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Detailing today we’ll be showing you the first of a two-part catastrophe detail
according to the new owner the vehicle has been sitting since 2012 can we bring
this Chevy Silverado back to life? Stay tuned and watch til the end. If you
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our friends over at The Last Coat for sponsoring this video
They’ve also hooked us up with a 20% discount cook we’ll make sure to add this
in the description. Guys make sure you turn up your volume just listen to this paint. The very first thing we did was use our
foam sprayer with all-purpose cleaner to help dissolve everything that was caked
on the paint. If you guys are interested in knowing that products and tools we use they will be listed in the description. After letting the APC set for a couple
of minutes just look at how it starts dissolving all this gunk. After leaving the APC for a couple of
minutes we use our pressure washer making sure that there’s a good amount
of distance between the nozzle and the paint. We do the exact same to the bed of the
truck we remove all the leaves APC and pressure wash as well. Even though all four wheels on the
vehicle are going to be replaced we decided to clean them to make it look
good 😉 The Last Coat hooked us up with The
Weekend Warrior Bundle here we used The Last Soap like any chemical or compound
before use make sure you shake it. We’ve used many soaps in the past and we’re
very happy to see the foam created by The Last Soap Once the vehicles are foamed up we use
our boar bristle brushes to agitate all those sneaky hard-to-reach areas. Here at Limitless Detailing we have a
variety of brushes all used for specific jobs. There are many ways to wash a vehicle
here at Limitless we use a 2 bucket method. One of our best-kept secrets is a
shortcut to the bed of the truck. All jokes aside it is easier to reach the
top of the vehicle from the back. Once you’re done we begin to rinse the
entire vehicle. To remove the writing on the glass we
use a glass scraper and glass cleaner to make it easier to remove
make sure to flip the blade around as most of us know the first step in
getting the ultimate surface prep is a clay bar. The Last Coats Bare Slate Clay
Mitt is awesome just for this. Using a clay bar lubricant we spread it
over the entire vehicle then use a Mitt to go over the pain. For those of you guys who have never used an actual clay bar this would be so much easier to use definitely more control and you’ll
eliminate the possibility of dropping the clay bar Because clay bars were designed to
remove contaminants from the surface of the paint you will feel some resistance
depending on how bad the paint is. Once the entire vehicle has been clay
barred we use an IPA solution to clean the entire vehicle. In order to really capture enjoy and see
the long-lasting effect of any coating it is always best to polish. We used a one-step polish and a one-step microfiber pad to do the entire vehicle. For those of you guys interested in
polishing or correcting a vehicle i can’t stress enough how important it is to
prepare the vehicle’s paint before this is done. With so many combinations of compounds
polishers and pads it may be a little bit scary but we will make sure that we
have all the tools and products that we used in a description. Now I know what you guys are saying a
one step polish won’t get rid of all the defects but take a look at this… Once we polish the entire vehicle we use an
IPA solution to wipe down any oils left behind by the compound. Now it’s time to put on that gloss sauce. The great thing about The Last Coat is
that a little goes a long way and you can feel the slickness immediately after
application. Remember at the beginning guys I told
you to turn up the volume do it again And just like that you made it to the
end stick around to the end credits for a little surprise of part 2. If you guys enjoy this type of content
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the Gloss be with you”.


  1. We want to thank everyone for patiently waiting for this video! Make sure to watch the end of the video to get a sneak peak at Pt 2! Who's excited for PART 2? Thanks for watching, stay clean and May the Gloss be with you!

  2. 98th!!! ?? DudeBro, that was a naaaasteh truck! This was very awesome and satisfying!! I, as a female, get told by grown men not to spray inside the gas tank door because I'll get water in the tank m ??? Ummmmmmm, it's a sealed, pressurized system, water will not get into the tank. LMMFAO *edit-that's some heavy dooty polishing, Bro.

  3. Those who have disliked the video are the individuals who own filthy cars – thank you ya nasty animals ? it’s because of you guys we can see these kind of videos.

  4. When he touches the paint whit his finger on the dirt I was like, noooo al those scratches. But then he polished it ???

  5. Wow!

    You said using the mitt is better than the bar. How many times can you use the mitt before it needs to be replaced?

  6. I guess those Ultra brand rims were popular for that truck back in those years. I got same ones just with more of an offset

  7. Thanks for the video. Great detail, definitely was a catastrophe to start. Lol can’t wait to see the interior detail. ??

  8. This is why it’s so damn hard to buy a used truck! Just took a total pos I would never buy to something I would totally buy?

  9. Hey so I just bought a 2001 ford ranger and spent 6 hours dealing it with my dad but we could not clean the plastic finder right under the girl do you have any ideas to clean it

  10. Man talked about in transformation it looked like a piece of crap at first but he'll now looks like a brand new truck great job

  11. I would’ve inflated the tires to get the last couple inches of dirt of them lol. That’s all I saw at the end

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