Cheyenne: Our Best-Selling Work Jacket | DRI DUCK Men’s Jackets

In less time than it takes a lumberjack to axe through the log we’ll show you why our Cheyenne hooded canvas work jacket is better than the competition it starts with our 12 ounce Boulder cloth canvas that’s washed and peached for worn in comfort the other guys their canvas is rigid and stiff making it difficult to move DRI DUCK finishes every seam inside and out they don’t we use triple needle stitching bar tacks on our pockets and high quality cotton draw cords they don’t finally to lock in body heat DRI DUCK uses a flat rib knit with six rows of memory retention spandex on our waist bands and cuffs the other guys used a tubular knit that twists and loses its hold no longer keeping out the cold don’t settle buy better buy DRI DUCK no jackets were harmed in the making of this video we can’t say the same of our competitors feelings

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