Cheap Finds At Burlington Coat Factory || Nike Air Max 95 “Just Do It And More !!

yeah good sneak family enjoy Reggie
Smith hunt you guys stay with the new video today’s bill is gonna be a haul to
look for some cheap find at Birds a coal factory if I don’t find anything at this
Birds cofactor I probably go to Tuesday messages today max in the same parking
lot but before we get into the evening you guys to start with you guys are
doing drop a like as well as you guys the new to the channel or already on the
channel I need you guys just make sure you guys have a location belt on make
sure you guys subscribe comment on the view let me know what you guys will cop
from this video as well as let me know what you guys think of the bill but I’m
gonna go ahead and get you guys straight to the video let’s go ahead and go into
the burden Chico fighting hopefully find some steals or some deals but in the
meantime tens how you guys gonna get straight why are we put to the video he doesn’t
know how he talked to me good that you be here back good simple out something
to create anything cool my our system 35 points wait there’s not these 95 just do
it just came when I went over 60 some teams in he 112 II went to Chicago was
in here he’s pretty cool I like these the dirty in here as well to multiple my
security person I should have counted like the 50th anniversary homeland cozy
but not to fear for this down use the court so I found some James Harden
bagging tools in here 45 but kind of like the rocket call away if you think
about it with the red and grey the booth in the back Bernsen got another over school feel as
if he 35 lips said you guys might at the cui pepper swag check your bones to cope
and 417 well never sued each type of Reeboks
before I always in this type of model but now with these pokey bottoms that
man thirty bucks got CC EXO 1968 with the straps on you know she later in as
well as you see that’s one ninety five ninety thousand hands well I saw found
some Adidas and 593 and he was always pretty decent come on Mia like somebody
cut away any one baby six books munching that these these poems it’s
extra pair of laces not in the Hat for forty years they rebuff out fill them up
it’s the one who look exactly at the other one but the bottom is normal on
this one they only want 30 books with these they also got another Excel to our
life and palma collide in here it’s way too big Hanzo so different prediction –
10 jealousy fiction and EXO there’s not these Nike Samsung this model it looks
for names I can’t really think of what it is right
now so give me a second I moved on I looked these up it’s like try to see
what these are the kind of community ones that have a river a few moments
later I said just find out what these are these are 270 futures and they only
140 and all this for him I just have gone on and they go for 40 so that’s too
bad I just want to make me rebel Blazers and
white ones up I kind of like to guess it has what swishing the outside all right
and we just dipped out of burden to go fight the other guys and see from behind
me buzzer gone hey go to the finish talking once I get in the work that you
guys are here is really really windy out here
all right so now we back in and witness left by the burn scar fight like I told
you guys earlier it was just a little windy so once again the corn to chop it
up what you got here fat a lot of good stuff in there we found the egg so
weekend Pullman collab we found the big shot glad we found the 270 you choose an
85 to 95 in there which is dual we found the grade 95 has a lot of good stuff for
now on the women’s side I found the rebel blazer sounded like the off-white
blazes there was a lot of good stuff and this burns off back to you so maybe I
had to start traveling outside of my area however I’m gonna go ahead and end
this video I hope you guys enjoyed the whole video let me know what was your
favorite fan and the comments down below hope you guys enjoyed the video sneak by
me I’m gonna hang out here I will see you guys on the next one I am gonna
still go to TJ Maxx just to check it out if they do have more stuff in there I
guess you guys if I see on the next couple videos so make sure you guys stay
its own make sure you guys subscribe to the channel if you guys are new to the
channel make sure you guys had an occasion belen on make sure you guys
also like this video comment share with your friends and join the sneak family
because we’re all in the ground to keep growing so sneak family I’m going and
got here I think I sort of mean time to time I’m out of here

5 thoughts on “Cheap Finds At Burlington Coat Factory || Nike Air Max 95 “Just Do It And More !!

  1. Nice vid fam… Them gray air max 95's were flame,🔥 keep them coming lot of heat for the low in this one! 💯

  2. That Burlington is a goldmine for Pumas. I'd have trouble deciding which ones to cop. A couple of the Reeboks and Filas were fire, too.

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