Charity Shop Sue | Part 18 | Fashion Show

Are you waiting for someone Viki? What? Are you waiting for someone? Yeah trying to see if I can see him. Is it all right if I come with you? Yeah sure. But you got to hide though. All right. OK. He won’t like it if you’re there as well. I made him this card. Wait in there. OK. Don’t come any closer. I won’t. Stay. Stay. [Claps] [Claps] All right Viki? All right. You look nice. Thank you. What you been doing? I’ve just been making myself feel better? S’alright init. You ain’t spoke to me since the other day. You all right? You gonna look at me? I made you this. What’s this then? Read it. What’s this mean? It’s finished Dwayne, I’m not doing this no more. What do you mean? I’m not doing this no more. It’s the new me. Nah. Nah. Come on, look at me. Come on Viki. Come on. I’m still gonna be here, I’m still gonna be around aren’t I? It is not over. This is the new me. It is not over. It’s over. It is not over. It’s over. Look at me. It’s not f****** over. It isn’t over okay? It’s over. [Music] It’s only the fashion show of the year. London, Paris, Milan, Bulwell. Hit the music laydeh! What time is it? You lovely people. Thank you so much for coming down here today. It’s only bloody fashion time init. [Music] Kersch, take the floor. Look at that quality. Who’s having it? Eh? Thank you so much darlin’! Right, £100. Give it to me at the end of the show. Vera! Stop holding it up now. Don’t muck me about. This lady is gonna knock you out. Oh you’re a sexy momma! This little number you might be thinking… It’s Bulwell. Yeah it is. Who want’s it? Come on, you work it baby. It’s electric in here. You work that! That’s how much I love ya. 70 quid. Give it me the end of the day. No mucking me about. Right get off, come on. I organised it, move. [Music] Right, come on! Next one, Viki. She’s got legs. Thigh bloody high. Legs eleven, you work it ladeh! Being a bit saucy? It’s for charity, giving people second chances aren’t ya? [Electric Guitar] Not playin’? Sell it. Sell it. Oi! He’s not meant to be in here. How’s he got in here. Get out! Get out! I’m not having her wearing that, she looks like a slag. Get it off her. He’s touching her. Get him out. Get out now! Get out. Oi! Get out now! Down him! Down him! Kick him, go on get him! Get him! Argh! Get out! Oh my god, Vera! Vera! [Snap] Aieeeee! [Siren] [Siren] Sadly during the altercation at the fashion show. Members of staff and the audience were seriously hurt. Whilst police investigations continued, Sue decided to postpone filming for a while. ‘Till things calmed down. Two weeks later, I was invited back in to film a song they put together, as part of a charity appeal. It’s not finished yet, but it’s all right. Oh sorry can we do that again please, sorry. [Music] When the sun goes down the moon shouts, would you like a helping hand? Whatever the weather, together, you are my friend. If we don’t look after each other, the stars won’t shine. If Jesus was here today, I’m
sure he’d say, what’s yours is mine. Do you believe in second chances? I think you do. Well do you believe in second chances? Well I do. I do. Well I do. I do. Well I do. I do. Well I do. I do. Do you believe in second chances? I think you do. Well do you believe in second chances? Well I think you do. Well I hope you do. Now I know you do. Are you happy with that? Right ladies great stuff. Powwow, in the back now. Come on. You give me a hand with this. Grap the end of that. Can you hurry along now please. Take that
off your head. Hurry up, quick. Excuse me darlin’. It’s a staff meeting. Er… … You can’t come in here. OK? Also, she’s gonna be really busy for the next couple of weeks. So give us a call if you want to come in. All right? See you then. [Slam] [Singing] Viki? I’ll see online then? [Singing] Right. [Singing] [Laughter] Yeah see online. Oh no. The big one. Who is it? Supposedly her best mate. She’s calling me. It’s gonna be… Hello Janet. How are ya? Filming was interrupted by a phone call from head office who voiced their concerns about recent events in the shop. And how it could affect the public image of the charity. But Janet… But that wasn’t my fault. With two more weeks of filming still
scheduled, Sue declined to participate any further. And made it clear that the
footage mustn’t be seen by anyone. Off-camera Sue insisted she only cared about getting Bulwell on the map. And that she’d continue her work in the
community never, giving up. Despite repeated attempts to contact Sue she refused to respond. Leaving the project in limbo for years. With the documentary finally coming out, we asked Sue if she wanted to comment. To which she sent us the following statement: [Music] [Music] Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey! You gotta start with the nitty gritty. Got to start making a plan. Making waves through the city. Near or far across the land. Cause making things happen. It doesn’t come so easily. Making things happen. It all depends on you and me. Down to business, the stacks are high. Follow that rainbow to go the mile. Cause making things happen. Things will happen for you. And I. You and me. Wait and see. Cause thoughts make things. And people make things. We’ll all make things… Happen. ❤️

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