28 thoughts on “Can These Chefs Turn This Mummy Drawing Into A Dessert?

  1. Alexis : shakes both hands, (nervous) hi..! hi..!

    30 seconds later…

    Alexis: "sticks" draws cavemen bark chunk

    Alex:oh.. they eat sticks? 😯

    Alexis: Yeah!

  2. A nine your old can't draw what happened to art class at her school OMG I'm being so mean I try not to but it kinda slipped out

  3. I asked my friends daughter who’s the fan of the show what she would ask for if she was in this show and she said “I would have a blood of my enemies dish” im scared.

  4. Alexis: She won’t notice that there’s no llamas tears
    Kid: I’m about to end this whole woman’s career

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