practice but it’s a handy effect to be able to do. I used the back of a pen to
make some fake rivets and the top from a bottle to create a ridged texture on a
strip of foam. I just heated the foam first and then rolled the top over it,
cut a nice scalloped edge with some scissors and glued it around the top.
I added the hangy thing and then it was time to paint. I set up my basement paint
booth remembering to remove all dinosaurs from under the plastic, pulled
out my trusty Finish Max Super which was given to me by Homeright – thanks
Homeright – and sprayed the whole thing black. Then I got out my air brush and
painted all the panels red. I used my airbrush with black to go over
all the swirls to give them a nice shadow, repainted the black on the strips
and went over all the swirls with my metallic paint. Sometimes I accidentally
got metallic paint on the red part but that can be fixed with a wet paintbrush.
I also used my metallic paint to paint some squares of window screen which I
then glued inside the diamonds to make it a little harder to see the person inside.
Did I mention this is super awkward? The last thing I did was give it a nice shiny clear coat and it was ready to go. Okay well that’s it, the Christmas tree ornament ball head thing is complete. It’s fabulous! I’m super happy with how it turned out. I did it in three days which is probably a speed record for me. I’ve never seen an ornament like
this on anyone’s head before in my life. Really this is kind of like a proof of
concept of a whole bunch of other things you could make cuz anything that’s round
you could make a giant thing that goes on your head, like the Death Star. You
could have a Death Star head, a baseball head, a ping-pong ball head, bowling ball
head, golf ball head, basketball head, billiard ball head, beach ball head,
squash ball, racquetball, tennis ball…the possibilities are endless. Thanks for
watching and I hope you enjoyed yourself. See ya

51 thoughts on “Christmas Costume Idea: DIY Bobblehead Cosplay.

  1. That was a wonderful Idea Chris!!!! You should finnish the costume!!! You could even be a bobble head figurerine doll….I dont know….maybe the ones they give out at the baseball games… know……. be a bobble head baseball player. I would have to say that the head ornament head would be hard to get out the door though……maybe its time to remodel the front door…..maybe make it a bit taller? Great job my friend!!! Loved the video!!!

  2. Ha.
    Seriously, your ideas are great and your videos are adorable. Do you have a source for the pledge acrylic wax? I have tried every store I can think of, and nobody has it! I had to pay a ridiculous amount on amazon for a single bottle.

  3. You are killing me… amazing as ever! Can't miss to check your video even when it's 8 am and I should be sleeping after 36h of painting, lol 😛

  4. Haha —yeah, I was also thinking Death Star when you were at the exercise ball stage… But how was the Christmas party?

  5. Haha! "I just tossed my ball out into Canada". You can't get better instructions than that. 🙂 Super creative idea inflating the exercise ball inside to get a full, round shape!

  6. Can you please make make a avocato helmet. Avocato is a cat man (ventrexian) from a show called final space. If you could do this I would apreciate it

  7. Howdy! I was wondering how tall your headpiece was? more specifically the sphere part I am making an 8Ball head for an upcoming con and am having trouble with the proportions.

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