Can A Man Wear Women's Clothes? Seriously… 6 Piece Made For The Ladies You Can Wear!

can a man wear women's clothing guys stay with me I'm dead serious about this video and I'm not talking about cross-dressing no in today's video I'm going to talk about clothing that's manufactured for women that a man can actually pull off alright so I know this video is going to ruffle some feathers and I know about Deuteronomy 22:5 I'm talking about unisex clothing here and I'm not talking about cross-dressing you know what I'm talking about is clothing that's manufactured for women that a man can still pull off and no one's actually probably going to know or even care and this comes from a friend because I've had people over the years email me saying hey I found this piece of clothing and the look for enemy but I never wanted to cover the topic until a friend of mine who loves women's flip-flops said hey this is why I do it they simply are better quality it's a great deal I've got five pairs with I've gone through over the last five years and for you sir I am creating this video you know who you are item number one on this list coats specifically the trench coat so years ago I had a gentleman send me a picture a trench coat that he found for like five bucks at a thrift store he's a smaller guy five foot till he's like Antonio this thing is a Burberry it looks great look at this picture and I looked at it I'm like wow it does look great then a few days later I look at the image again because there is something off about I don't I didn't know what it was and maybe we could we just written an article about trench coats but I realized the patch is on the other side and then I looked at the buttons the buttons are on the wrong side why would they do this and I realize this is a woman's trench coat I am that one in a thousand people who will pick up on this this is my job to identify these small details for this guy he felt great he got an awesome deal he was confident in it and I'm not going to go back and tell him hey don't wear that because it's women's wear that actually was a jacket inspired by menswear that went into women's wear and was reclaimed by guys that just fit well so in this particular case I think he was good to go number two on this list makeup and yes I think men can wear makeup especially if they're going to be under the light so here I am in the studio I've got these lights on me and many of you guys noticed sometimes got a little bit of a brightness and reflection on my face I don't normally wear makeup but I understand men who are under the lights who need to be able to you know soften and not have that reflected they got really orderly skin maybe skin that just naturally reflects or they've been sweating other times you need to wear makeup to actually be able to better express your emotions so you're going to be up on a stage you're going to be in a play you want to perhaps wear lipstick something that it's going to make your lips easier for people to see so that they can see them trembling when you're about to cry when you're about to show you know maybe your eyebrows I don't know what it is but yes under certain circumstances a man can wear makeup item number three on this list nail polish so let me explain there are some men that actually have issues with their nails that they crack that they break easily and so they may want to use a clear nail polish that's designed for women to actually strength through nails so they don't have issues it's a very small percentage of guys but they do have this issue I have another friend he actually bought a certain type of polish that tastes horrible the reason we did this she bites his nails he wanted to break himself of this habit so his wife went out there found this for him and he simply put it on in the morning I can tell within a few weeks he was no longer biting his nails he broke a habit because he actually used something that was designed for women next up we've got scarves and when it comes to women and scarves they have got so much more options out there and that's why I think it's okay for some men to find a scarf that was maybe made for women but they like the colors they like the pattern they like the overall look they can bring that into their wardrobe because men that we've just got a lot just limited options all of our scarves are going to be about 60 to 80 inches long they're going to be about six inches in height women scarves from the other hand they come in two square shapes they come in much taller shapes they come in different fabrics different materials into a few light colors you're not afraid of color you want to bring it into your wardrobe why not other times especially for really lightweight small silk scarves you can actually even wear that as an ascot next up let's talk about sunglasses so this may be cheating a bit because when you look at sunglasses oftentimes especially when it's a classic design like wayfarers like club masters like aviators the design from the women's side to the men's side they're really much of a difference if any and what I love about the women's side for a lot of smaller guys who have maybe smaller heads smaller thinner face shapes all of this is going to be better on the women side because the frames proportionally are going to be smaller so they go over there maybe on the men's side see something that's way too big way too bulky not even the style or the weight they're looking for and they find what they're looking for on the women's side they go with a black to go with a dark brown and no one is the wiser so in this case yes I think men can wear women's sunglasses next up let's talk about men and purses I think it's perfectly fine for a man to wear a purse not it not really but a lot of us have our phone we've got our keys we've got all these little things that need to be able to carry with us we don't want to stuff them in our pockets I think it's perfectly a functional bag it's a lot better I don't really like the fanny pack I like these small sachets I've talked about a nut sack I know man packs make some pretty great awesome bags over there so these companies are putting something out there especially when it's made from a fabric of material leather or maybe a cotton type of leave that is very tough looking all of these things it gives off a very strong feel and it serves a functional purpose all right gentlemen so now it's your turn I want to hear from you down in the comments do you have a story of actually something that was manufactured for women that you started wearing you pulled off and you looked great no one was the wiser or maybe your wife notes and she doesn't really have an issue again guys we're not getting into cross-dressing or anything like that we're just having fun with this video and I would love to hear from you guys I really appreciate you being part of this community look to join our free Facebook group I can tell you this group's amazing because if you've got a date seven o'clock at night you can't you can't send me an email with pictures I'm not going to be able to get back to you sorry I've got a life but the guys in this group they're all over the world and yes they do have a life yes they are smart and you can post that picture of what you're about to wear on that date and within minutes you will have 20 to 30 great responses of men who want to see you look your best be able to send the right message that's what I love about this group and why I highly recommend it that's it guys take care see you in the comments bye-bye you

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  1. Can a man wear women's clothing? What do you think? Let me know in the comments! – Click here to read the article – Can Men Wear Women's Clothing

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    Video Summary:
    1:02 – The Trench Coat
    2:02 – Makeup
    2:51 – Nail Polish
    3:31 – Scarves
    4:13 – Sunglasses
    4:58 – Purses

  2. I really liked this blazer jacket for women at Bershka… But I don't think women's blazer jackets are one of the things men can wear 🙁

  3. I'm a guy but have a somewhat mildly feminine structure – round big ass, forward chest. I'm also tiny. For ages, I was never able to feel comfortable in pants,until I decided to give a shot at women's jeans – and they fit like a glove. Same goes for shirts – I like that soft material. Because I'm tiny and my wrists are also tiny, when I wear a watch, it's always my mom's.!! I don't think anyone have even noticed these (other than those who are really into fashion as a profession). What people did notice is me using a purse – I organise things similar to women.. once again, I've tried wallets nd other stuff.. purse just works for me.

    Idk.. I always find the men's section plain and boring so mostly I'll be checking out the women's section (for gender neutral stuff that gets classified into women's).

  4. I wish make up had been an acceptable option to me in High School. My acne was so bad back then that I’ve thrown out all my teenage pictures because they’re so embarrassing.

  5. I used to have a cologne in my rotation that was actually a women's perfume, but it was musky and citrusy enough that I often got compliments on it from people who were none-the-wiser that it was actually a perfume.

  6. Nope, unisex yes no problem there. Mostly about aesthetic when talking about clothes, make up that’s my red line. Guys, we are supposed to be rough not fluffy.

  7. How about watches? Like a Daniel Wellington for smaller guys they can get the smaller watches that fall under womens category cuz the only watches under mens category is the 38mm and 40mm

  8. This made me laugh. I also once had a woman's trenchcoat. I didn't know what a man's watch was and bought a woman's watch instead because i thought it fit better. I wear a watch on my right hand and facing inward.

  9. "Under certain cirucumstances, men can wear make-up." Please, just stop telling me what I and other people can and can't do. I wear make-up whenever I feel like it, and I don't do theatre. Can we all just do what we wish with our bodies, our style, our lives? I've had it

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