hey Donald welcome back to my channel today I'm very excited to film this video because I actually get to talk to you guys again I've been doing basically voiceover videos for a while now and as odd as what I'm going to say may sound it's very true voiceovers are definitely different than actually speaking into the camera when I speak into the camera I feel like there's more of a connection I think it's just maybe I visualize you guys there on the other side of the camera watching me as opposed to doing voiceovers I'm just speaking into the computer trying to get everything timed correctly and it's more of a focus thing I kind of want to go back to the old school YouTube days and my last video was very well-received with my cousin you guys actually got to see me me like the real me I've always been really shy so it was really hard for me to open up even though I've been doing this whole YouTube thing for I think about six years now and I could tell she really enjoyed it she had so much fun I'm definitely going to bring her back because she wants to come back but that being said I was just very inspired to do a different video because so many things have been happening in the youtubes and I've been feeling inspired and I've been wanting to switch up my channel and bring new content new things and I wanted to get back to connecting with you guys and actually talking to you guys and I know my videos I mean people do these crazy editing type of things I never learned that stuff and you would think within six years I should have made the effort for me it was hard because I was working and I was working long hours and then when I got home if I would film it would take a while for me to edit because I did know how to edit my content is going to be better because I am learning how to edit I am taking classes on Skillshare it's a website online and you can take online courses I'm actually taking courses for Adobe Premiere and that is like the best thing because editing everything I've learned I've learned myself and it has been such a long and tiresome process because I know everything about editing I mean obviously now I do but when I started I didn't know anything at all and now that I've been taking these courses it has been amazing so I'm really going to bring you guys quality content much better than before my stuff is just going to develop I've actually gotten a mic as well and I'm shopping around for a new camera I'm just upgrading everything I got some more lights and I thought it was perfect because so many of you are always asking questions about how to get your YouTube channel started it's not only benefiting me but it can definitely benefit you but with these classes you'll at least be able to have someone there a professional to teach you aside from that they have illustration classes art classes the photography classes and they also have video editing like I said I'm taking the video editing course for Adobe Premiere you have the opportunity to upload your projects on what the teacher will do is assign certain tasks show you how to do something specific they'll have you incorporate that into a video and then you submit it you can upload it for other people to see your work and I think it's really great because they also have reviews on each course on top of that you can ask the teacher questions so it's not like you're watching a video and you can't ask any questions you send a message they will reply back to you they'll share it was an online community with thousands of classes and business technology design art video editing there's so much you can do on there it's an extremely affordable platform with you having to pay only less than $10 a month annually and the Premium Membership gives you unlimited access to high-quality classes so you can improve your skills and better your videos or your editing or your photography whatever it is Skillshare has been kind enough to provide the first 500 people who click the link in the description box below and sign up for the membership to three months this is to test drive the website see if you like it if any classes benefit you and if they don't then you can cancel the membership now let's get started so the first item I want to get started with I think you guys are going to absolutely love it reminds me of a 1950s prom and is the unique vintage 1950s black ruffled tulle skirt cupcake swing dress so as you can see absolutely if you've watched grease or anything there are plenty of dresses that look just like this it has the tulle right here and this nice fitting waist and then you have to tool down here ruffled and it does flare out so you do not need a petticoat with it but if you want to be extra dramatic you totally can and this is actual thick tulle so it's not flimsy it's going to stay and it's going to keep its shape the next item is by far one of my top favorite dresses it is the alfred Shaheen blue taffeta pastori print so wrong 14 is a conic for these type of dresses it's absolutely stunning this does go off but you do put it over your shoulder and it hangs over like this and it glides and it looks beautiful it is fitted at the waist I love the halter right here and it just has that very tropical Tiki vibe and these I've forgotten to Viva Las Vegas rockabilly weekend everybody is wearing dresses like this but they're always so beautiful and they look so wonderful especially on every single body type I love the fitting of this one and I actually got this is actually a size small and it does have some stretch here so it has a little given the waist or in the chest which often times I always have a problem in the chest area as you guys know the next item is my absolute favorite it's in collaboration with Barbie Barbie unique vintage and it is the black Solo in the spotlight wiggle dress this thing is amazing it's of what Barbie dreams are made of so right now it has straps you can use the straps but I think it looks it looks much better without the straps as you can see it is so sparkly but then it has the mermaid bottom a good thing about this dress is that if you're going to invest in any dress you definitely need to invest in this one because it's like a two-for-one you can have the mermaid told bottom or you can actually take that off so it is detachable it has these snaps right here and you can snap it back on so if you don't want to bottom with it you can take it off so like I said two-for-one dress definitely worth it as you can see Barbie 1960 so this one was just like an iconic look of Barbie definitely a staple and you could be Barbie now too what I absolutely thought was so cute it's not they have Barbie in the back this next item I've actually really thought about because it didn't fit perfect but I just thought it was so beautiful so I'm just going to have to order a different size but this is the white and black polka dotted organza swing dress look the dress goes all the way up to your neck has a cute collar and sheer at the top and then when it comes down to the chest it is more solid and then it has some flare at the bottom however I would definitely add a pea coat underneath it and like I said it did not fit right because of that why don't we just have a random giveaway this is a size small if you want to go on unique vintage and check the size chart please feel free to but since this didn't fit me and you guys have supported me you're watching this video you're supporting me why don't I just do a round and giveaway first thumbs up this video and comment down below by letting me know what your favorite color is so the winner I'll just send a message to whenever I pick someone out and then I'll send this out to you I think I'm gonna start doing that because sometimes when I get stuff and it doesn't fit it just ends up sitting there or I give it away but so why don't I just reward you guys next item is the unique vintage red nautical high-waist sandy shorts they fit me well they have stretch on waist and they actually have some stretch in the butt area so there is a lot of give in these shorts which I absolutely love because then I don't feel so contained when I'm out and just having that uncomfortable feeling they have but in detail here as well and then a zipper in the back so you don't have that worth looking as if we're in the front and you all know how much I love rompers I get them almost every time or they're almost in every hole but I have to get this hole because I absolutely loved it as I did with everything else but this is the black and white Kingdom colored cotton stretch Dixie Robert look how beautiful this is it has cuffs at the bottom it comes with this cute red belt rolled up sleeves and a collar I had to get this I knew this was going to look fabulous on my body and there is a lot of stretch in these so I think if anything if you're in between sizes definitely size down especially if you want that more fitted look this is definitely one for the summer except when you're in California it's always the summer so we can wear it in fall and winter and last but certainly not least it is the Marbella place it look how beautiful this is oh my gosh now place it's usually wear them around the pool in the summer I feet were these US outfits especially in the summer if I'm gonna be more in like beachy areas which I live in Orange County we have beachy areas all the time I just like to wear this doesn't help it I mean it works perfect this is a form-fitting it shapes your body beautifully it has that routine so it's definitely going to give you that cinched in look there is a significant amount of stretch here so I definitely do think again if you're in between sizes you can size down because it does stretch so those were my picks for unique vintage let me know what item is your favorite item and like I said be sure to check out Skillshare as I mentioned the first 500 people are going to get a free two month membership you have nothing to lose and let me know what else you want to see and I will see you soon bye love's


  1. My favorite color is lilac! But I really hope I win! Iā€™m such a big fan of polka dots!! ā¤ļø

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