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hi guys my name is Melissa and in this video we are going inside the dressing room at caddos I went earlier today and tried on a few things I was on a bit of a time crunch because I had a doctor's appointment I had to go to so I didn't try on a whole lot of things but what I did try mom was pretty cute and then I got a video of just some few things that they've gotten in and hanging on the walls and stuff that gives you some ideas of some different things that you can try on but I hope you guys enjoy this video be sure to subscribe if you haven't already and hit the notification bell down below if you want to be notified the next time I do a video and give me a thumbs up if you like this video and how many times can I say video but let's get on in there and see what all I tried on and we're here outside of Cato's and they just unlocked the doors so we'll be the only ones in there we can video and see what all we got hopefully they got some new dresses I'm really into drinking you're always here on GEB I like this new red white and blue they got coming in not much on there 8012 Johan bronze in 1833 this first outfit or dress I might say was amazing it has a liner underneath and it just wants to bunch up if you can see where I'm trying to pull it down to where it won't budge up around my Tatas but I love how it has the V in it with a little tie with those little wooden beads and then the sleeves or that bill sleeves absolutely amazing I want this dress so bad so I'm hoping that before long it will go on the clearance rack because this girl is going to get it absolutely get it it's thirty nine ninety something a little steep for me but absolutely amazing I loved it nothing and it has pockets this next outfit I did not like the material of it it was kind of clingy and it did not have pockets you'll see how I'm pulling at the side trying to look for pockets but I did like it has the vertical stripes and then the side of the arms has the opening and the ruching I guess you could call it a gathering of the sleeves so it's super comfortable don't like the length of it it's a little longer than what I like and like I said it's a little clinging but other than that it was nice it was nice and flowy it'd be great peace for this summer if it's really hot outside so yeah it's really cute outfit then this next item it's three different pieces I have a white tank with a pair of white Capri stretch pants and then this sheer kimono absolutely love the print the bell sleeves and the designs that are on it this would be great to take on my vacation to the ocean absolutely love this it was like everything else a little steep for my liking but if it goes on clearance before we go to the ocean I'm definitely gonna get this piece but you could wear it off the shoulder that's kind of sexy with a little tank underneath and this would be good as a swimsuit cover-up as well see me trying to be sexy but yeah I really really liked it it was nice and flowy nice and thin this would be cute with a pair of jean shorts and some wedges you could dress it up or you could wear it with a skirt or just over a plain solid dress would be cute as well you could wear it so many versatile ways then I just took off the top and tried on this top I loved the colors the orange is coming in this year or coral you may want to call it coral or orange and white check they're very small love had has the coach shoulder with the ruffle attached just the extra little detail and it was nice and flowy but it was kind of sheer you could see where my pants and my bra was so you would almost have to wear something underneath this in order to not see how sheer it was then this next outfit is a pair of knit pants and they're in a cream no they were in the white color i got the white ones with this knit chart loved how it had the ruching and you could put it pull it down over your shoulders or you could pull it back up I love how it had the vertical pinstripe in these little details on the sleigh Eve's super cute it was nice and flowy and it wasn't clingy and it been extra nice if it had pockets but I paired it with these knit pants and they did have pockets and the string did work so you could tighten it or untighten it but they were just too long for me I'm by four for reference and they were just too long I would have had to have had on him or wrote him up to be capris for myself and last but not least was my outfit of the day it all come from Walmart I just throwed it together with my slouch shoes super cute and that's a skort and it come from Walmart here recently so you guys check that out

3 thoughts on “Catos, Inside Plus

  1. Love the orange with white check cold shoulder top. I really like cold shoulder tops. I got me some of the Dickinson's Pore Perfecting Toner and I love it. You showed it in one of your videos… " Unedited, get ready with me ". Thanks for introducing me to it. I really learn a lot from your videos.

  2. You look really good in wider silhouette pants. Those white pants were perfect. The hemming would be worth it. I really want that black crepe peasant dress. I'm tall, so I would wear it as a tunic. I'm going to keep my eyes open for it. I went on the Cato website today and they have some really pretty jewelry and handbags. If you ever buy any of their accessories, I would love to see what you buy. Thanks for bringing us along!

  3. Those white knit pants looked nice, if they go on sale, it might be worth having them hemmed.

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