Campus Style- Fall ’17- Calgary Fashion Scene

Hi. I’m Saima. And I’m Sam. Welcome to Campus Style. The show where we want to
help you look your best. Whether it’s for a date, an
interview, or just an 8am class, we’ve got the tips, tricks and
tutorials to keep you looking great. (Music Plays) Now, you might be wondering “what makes these girls qualified
to give me fashion advice?” And the answer is simple, Just look at us! Throughout the semester we are
going to be showing you trend guides, style guides, and
makeup & fashion tutorials to keep you in the loop. But first, let’s see what’s going
on on the U of C Campus. How would you describe your style
for university? Do you make an effort? Uh, ya. I’d say I make an effort. Usually, ya. It depends on how early I wake up. Usually, like the first few weeks
of a semester, and then I start, when
mid-terms creep up, I start slacking off. I start wearing sweats and
everything. I make my own effort. What does that mean, “you make
your own effort?” Like, a hoodie and sweats
probably. More formal. Especially when I’m
writing a test. I like to dress better. Dress for success type of thing. Ya. Is that a good strategy? Do you
think that gets you good results? I think so. I’m still here so- Nice! How would describe Calgary’s
fashion community? Honestly, I think that it’s
getting better. The budget for arts and stuff is
going higher so- There’s a lot of cool Instagram
pages too, that showcase the artsy side
of Calgary. So it’s pretty cool. I think it’s not bad. Ya! There’s certain areas of the community that seem more trendy
than others. Kensington for example. How do you describe your
own style? That’s a good question. I don’t know, I just want to look good. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good,
anything is possible. What does your style say about
you as a person? This is one of my
favourite things. I like the idea that clothing says
something about you. Like, when I wear a business
jacket, a blazer, it’s a tool. It projects an air of
responsibility with it. And with that, one of my favourite
things to do is to is wear clothing that has belonged to
a friend of mine or a friend has helped me pick out, because I feel like their essence
is in the clothing. The decisions that they make says
something about them so when I wear their clothes, I
have a bit of their power and people see a bit of
them in me. We’re going to a fashion show on
Saturday for Parkluxe, which is Canadian fashion, would you have a suggestion on
what we should wear? I think it would depend on who
else is going to be there. If it’s going to be students- Have you watched The Bold Type? No. Okay. It’s a show about women that
work for a magazine. They always were something that’s
a little bit- Kind of risqué but appropriate. Ya. Ok. Something that people say “Wow” to
but also isn’t too far. So I would suggest watching
that show. I’ll definitely do that. Risqué but appropriate. We’re here at the 2017 Parkluxe
Fashion show. Let’s go check it out. (Music Plays) So what do you thing of the
fashion community and the fashion scene in Calgary? I love it! I think that there’s a
fearlessness in Calgary and there’s, sort of this,
unique endeavour amongst all of the different
designers I know who have this really authentic and
unique voice of their own, and I love that. Awesome! And how does your fashion display your own authentic and
unique voice? I think that, as far as
my choices go, I really love to mix up ultra
feminine and hard edges, or rips and lace. That sort of a vibe. So can you tell us what you are
doing out here at the Park Market? Yes, for sure! I actually was just picked up by
Parkshop to be a new artist. Park’s in partnership with an
Indigenous initiative called Otahpiaaki Fashion Week and I was one of the designers
featured last weekend. Awesome! So I see you have some of your
designs right now, can you tell us a bit about this? Ya. So this is an abalone shell
inlaid in resin and hand beaded with Swarovski
crystals and accented by the rooster feathers. Can you tell me how your fashion,
your creations kind of- What they mean to you personally? When I’m creating something I
often think about my Grandmothers and my great, great, great, great
Grandmothers and all of the women that
came before me because they had to make things,
to make the things. They had to get their own sinew, they had to get their own
buck skin and make beads out of seeds. So I think about that when I’m
designing and I think about how innovative they
had to be and I try to incorporate that into
my design in a contemporary way that appeals to everybody. And that’s it for the Park Luxe
Fashion Show. I hope you guys had a great
time with us. Personally, I can’t wait to get out
of these heels. I need to lay down.

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