Brooklyn Tweed | How to: 1×1 Ribbed Cable Cast On – English Style

– [Stephanie] My name’s Stephanie Engle, and I’m the yarn production
director at Brooklyn Tweed. Today I’m going to demonstrate how to do a one by one rib cabled cast on. For this cast on, you need your yarn – this happens to be Arbor, which is a DK weight – and knitting needles. So we start by leaving a six to eight inch tail to weave in later and we do a slip knot on the end of our needle. I am a thrower, so I hold my needle in my left hand. For continental knitters, you want to be sure that you’re going to be altering between knitting and purling, so you want to make sure that your yarn is in front for purling
and back for knitting before you put the needle
between the two stitches, and we’ll talk about that again. So slip knot is on, and we insert the right
needle from front to back, and we wrap it as if we’re knitting and we pull that loop through and place it on the end
of the needle like so. Now, I leave some slack in the stitch because it makes it easier
for the steps that are coming. We’ve got our slip knot here and then we have just
knitted on a stitch there and the next step is to put the needle through from front to back on this cast on stitch because we’re going to knit it. Now, make sure that you
grab the right yarn. Don’t use your tail because
you’re going to run out. So set that over there and we’re going to wrap it around the needle as if we’re knitting and we pull the new loop through. And it gets placed upon
the needle just like that. And I tighten it up a little bit, but not too much because the
next stitch is a purl stitch. And that comes in through the back from behind to the front, and we purl it. We wrap the needle as if to purl and we pull it through the back and we place it upon the needle as so. And we alternate this knit and purl all the way across for as
many stitches as we need. So we’re going to knit. We’re wrapping as if to knit, put it on the end, go in as if to purl from the back. Wrap as if to purl, pull it through and as you see the loops coming out on the backside when you’re purling and coming out on the
front side when you knit. And these maneuvers just get repeated until you have the desired number of stitches on your needle. I like to pause at some point and make sure that I know
which are the purl stitches and which are the knit stitches just because every so often I lose track. You wouldn’t think it would happen, but it does. And it’s helpful just to know
where you’re going to start. So I started with a slip knot, and then I’m calling
the next stitch a purl. So the knit looks like a knit. See the little V at the very bottom here? And then the next one is the purl and it’s recessed ever so slightly back and has a little bit of a horizontal bump like you would see with a purl stitch. So knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, purl, and now I’m ready to
do another knit stitch. – [Jen] My name is Jen Hurley, and I’m the pattern production
director at Brooklyn Tweed, and I am going to show
you a variation of the rib cabled cast on from which
Stephanie just showed you. Her video showed you how to
begin with a knit stitch, and this variation will
begin with a purl stitch. So we will start the same way with a slip knot on our left needle tip. We will knit into the first stitch. And place the loop up
onto the left needle tip. The variation that you saw
before began with a knit stitch. This variation begins with a purl stitch. So we have our two stitches. Our slip knot and our knit stitch. We will now, the purl go behind the stitches from back to front. purl a new stitch. Pull the loop through, place the loop up onto
the left needle tip. We take the working yarn behind, go from front to back
between the two stitches, knit a stitch, pull the loop through, and place the loop up
onto the left needle tip. So if wee look at our stitches, we now have four cast on stitches starting with the slip knot, which is a purl stitch. We have a knit stitch, we have the third stitch, the purl, and then we’ve ended with a
fourth stitch, a knit stitch. This is the rib cabled cast on English style beginning
with a purl stitch. (mellow music)

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